Always wanted to create a Toki Tori level? Now is your chance! We've decided to release our internal editor (PC only), complete with strange quirks and missing features :) But... with this editor you'll be able to create, load, save and play your own levels! This blog post will explain the editor in more detail.

Toki Tori Steam: Level Editor

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It is best to learn by example, so we have released four levels (one for each world) in this levelpack. Simply unzip the file and load the levels into the editor. It should give you a fair impression of how to create content for Toki Tori.

Toki Tori Example Level Pack

Level Submission
Feel free to submit your designs to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Be creative and perhaps we’ll choose your level design for an update!


Martijn, Thursday December 9 2010

great news!! i've been waiting for this!! really love this game!

Giuliano Monti, Thursday December 9 2010, 16:02

Finally !! This is Awesome!
Looks like a simple editor :) Good Work !


MertenNor, Thursday December 9 2010, 17:09

Thank you, it is vey welcome addition to Toki Tori.

Great work, as usual, TwoTribes

Drake, Thursday December 9 2010, 20:15

I really love companies that allow this kind of editing :)

Expect my levels soon :)

Sudol, Thursday December 9 2010, 23:05

what kind of software we can use to edit this level?

khaidir76, Friday June 24 2011, 10:33

You can use the editor that is built in the Steam (PC only) version of Toki Tori. Just run it from the main menu!

Collin Ginkel, Saturday June 25 2011, 20:37

It works well, but is a bit difficult to use, to be honest :)

Bollo, Sunday June 26 2011, 9:17

How do you import a level into the game? I've created one and tested it, but when I launch Toki Tori its not there...

Mortikan, Monday March 17 2014, 23:15

@Mortikan you can only play it from withing the editor. Or use my Toki Tori Level Launcher. Check this out:


Mr.Blinky, Friday March 28 2014, 16:12

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