The award winning retro-styled platform game, has arrived on Steam!

Take direct control of the cube and roll your way around the game’s dozens of levels. Search for all the prisms, find the shortcuts to improve your times and compete through the Steam leaderboards!






  • Retro styled platformer
  • Classic 8-bit inspired soundtrack
  • Dozens of levels
  • Free ‘EDGE extended’ DLC coming soon
  • Steam leaderboards
  • 30+ Achievements
  • For Mac & PC (uses SteamPlay)


Two Tribes, Thursday August 11 2011
Comments are welcome!

when is this game coming to psn?

RtE, Thursday August 11 2011, 23:51

This is game is so awesome... I just bought it yesterday and I'm addicted.

Nuno Cunha, Saturday August 13 2011, 18:50

Thanks for your games! Its awesome! I`m already bought "Two Tribes Pack" on Steam))

GREY, Saturday August 13 2011, 22:01

Aww no Linux support! D:

freddd, Thursday September 29 2011, 12:57

I bought this game yesterday and since then I haven't done any real work. Just rolling and rolling. This game astonished me which did not happen for a long time. Everything is so perfect. The atmosphere of the game is catching that it makes me feel like a cube. :) I listen to a soundtrack all the time even while driving a car.

Great job guys!

ind, Saturday October 8 2011, 17:49

Why doesnt't it support DVI ?

Adrian, Saturday November 5 2011, 0:37

@Adrian: What makes you think it doesn't? There is nothing in particular you need to support with DVI connections.

Collin Ginkel, Sunday November 6 2011, 20:37

Btw, there is a bug in Mac OS X version. If I switch from fullscreen to windowed mode the game always crashes.

ind, Sunday November 6 2011, 23:38

Same with me. Mac version, I can't even do anything. Opens window, tries to go full screen (on its own), and immediately crashes.

Kyle, Tuesday December 13 2011, 4:32

Can you try and disable the 'effects' in the .ini file?

That works for some people.

Collin, Tuesday December 13 2011, 16:16

Will this be on OnLive too?

Johnson, Tuesday December 20 2011, 5:43

@Johnson: it's out already :)

Collin Ginkel, Wednesday December 21 2011, 0:41

отличная игрушка! не играл с таким интересом уже много лет, но эта понравилась

Антон, Tuesday February 7 2012, 18:52

this game doesnt work in windows xp! :-( booo

nathan, Friday February 10 2012, 3:27

I didn't know about EDGE, but I decided to buy this game after reading http://martinkool.com/post/17611582440/game-developer-gives-7yr-old-best-birthday-present-ever because people behind this product really deserve this.

Great product made by great people.

amol, Tuesday February 14 2012, 21:36

A linux version, please!!!! ::)

Luca, Wednesday February 15 2012, 0:42

wow i love how my original post got changed to a goody goody feel good story for the company behind edge instead of the actual truth about this so called "game"

if only my low contempt of this company could go any lower

why censor the truth, Wednesday February 15 2012, 4:08

The Mac demo crashes within a few seconds of launching.

Timur Tabi, Wednesday February 15 2012, 6:05

Dear Mr. Why censor the truth,

Having looked through our archives, I must come to the conclusion that I do not have the faintest idea as to what you are talking about. If you would like a proper reply, please elaborate on this 'original post' of yours.

Kind regards,


Collin, Wednesday February 15 2012, 9:09

Thanks for the Wii U version! Just downloaded it last night and have been loving this!

Matt, Monday December 2 2013, 16:28

Super! :)

Collin, Tuesday December 3 2013, 13:02

I really love this game! I've been having some trouble recently though (on mac), no matter what I do the little map in the corner is just blank white until I fall off the edge, and the pause menu is the same. This happens in full screen or not. Is there a place I can fix this in settings?

Meg, Monday January 5 2015, 0:01

Not that we know of sorry. Maybe someone else can help you here?

Collin, Thursday January 15 2015, 9:59

works fine in a window, but in full screen all graphics are corrupt, and app crashes when switching back to window. please fix, thanks!

Mac model: iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009)
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB
OSX version: 10.10.3 (14D136)

CP, Sunday May 17 2015, 22:23

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