It's taken a bit longer than we anticipated, but you can enjoy the extended version of EDGE... for free!

EDGE Extended

The update has been available free of charge for existing owners of EDGE on Steam or the Mac App Store.

With Toki Tori and RUSH on Steam we updated quite regularly with smaller content updates, but with EDGE we’ve decided to have a really big update instead. It contains 45 new levels, races against the dark cube and an extended soundtrack!

Trailer and screenshots below!




Two Tribes, Wednesday September 28 2011

Thank U :] (nice levels, nice new music, nice dark qube -> maybe a extended soundtrack to download?)

mxtomek, Wednesday September 28 2011, 21:49

Great! I've been needing to stop myself from burning through these levels too.

Now all we need is a level editor.

Yay899, Thursday September 29 2011, 15:24

So when will the new music be up for download?

Chris Marshall, Saturday October 1 2011, 5:06

@Chris We're working on it!

Collin Ginkel, Sunday October 2 2011, 12:18

is there any way to disable the flashing?! Its a bit much for some.

Thaneros, Thursday December 15 2011, 9:17

@thaneros: if you disable the effects, most of the flash should also be gone.

Collin, Thursday December 15 2011, 12:44

will it be available for owners purchased the game via humble indie bundle?

edgefan, Tuesday February 7 2012, 18:57

oh, sorry. it seems to be already bundled

edgefan, Tuesday February 7 2012, 18:58

Где бы скачать это дополнение бесплатно? Все обшарил!

Dima, Saturday April 28 2012, 14:43

оно включено во все копии игры те уже!

Collin, Saturday April 28 2012, 15:53

Download for the EX OST? We need those.

iDWiA, Friday June 15 2012, 10:02

I want EDGE font

NaiTod, Thursday October 11 2012, 11:40

Wow really nice graphic, and clean design.
Like www.logotervezese.hu, cool :)
Soundtrack is fantasctic!

Zsolt, Monday January 21 2013, 13:58

Will you guys be making a level editor?
-Epic user-made levels
-Steam workshop
-Downloadable DLC

LegoCreator768, Friday April 5 2013, 2:17

I love this game and really enjoyed playing through it with a buddy, and I downloaded the ost, but I noticed the extended levels ost is missing, will there be a download link to the complete ost sometime soon?

Acevonjason, Wednesday January 15 2014, 0:49

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