Whoops! Something went awfully wrong with the latest update for Toki Tori.

Toki Tori v1.6: Something Fishy…

While we were simply trying to give you an extra level, it looks like a lot more was changed. Toki Tori’s eggs got swapped for some other creature’s eggs and some strange animals seem to have appeared in the Forest Falls and Bubble Barrage worlds.

Want to know more? Please check Toki Tori in the iTunes App Store.

Toki Tori 1.6 did not play nice with older versions of the iOS. A new version has been submitted to the App Store today, we hope it will be available very soon. Our apologies!

All fixed in the latest version of Toki Tori (v.1.6.1) which is available on the App Store!

Martijn, Friday August 27 2010

It's not a vrius is it...?! :P

Julian Jieled, Friday August 27 2010, 14:20

Come on, tell us more! What does it all mean?!?

P , Wednesday September 1 2010, 21:22

What's the point of the iTunes Toki Tori page telling us to look here for more info just to read the same text except that it tells us to look in the iTunes store for more info?

Bobbon, Wednesday September 1 2010, 21:45


Fair point! You could go to iTunes again, but then you'd be stuck in an endless loop.

It's going to take a little while longer, but if you bear with us you'll learn what we're up to soon! And I promise it's not another version of Toki Tori, it's even better! ;)

Collin Ginkel, Wednesday September 1 2010, 22:21

Jesus Cruiff! For some reason Toki Tori was nowhere to be found on my iPhone so i had to redownload it. You don't get the "you already purchaced this app so this update is free' message untill the last minute though o.O Not your fault ofcourse, the appstore is funky that way.
Gents, I love the game but I think I purchased it enough times now ;)

And to make thing even worse: there are now thingies coming out of my eggs!

Mart, Friday September 3 2010, 19:24

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