Whistle & Stomp!

Update 3: Whistle & Stomp

If you’re one of the few hundred who received the activation code for the Toki Tori 2 development build, you’re probably done looking at the waving Toki Tori graphic. Perhaps you’ve wondered how Toki Tori will move through the levels in future builds? Well that’s what I’m writing about today.

With the elimination of the inventory of items and weapons, we had to come up with other ways for Toki Tori to influence his environment, in our case the game’s flora and fauna. We tinkered with the idea of building the entire game around pointer-based controls, which would work well on most commercial platforms these days (finger, stylus, mouse, Wii-remote). We said to ourselves: “Let’s see if we can make something that is only possible on pointer based systems and run with it!” We came up with a few ideas that would work well, but it never quite reached a level where the trade-off was worth it.

Some of the ideas - the new telewarp for instance - have since been incorporated into the normal control schemes. What we also got out of those brainstorming sessions was a set of moves for Toki Tori that would work well with controller and touch-screen. We decided we’d take the defining characteristics of his body as a guide, resulting in the whistle (he’s a bird) and floor stomp (he’s fat). You can view the whistle and stomp as magnets of sorts. Usually a whistle will result in a creature being drawn to Toki Tori, while a stomp will send off a shock-wave that can scare creatures such as our beloved bubble frog. Not every creature will react the same to Toki Tori’s moves, meaning you’ll have to be careful where and when you use your moves.

I think this simple control scheme will keep things simple and it allows us to keep the foundations of both the controller and the pointer based controls we had for the original Toki Tori. 

Questions? Worried about what we’re doing to Toki Tori? Sound off in the comments below.

Collin, Tuesday October 25 2011

Oooh, why am I fearing some very difficult puzzles in TT2? :)

Frazey Cowell, Monday October 24 2011, 21:22

@Frazey: We're actually trying to make it easier to understand for people :)

Collin Ginkel, Monday October 24 2011, 21:24

Understanding the concept isn't the worry I have. It's me head-scratching for hours on end :P

Frazey Cowell, Monday October 24 2011, 21:25

*Spam* That's to say... Figuring out the absolute correct solution could be a head-scratcher for me. Hopefully "Ninja-moves" won't be involved in TT2? :)

Frazey Cowell, Monday October 24 2011, 21:26

Tough puzzles are a good thing. Much more rewarding.

Daz Jones, Monday October 24 2011, 21:45

I agree. But too tough is just frustrating. But I suppose that's a potential problem with every puzzle game.

Frazey Cowell, Monday October 24 2011, 21:47

Love the Idea of the new moves and try visualizing them. Especially the shockwave from the stomp. Two moves sound a bit little. Will those moves have different capabilities ? like different wistles to attract, scare of wake-up or make go to sleep ? or a (tap)dance instead of a stomp ? I can imagine a dancing Toki Tori would look very cute :)

Mr. Blinky, Monday October 24 2011, 23:01

@mrblinky we're keeping it basic. Every mechanic in the game will be one layer deep, the depth comes from combining them.

Collin, Monday October 24 2011, 23:08

I tried asking via email for a beta code, but never got one. :(

Steven Vascellaro, Tuesday October 25 2011, 5:47

@Frazey Cowell: Ninja moves in Toki Tori 1 kinda evolved from players breaking puzzles :) We never really required them. It's not our intention to have twitchy solutions to the puzzles in TT2 either.

hessel, Tuesday October 25 2011, 8:56

@Steven Vascellaro: We've got a backlog, you will get one, but it may take a while.

Collin, Tuesday October 25 2011, 10:13

I actually prefer this new approach and where this is going. While I don't necessarily mind puzzles which require step by step precision, I really appreciate there maybe being multiple solutions dependent on the creativity/skill of the user. :D

John Salinas, Tuesday October 25 2011, 16:07

Well, we're not designing for multiple solutions on purpose, but we are also not going to frantically block anything other than the intended solution. So it's a bit of a middle ground we're going for.

Collin, Tuesday October 25 2011, 16:22

Oh, I gotcha. Well sounds likes it's gonna be more of a challenge for you to design then :P....having to account to more than just one single solution, possibly. Shame that the pointer-based controls fell through, though I can see why that might have happened.

John Salinas, Tuesday October 25 2011, 16:57

@John: I still think we'll have the pointer controls in there, but it will not be required for platforms that also have traditional control options.

Collin, Tuesday October 25 2011, 16:58

I'm really excited to see what kind of different creatures come out with this mechanic. Big eared creatures hating the whistle? Ground loving creatures approaching stomps? Could be really interesting to try and sync up the environment to make an end solution.

Are all the creatures going to have a creature+creature interaction event? You mentioned the bubble frog and the berry beetles, but is there going to be interactions between, let's say a bubble frog, and some sort of block spewing creature (just an example). Might be interesting to see large chain of reactions in a level editor or something like that.

T.J. Cummings, Wednesday October 26 2011, 15:33

@TJ We are hoping to have some cool interactions between the creatures. But time will tell if that is perhaps a bit too much or not. Sometimes you have to limit the possibilities to keep it manageable for players.

You certainly got the right vibe though!

Collin, Wednesday October 26 2011, 17:49

As long as you guys keep up the work this game will go far!

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James, Tuesday February 7 2012, 22:37

I actually prefer using a keyboard instead of a mouse for controlling Toki Tori :P

Psyched to see what else comes out of this game!

Liam Taylor, Tuesday March 27 2012, 3:23

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