You'll be able to play our classic titles Toki Tori 1, EDGE and RUSH on Wii U before the year is over!

We have tweaked the games so they feel right at home on the Wii U. All games can be played on the GamePad, with RUSH even using it as its main display.

We are going to release them about a month apart, with Toki Tori 1 ready for action in October, followed by EDGE in November and RUSH in December. All at the ridiculously low introduction price of $1,99 / € 1,99!

Fact sheet below!

Two Tribes, Wednesday October 2 2013

I don't own a Wii U yet, but this sounds great! If I decide to pick one up this year, these titles will certainly be very welcome, although I own all of them on Steam already.

For how long will the introductory price drop last?

Maikel Steneker, Wednesday October 2 2013, 17:45

This is great! P.S. is there any way u guys can put those into one bundle for a special price? My wallet's kinda empty after purchasing Toki Tori 2+ :C

Micheal Parsico, Thursday October 3 2013, 2:04

The introduction price will be at least a week, perhaps longer. Bundles aren't possible at the moment on Wii U's eShop, but we may have a good idea on how to set up a sale for people who want to get more of our games.

Stay tuned!

Collin, Thursday October 3 2013, 10:19

Any chance for an upgrade price for those who already own the WiiWare version of Toki Tori? Perhaps $.99 ?

Gimme, Thursday October 3 2013, 19:31

I don't think that's a possibility that Nintendo offers us on Wii U. I'll investigate.

Collin, Friday October 4 2013, 10:05

I'll probably be getting Rush.

Justin, Monday October 7 2013, 1:04

What about the upgrade price for those who already own the WiiWare version of Toki Tori proposed by Gimme?

XFox, Sunday November 10 2013, 17:54

Hey Two Tribes,
Just wanted to tell you that I downloaded Toki Tori on my Wii U a couple nights ago and I've been LOVING it! I normally only buy original releases of games, so I wanted to hold out for the GameBoy Color version someday, but since I probably won't have a GBC or a GBA anytime soon, I figured I would go ahead and get this one. The fact that it can be played off-tv was a big selling point, since it feels more like the original hand-held experience. I will definitely be getting Toki Tori 2+ when I finish this one. Thanks!

armodillo17, Tuesday November 12 2013, 2:25

Thanks ARMODILLO! Hope you like 2+ too!

Collin, Tuesday November 19 2013, 11:49

Did the TT sale end? found all 3 on the eshop after using the search function only to find out TT wasn't onsale but the other two were.

Were planning on buying all 3 at once, but might just get earthbound first...

I was interested in all 3 because of the sale, if I missed out on a sale because of the eShop being down then boo on Nintendo, I want my $1.99 game!

Nick Knack, Thursday January 16 2014, 4:46

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