Completed the normal and bonus levels in EDGE? Don't worry, we will soon launch the extended levels as free downloadable content for EDGE!

The DLC is based on Mobigame’s new EDGE game called EDGE extended. We are working on getting this content into your version free of charge. We just need a little more time to polish it.

EDGE extended will include the following.

  • 40+ new levels
  • race against the dark cube
  • extended soundtrack
  • all-new achievements

Two Tribes, Saturday September 3 2011

Super excited for these; congratulations on a wonderful game.

Adam W., Friday August 12 2011, 11:46

Thx for this cool game!!!

Михал Михалыч, Saturday August 13 2011, 0:19

How do I configure the keys?... I played some other platform games recently and your settings completely threw me off... up is right, down is left and the explode button is no where to be found.
/sarcasm So much for "we got you covered".

Allan, Saturday August 13 2011, 3:01

This is a great game! Thank you!

Andrew Sharapov, Friday August 19 2011, 20:09

@ Allan. The latest updates should have an option that allows you to switch orientiation. Would that do for you?

Collin Ginkel, Saturday August 20 2011, 10:25

Oh, yes! THNAKS!

Allan, Sunday August 21 2011, 10:03

I mean THANKS! Jezz... I got all exited!

Allan, Sunday August 21 2011, 10:05

thanks it will be great!

slayer, Monday August 22 2011, 22:03

Great game, confusing controls. I love the concept and it is beautifully done but those arrow keys and I never seem to agree. My brain needs to adapt but I am old and I may not have enough time left. BUT I do love the game........ honest. I just hate the controls.

Pieter, Wednesday August 24 2011, 15:32

Beautiful soundtrack and game. Thanks

christian, Sunday August 28 2011, 3:43

thanks for this cool game!! i spend my one day on it . AUGUST 29 2011, 0:36

alex, Sunday August 28 2011, 18:34

Race against the dark cube sounds pretty fun... But I also fear it'll be frustrating! Haha.

Also, new achievements as well? You're spoiling me!

Frazey Cowell, Saturday September 3 2011, 13:02

Will this DLC be added to the PSP Minis version in some form as well? I'd love to see you continue supporting the PSP!

Maikel, Tuesday September 13 2011, 20:02


We're only responsible for the PC and Mac versions. You'll have to check with Mobigame about the PSP mini version!

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday September 13 2011, 22:43

Ah, by the way: Android Version is unfortunatly not working on HTC One V :-( I bought this Version just to have the game mobile as well (Linux an Wii is not mobile ;) ) but it does not work.

Maic Striepe, Friday June 1 2012, 19:56

i achived aal lavel edge extended..i need more lavel..pls launch new more lavels...v intestng game forvever for me

Raj, Friday May 29 2015, 8:53

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