Welcome to the Toki Tori 2 user levels repository. You can use this place to download levels created by other players. Or if you experience a sudden burst of creativity, feel free to upload a level yourself!

To install a downloaded level, move the downloaded your_level.ttlvl to the %steam_install_dir%/steamapps/common/toki tori 2/levels folder, startup Toki Tori 2 and walk through the door on the right. To get a better view, make sure you hide the shoebox layers. Enjoy!


Martijn, Tuesday June 26 2012

Some handy tips I learned while playing with the editor:
To create a exit back to the hub, copy the line below and paste it in the editor:

***ENTITIES***: [{"id":1,"props":{"_level":"sprint_9_hub"},"type":"LevelExit","x":0.0,"y":0.0}]

To reset your level back to the beginning. Press BACKSPACE and then CTRL SHIFT E.

Use temporary checkpoints (or move existing ones) close to difficult or time consuming areas of your level to reduce time to play test your level.

Wile the Draw tool is selected:
Press left ALT-key pick a tile from within the level
Press CTRL-key to move entities

While the selection tool is selected:
Select a block and then hold down CTRL-key and click and drag the block to a new location.
Select a block and then hold down Right ALT-key (or CTRL and Left ALT keys) and click and drag a duplicate block.

Mr.Blinky, Sunday July 1 2012, 13:47

A few more tips:

To Edit notes, Select Notes tool, hold down the ALT-key and click an existing note. You can also resize a note by clicking at the bottom right corner of a note.

When the Entity tool is selected and a entity was misplaced, you can move it by holding down the CTRL-key and draging the misplaced entity to the right place.

To move multiple Entities simultaniously, select the Entity Move tool, hold down the CTRL-key , select the entities you want to move and on the last entity click and drag the entities to the new location.

Mr.Blinky, Friday July 6 2012, 21:30

THanks Blink!

Collin Ginkel, Saturday July 7 2012, 2:23

I want to get a ToriToki2 beta key...
thank you!!

kelly232, Tuesday July 10 2012, 15:39

Collin Ginkel, Thursday July 12 2012, 20:44

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