It's here, it's out and it's the end. Or a new beginning? Probably both!

If you read a bit of confusion in this opening message you’re right, this is a confusing time for us at Two Tribes. First let’s push the Release Trailer before we elaborate though :)

As usual we’ve been too busy with being late with everything to reflect on what’s happened the last few months. We’ve moved from finalizing the game, to bugfixing, to Sony submissions to Gamescom/PAX Booths and now to the release of what is our last game ever. Now that RIVE releases on PlayStation 4 and Steam today, that time for reflection comes.

This morning, the realization set in that today truly marks the end of an era, and that a lot is riding on the success of RIVE. If it fails, it won’t be because we didn’t try. RIVE is the best we can do, it’s what all of our actions these last years have lead to, to us it’s perfect! We hope you enjoy the hell out of our baby!

The last 16 years of working on games, we have gained so much experience, met so many great people (you know who you are!), met the most amazing fans and have had the privilege being in charge of our own destiny. It’s been a wonderful ride, with ups and downs as with any great roller coaster. This is it, RIVE is yours now and we can’t wait to discover what’s next!

Hugs, kisses! Bye for now!

Collin van Ginkel & Martijn Reuvers


Collin, Tuesday September 13 2016

Played only a couple of hours of the PS4 version and it's amazing...thank you.

gas, Wednesday September 14 2016, 22:19

You are most welcome GAS! :)

Collin, Thursday September 15 2016, 15:45

Rive is right up my alley when it comes to games. Thank you for all your hard work and investment into this game.

Nick, Saturday September 24 2016, 16:52

So... Is there still a chance in hell of a Wii U or Switch version?

burninmylight, Wednesday February 1 2017, 2:49

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