It took a few weeks, but today we've got a new Steam build!

There are now roughly 500 people that have access to the Steam development build of Toki Tori 2! We’d like to thank everyone that enlisted, and hope you like what we’ve cooked up today.

We’re going to keep handing out codes for the time being, so contact us if you want to participate!

This is what the team has been working on during the last three weeks. Baby steps, but not less important than the final polish we put on our games in the end.

This is what’s in there:

  • Rudimentary movement for the creatures
  • Line of sight from creature to creature
  • First version of Whistle and Stomp
  • The level editor

We’d like to ask you to check out the level editor, as it allows you to fool around with the build and we’d love to get feedback on that from you. There is a real chance that at the end of the project we’ll release the editor so people can make their own levels!

Have fun and let us know in the comments section what you think!


Two Tribes, Friday November 11 2011

Can we still join the beta?

Sparky Sharkinu, Friday November 11 2011, 22:06

@Sparky: The link is in the post :)

Collin Ginkel, Friday November 11 2011, 22:15

Been messing around with the editor for 20 minutes. :P
So far it looks great! (Considering that it's still in Alpha stages of course).
"Grab-able" tile makes me curious.

Great job so far TwoTribes! :)

Gal, Friday November 11 2011, 23:03

Awesome, didn't expect a level editor so early! :)

Been testing it for a little bit: I'm glad there's a way to select and move/copy several tiles at a time, really missed that in the old TT editor... There may be a glitch with it though: when you move or copy the content of a selection box, you can no longer move the selection box alone so you have to create a new one... dunno if that was intentional or not.

Switching tools feels a bit tedious IMO (plus the editor sometimes does not switch back to the draw tool when you use the middle mouse button). I think it wouldn't be hard to merge all the existing tools into a single one, assigning different functions to the CTRL and ALT buttons... this is the button scheme I'd use:
- Draw: Left mouse button
- Delete: Right mouse button.
- Fill: Double left mouse click.
- Delete area: Double right mouse click.
- Zoom: Mousewheel.
- Panning: Middle mouse.
- Selection: CTRL + Left mouse
- Add to Selection: CTRL + Left mouse.
- Remove from Selection: ALT + Left Mouse.
- Move Selection Box: Click inside the box and drag.
- Move Selection Content: CTRL + Click and drag.
- Copy Selection Conent: ALT + Click and drag.
- Resize Level: You should be able to resize the level as soon as you hover the mouse over the bounds... It's useless to have a specific tool for this IMO...

Maybe the delete function should be assigned to ALT + Click instead, so you can save the right mouse button for a 'tile selection' context menu... ;)

An option to stop movement of the creatures in editor mode would be cool too, but that's probably planned already...

Thanks for letting us try it. Keep up the good work! :D

G.Lecter, Friday November 11 2011, 23:08

I like how you can see the way the level is layered for a parallax effect if you zoom out and move the camera down enough. What do you mean, "Nothing to see here"? =P

The little lines showing line of sight are fun too. These things don't seem to care much about front or back though, apparently they can see whatever is behind them as well, maybe because of their huge eyes giving them 360 degree vision? =D The only thing I would personally add to it, is a way to see 'almost line of sight': only just (1-2 blocks?) out of range, or in range but with something blocking the view. Perhaps a red line instead of white. I assume it might make testing levels just that tiny bit easier ("why does this monster not react?!?!"). But maybe it doesn't: you're the experts here, I'm just sharing ideas. =)

Jake, Friday November 11 2011, 23:16

Hihihi this looks great guys...It would be even better if you could include level editor in the full game so we could create our own levels.Unfortunatelly I don't think it's wise to give it to me....In less than 1 minute I've managed to send all your frog creatures into abyss.What to say more except: Keep up the good work ^^

Marko Ratkovic, Friday November 11 2011, 23:48

@Marko: We're definitely considering it. But it would have to have some kind of support for sharing levels this time around.

Collin Ginkel, Saturday November 12 2011, 0:29

Thanks for all the efforts for us on releasing another build of Toki Tori 2. I and I'm sure many others apreciate it a lot too :)

Seeing the Bubble Frogs moving around and seeing 'in sight' interaction icons apprear I'm starting to understand a bit more on the new mechanics. Playing around with The Whistle and vibrate/stomp keys also gives me a better idea on how Toki Tori will interact with the monsters.

