This is it! After more than 15 years of hard work and gallons of blood, sweat and tears, we have decided that RIVE will be Two Tribes’ final game. This may come as a surprise for you, but we’ve actually been thinking about it for some time now.

RIVE Is Our Final Game!

RIVE and beyond
An elaborate explanation on why we won’t be making any more games will follow below, but first you should know that we are going to go out with a bang! It might be a cliche, but we’ve saved the best for last: RIVE will be the best game Two Tribes ever!

For the last two years, we have been working feverishly to finish RIVE, the shooter/platformer hybrid that we always wanted to make. We have delayed it several times to make it the best experience possible and now that we are nearing the finish line, we can confidently say that RIVE will come out in September 2016!

We also want to make clear that Two Tribes will remain operational. We will continue to support our partners and all gamers out there, we just won’t be making any new games after RIVE.

(text continues after the trailer)


So what happened?
The industry changed a lot since we started in 2000. Back then, there were maybe a dozen game developers here in The Netherlands. It was extremely difficult to enter the global games industry, as you needed to have a track record and experience. Even if you took a shot, you still had to secure backing from a publisher, since the only way to reach gamers was through physical distribution.

The technological bar was also set very high, as there were no middleware engines available. There were severe hardware limitations and most of today’s sophisticated design tools were non-existent. You basically had to make everything yourself. We felt comfortable working in such an environment, and we actually still cling to this DIY mentality.

The big change happened around 2008, when new technologies and tools allowed developers to make games way more easily and faster. Suddenly, because of digital distribution, small developers were able to create and publish their own games without the help of big publishers. Initially this was great for us, as we were one of the first developers to enter the Steam, WiiWare and iOS markets. Business was good. We were on the shortlists of companies like Nintendo and Valve.

But the situation didn’t last. While we were working on Toki Tori 2+ for two years, the industry was changing without us realizing it. The market was flooded with games by developers from all around the world. Game development schools were erected, and every year thousands of students tried their luck under increasingly difficult conditions. With game changers such as the Humble Bundle, the ever-continuing race to the bottom and a growing focus on free-to-play games, it became tough for a game to even hit the break-even point.

The industry had moved on and we were still stuck in the past. We learned this the hard way, when most of our employees needed to be laid off in 2013. But it would be too easy to solely blame the industry. Perhaps it would be better to blame it on dinosaurs!

As said, we’ve been working in the games industry since early 2000, making us dinosaurs, old farts, grandfathers or whatever you want to call us. This is great, because we’ve got a lot experience, but it also means that we act like a typical grandfather: slow and totally unaware of what is hot and what is not. Don’t get us wrong: we absolutely love making games, and we strongly feel that we’re good at making them. However, ask us anything about new industry developments, and often a big question mark will appear above our heads.

For example, we are used to working with our own proprietary engine. It’s technology that works great for us, but is by no means competitive with tools like Unity or the Unreal Engine. And then there are monetization strategies like free-to-play. We only know, and feel comfortable working with, the traditional model of full-priced games. The same goes for marketing: we know how to make a decent trailer and send out a press release… but have no clue how to get traction on YouTube and Twitch.

Wrapping up
Long story short (grandfathers like to digress!): when running a company, you need to be on top of your game, not just in terms of the product you’re making, but business-wise too. And we just aren’t on top of the games business anymore. Therefore, it makes sense to focus our attention elsewhere, perhaps even outside the games industry. We simply don’t know yet; but we do know that RIVE is going to be our parting gift to you and we’re making damn sure it’s going to be an awesome one!

Stay tuned for the release in September 2016!

Martijn, Collin and Meinte!

Two Tribes, Thursday March 10 2016

Sorry to read that, guys, but I appreciate the honesty and the work you've done in these years! Godspeed

claudio, Thursday March 10 2016, 16:57

whoa. this is a surprise! and not in a good way. :( really hope it's a "never say never" situation and that you'll seriously consider coming out of retirement at some point for _toki tori 3_, _rive 2_, or something totally new and equally awesome! _TT1_ and _TT2_ are some of the best games i've ever played, period, so it's really sad that you all are throwing in the towel. i'm sure it was a hard decision, but just know that you have a lot of fans. best of luck w/ all your future endeavors!

p.s. maybe just try a small kickstarter sometime? you all are too talented to not be creating games!

fc, Thursday March 10 2016, 17:00

Pity to see Two Tribes ending! Two Tribes and Toki Tori were one of the big inspirations for us to go downloadable and make our own games. I've greatly enjoyed your games and am looking forward to Rive!

