So no items and weapons eh? How the heck are people going to be solving puzzles in Toki Tori 2 then?

Update 2: Flora and Fauna

As I mentioned yesterday, we had many limitations when designing Toki Tori for Game Boy Color. One of them was that there could only be one creature type per world and a maximum of two - yes, two - could roam a level. This limitation has dictated many of the inherent rules of the early Toki Tori levels, which carried on to the reboot and ports we did later on.

When we started discussing Toki Tori 2 a couple of months ago, it quickly became apparent that we wanted to do a lot more with the game world and more specifically its inhabitants. Not only in adding more of it, but also having more interaction with and between creatures. The eureka moment came when we asked ourselves if we could fore-go the items and weapons and add that functionality into the game’s creatures.

I’ve got an example I use when trying to explain the concept to players, here goes:

We’ve got a bubble-frog character that likes to eat the berry-bugs that roam about the levels freely. When he succeeds and eats one of them, he bloats and becomes immobile, forming a bubble inside his body. When Toki Tori scares the bubble-frog in this state, he’ll belch out the bubble, which is then basically a handy portable bubble suit. By allowing Toki Tori’s presence to influence the behavior of both the berry-bugs and the bubble-frogs, the bubble becomes a reward for the player’s understanding and mastery of the game world.

I believe this is a much more rewarding structure than simply telling players to press a button to make something happen and look forward to seeing what our designers can cook up with it!

Collin, Wednesday October 19 2011

It's quite an interesting concept, if not worrying.
It'd be pretty easy to get this concept wrong and horrible, but I trust you to be able to make it work brilliantly :)

Frazey Cowell, Wednesday October 19 2011, 17:48

Wow, sounds neat! I'll agree with Frazey - it could be messed up, but I'm completely sure it'll be awesome!

Zach Durtschi, Thursday October 20 2011, 5:31

New machanics, sounds good ;) -> I'm curious how it looks in game

mxtomek(mxT3), Thursday October 20 2011, 11:17

Sounds interesting can't wait to see how the eco system works in puzzle solving

Michael Vance Owens, Friday October 21 2011, 3:42

So instead of playing against the world you play within the world. Interesting!

Are you planning to do hard coded entity scripting with resource defined assets or interpreted scripting with art files dynamically loaded so custom puzzles could have custom creatures (assuming you allow custom puzzles)? I hope that question made sense.

Nielk1, Friday October 21 2011, 6:40

@nielk1 one of our project goals is the empowerment of the designers. We're going to be using scripts for just about anything, allowing us to go all out with weird and fun ideas.

Does that answer your question? ;)

Collin, Friday October 21 2011, 16:59

That is a good Idea.
Perhaps Abes Oddisey may inspire you. There were several different monsters and sometimes you have to make them interact with each other. Example: Two scorpions are in one level and you can't pass them. But then remove a stone so they can see each other and they kill themselves and you can now pass.

There are several things like that imaginable.

cyberchris, Thursday November 17 2011, 22:37

Finally a game without much violence!

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