Played with the editor a bit too. Even though the editor is in an early stage you can already do a lot with. Having copy/cut/paste and undo features is a treat. I noticed the level size is not as limited as in Toki Tori and you can have huge levels.I guess the shoebox can be sized in someway too ?

just an idea for the editor: When you could open a 2nd(or more) level/map (read only) or swap between two(or more) levels with copy/paste support you could make a template level with frequently used structures and just copy and paste a tiled structure rather then redrawing it tile by tile.

Also had a sneak peek on the sprites and i like the flying copyrat. Curious about his copy? function :)

Nice work Two Tribes !

Mr. Blinky, Saturday November 12 2011, 0:44

Thanks Two Tribes for new build!

Already played 2 hours in Toki Tori 2 :)


I want to talk about two things in editor: Hand Tool (H) and Resize (R)
Every time when i exploring game area i need to use Resize or Hand Tool to reach the area which i want.
Don't you think it is a little complicated?
Easy to use Resize and navigate your mouse into area and resize again by scrolling. So you can easily reach the area only by moving and scrolling your mouse. PROFIT!
(Otherwise, the tons of clicking...clicking..clicking... to reach the area :D)
I understand that it is early editor but do you planning make icons for tools in style of Toki-Toki?
It would be a good idea (i think so...)


About background. It would be a good idea ..yea yea..))
To let future players add their background or something like this. To decorate it, built-in editor of this.

Great idea to use NOTES in game! Also it might be a good idea by letting people tells their stories or notes about this level.

And at last - i want to see option in full game – COMMENTARY OF DEVELOPERS. Why are you decided to make this level, monsters, tricks etc.

Great job Two Tribes!

Sorry for my english. I'm not a native speaker.
Please let me know if you a not understand some things. I can explain it again

Best Regards, Ruslan Sharipov

Ruslan Sharipov, Tuesday November 15 2011, 0:03

@all: Super cool to see your detailed feedback!

Random things:

The resize tool is only when you need to resize the entire level, which should not be used that often. The hand tool can be accessed quickly by pressing space bar inside the editor, just like how it works in photoshop!

Line of sight will have a limited angle, so creatures won't have full 360 degree eyes (well most of them won't :))

As for the editor, it is for now an internal tool that we use ourselves. So it's also modeled after what we use a lot and the technical limitations we've got. So your comments are really appreciated, but it may be until we release an actual editor (which we haven't promised yet!) that it is finalized and your comments are taken into account.



Collin, Tuesday November 15 2011, 15:27

Love the new level editor being playing around with it about 1hou,r probably in a few weeks after the game is released will be hundreds of leves, and like Ruslan will be great to see more customization, to be able to change the background will be awesome!

Aitor Aluja Reyes, Wednesday November 16 2011, 21:04

Are you considering using Steam Cloud and Steam Workshop? Bethesda will use the workshop for mods, and you could use it to share user created levels!

Diogo de Vasconcellos, Wednesday December 7 2011, 21:56

Progress is progress :)

Also I'm glad you guys are trying to revitalise Toki Tori with new mechanics rather than Toki 2.5.

I trust/fear you will make some very creative and mindbending puzzles!

Mat, Friday December 9 2011, 23:58

@diogo: that's a good idea! We're going to look into that straight away.

Collin, Saturday December 10 2011, 10:05

I really think the shortcut for the fill tool in the editor should be 'F', unless it's reserved for some other action already.
In Photoshop it's 'G', because it's bundled with the gradient tool.

mtomato, Wednesday December 21 2011, 20:42

And now that I think of it, it'd be better if the editor tools were easily accessible without having to move the hand or fingers too much, kind of like what Blizzard did with Starcraft 2 compared to its predecessor.

For example: A for Hand, S for Selection, D for Draw and F for Fill.
I don't really like the idea of modeling the key setup after the most used image editing program.
It's like putting familiarity before usability, which I don't think is a good idea. (well, in some cases it might be)

mtomato, Thursday December 22 2011, 9:18


Keep the feedback coming, we'll be revising the editor up until release, so there is a lot of time for improvements.

Collin Ginkel, Thursday December 22 2011, 19:55

Yay an editor!

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