Our Toki Tori 2 community is now a thousand gamers strong! Time for build number three!

Update 10: Build Three!

We have recently started using Scrum at Two Tribes and while not everything went according to plan, one of the key principles is that you always end up with a working game after a four week Sprint.

This fits nicely with our plans to be open about the development of Toki Tori 2, as we can show you a new build every four weeks.

Build three has a couple of pretty significant improvements over the previous one. Some under the hood, some pretty apparent.

  • Toki Tori can be controlled (sort of :))
  • Creatures and other entities can now be placed and configured in the editor.
  • A nice new background, resembling a forest environment.
  • Glowing BerryBugs that respond to Toki Tori
  • First pass of the telewarp

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Two Tribes, Thursday December 15 2011

You can really see what you meant with Whistle and Stomp now.

I think it's safe to say Toki Tori 2 is going to be a beautiful game with some excellent puzzles. Keep it up; it's lookin' great! :)

Frazey Cowell, Thursday December 15 2011, 21:11

Cool, thanks for sharing the new build! Here are some thoughts:

The editor is getting more and more convoluted, now with 2 more pointless tools! :P I really think most of the tools should be merged into a single one before it's too late to change the editor code...

I think the whistle and stomp mechanics should be more accurate and easier to use. In the example video you need to use the stomp key 3 times just to perform a extremely simple task such as moving a krab from one place to another one. This can become really frustrating in an actually playable level with lots of creatures, especially if you have to wait for the whistle/stomp animation to end every time.

Being able to whistle or stomp while walking would help a lot, but that may force you to hold a keyboard key, which isn't very appealing for the people who want to play with mouse and touch controls, and still not accurate enough IMO.
Clicking on a monster inside Toki Tori's influence radius and dragging him to the desired place sounds like the best choice to me: while holding and dragging, you'd see a shadow of the monster, Toki Tori, and other affected monsters, indicating the places they will end after executing the move. Once you release the mouse button, Toki Tori would automatically perform all the stomp animations while walking to the needed place...

The background picture looks fantastic and gives an idea of how good the finished game will be... keep up the good work! :)

G.Lecter, Thursday December 15 2011, 21:33

Awesome to see build three of Toki Tori 2 There are a lot of new elements added and it's nice to be able to move a static toki tori around and make him interact with the entities. Beeing able to move him around and make him interact with the entities using wistle and stomp gives a good impression on the new puzzle elements. It's also nice to see the enteties moving even though they just have static sprites. It pleases me to see the porcupines from Toki Tori will return in Toki Tori 2.
I think It is important to have strong links with Original Toki Tori for that reason I think you should also stick to the Komika font.

The new forrest graphics look very nice and there's even a easter egg in it too.

Had a quick look at the editor where I saw the new Entity library and some new attribute types too. Looks we're going to have a lot of challaging puzzles in Toki Tori 2 :)

Ok I'm going to have another go on Toki Tori 2 as there are so many news thing to see :)

Thanks for Releasing Build 3 of Toki Tori 2 Two Tribes !

Mr. Blinky, Thursday December 15 2011, 21:53

Thanks for the feedback guys!

- Editor

It's functionality is roughly modeled after Photoshop's. Lots of buttons but also lots of shortcuts that make it easy to perform the most common tasks. We're expecting quite a few additions and oversimplifying it before you know the scope can be dangerous. Anyway, thanks for keeping us sharp and let us know when you think we've gone too far ;)

- Movement/Controls

Our plan for the crabs is a more complex behavior where they keep coming/moving away once they hear from Toki Tori. That way Toki Tori sort of becomes a magnet. So one stomp/whistle can move them as far as you like.

Collin Ginkel, Friday December 16 2011, 1:27

I'm very excited after seeing the new build. The forest background does look really nice and the variety of enemies and animal pals and how they react to the whistle and stomp seems promising. And it's fun to see the return of the telewarp, but in a different form. I'm interested to see if other Toki Tori items will make some sort of comeback and how they'll be implemented. And for the font, I think Komika looks nice and doesn't need to be changed.

It's also pretty cool seeing how "3D" the game really is with all the different layers of everything :)

I look forward to future updates, and keep up the good work!

Charlie, Friday December 16 2011, 4:12

@Charlie, if there is an item in particular you'd like to see return, let us know, we're still pretty flexible what kind of creatures will be added.

Collin, Friday December 16 2011, 15:58

I really love this kind of developement coverage.
But the thing I love most is being able to see the editor and some of the insides of the game.
Keep it up, its looking really awesome! :)

evilteq, Friday December 16 2011, 16:54

The new build looks good! I like how the little guys react without the need to stomp. One question: are the warp holes static? My opinion: I think they should be made from a creature somehow so you can change where they get put. THE PUZZLE POSSIBILITIES WOULD BE ENDLESS.

Oh, two questions: what does that little note say at the end of the video in the background? I can't zoom in on it in the editor...

Anyways, keep up the good work!

Greg Wullaert, Friday December 16 2011, 20:30

Hey Greg! We'll have base stations where Toki Tori can stand to move the connected portal. Also, the portals need to have a visible line between the power source, so you can't just place it anywhere.

Oh and ctrl + in the editor zooms in ;)

Collin, Friday December 16 2011, 21:56

Who's Dr Paul?...

I'm loving the forest look. It looks great with the fuzzy background and the god-rays coming through. When you see the buildup while zoomed out in the editor it seems simple, but it really comes to life.

On a little side note: Stairs really feel sluggish to me. There's a huge difference between walking speed and stair speed, which is natural, but the difference seems to be a bit too much to me.

btw, am I correct in that the comment system here seems to have some trouble with Firefox and the option to post outside out Facebook?

Fatbubba, Saturday December 17 2011, 18:12

Fat bubba: what's wrong width it?

Collin, Saturday December 17 2011, 23:53

Hmm sorry, seems false alarm. I think my script blocker was bugging out on me as it showed your site as trusted, but still seemed to block it for some reason.

Fatbubba, Sunday December 18 2011, 3:35

@Collin, I think seeing the return of the Freeze-O-Matic or the Bubble Suit would be neat. I'm not sure how the freeze beam would be put in, but it might just be a one world thing. And the bubble suit could be like a fish pal or something that would stay with you for a little while. That might be a little weird to work out too. Just thinking aloud here. :)

Charlie, Sunday December 18 2011, 4:18

@Charlie. We've already incorporated the bubble suit into our plans! The BubbleFrog that you see in the picture above is going to be belching it out :)

Collin Ginkel, Sunday December 18 2011, 13:51

I don't remember what the font was like in previous build, but I like this font in this, third, build. It suits stickies well, but I don't know how it will look like in final UI.

So far not bad, but I still not sure how the stairs would work. I see that I can climb but I cannot get off the stairs.

Rade Martinovic, Sunday December 18 2011, 19:41

You finally did it!

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Greg, Tuesday February 7 2012, 21:05

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