Joost van Dongen, Thursday March 10 2016, 17:02


Daniel vd O, Thursday March 10 2016, 17:17

It's sad to read that. Maybe trying some not so big projects which will catch palyers by game idea, not by expensive fancy graphics and music will be also something worth of try? Small projects with really small budget or sometimes even without budget could be really good option. You're prefectionists and this is really hard sometimes, because you want to make perfect final game. And this is sometimes impossible.I really waiting for final RIVE version and I hope that I will see any further games from your team. Don't give up so easy.

Mandi, Thursday March 10 2016, 17:49


The market description you give is sad but true. Big thank you for such honesty, it's pretty rare these days :-)

If you still like to create games you may want to work on a niche market so that it can be like in the good ol' days ;-) If you want to create games on AmigaOS, be my guest! and contact me if you want to know more.


Elwood, Thursday March 10 2016, 18:03

:( Good luck TT :)

Red Aloia, Thursday March 10 2016, 18:12

I was sad to see everyone asking for a regular sequel to Toki Tori but how it was taken in such a different direction, that seemed to be when things started going downhill. Thanks for making such great games and sticking around even after you stop making games!

Craig, Thursday March 10 2016, 18:17

No way!?!?! Very sad to see you guys stop.

Rive is day one of course, looking forward to that a lot!

Hajo, Thursday March 10 2016, 18:54

You all rule :)

Collin, Thursday March 10 2016, 19:11

Sad to hear this. I hope Rive sells well enough to make you change your mind on this. The world needs more developers like you guys.

Bruno, Thursday March 10 2016, 19:18

Very sad to hear, but glad you are going out your way, making the game you want to make. Will buy Rive on Wii U as I've bought and loved all your games, guys. All the best for your futures!

Frapp, Thursday March 10 2016, 19:21

Dat meen je niet .
Jullie hebben vroeger toch ook gewoon games gemaakt op de gameboy, waarom gelijk ermee stoppen en niet bv voor de Nintendo 3ds blijven ontwikkelen dan heb je niet die problemen lijkt me.
Maar iedergeval ik vind het echt jammer
Tokie torie ,edge mijn favoriet .
En ga rive zeker kopen , had van nintendo een demo versie gekregen en toen vond ik hem al vet !!!
Iedergeval two tribes ik heb genoten van jullie games en vind het jammer dat het doek is gevallen ......had graag rive2 gezien en tokie torie and Mario at the olympic games .
Two tribes thanks bro's en hopelijk tot ziens ...toppers

Stephan smit, Thursday March 10 2016, 20:00

Really sad news. You are one of my favourite indie developers. Toki Tori and Toki Tori 2 are some of my favourite games especially the latter. I'm looking forward to Rive, hope it's really good. I think unfortunately part of the problem is that the vast majority of the general public don't know the quality of your work or dismiss maybe Toki Tori due the aesthetics. Their loss. Good luck to all of you in your future endeavours.

Noel, Thursday March 10 2016, 21:07

"However, ask us anything about new industry developments, and often a big question mark will appear above our heads" -- Quest complete. Thank you Two Tribes for making some of the best games ever developed.

Warwick (Steamified.com), Thursday March 10 2016, 21:31

Thank you guys for making some of my favourite games :) Toki Tori 2 is still up there with my best gaming experience and I really look forward to playing Rive. All the best in your future ventures and thanks for all the memories. I will definitely miss you :)

Insert toki tori waving goodbye here
Andrew :)

Andrew Maxwell, Thursday March 10 2016, 21:46

..But dinosaurs are cool! /:C\

Much peace and respect to the fellows at Two Tribes. I'm glad to have met them when I swung by their booth both times at PAX East. Wish you the best of luck, and I'll be looking forward to final release of RIVE!


Roth, Thursday March 10 2016, 22:26

I'm really sorry hearing about this :(
You are great developers and people.

I hope to see great things of you in the future and get a great smile playing Rive.

Thank you all of you

Nekete, Thursday March 10 2016, 23:16

I'm terribly sorry to hear this but I can exactly undertand your reasons. In fact I'm a game developer myself, even older than you as a team (my first game has been released in 1988) and I completely agree with your considerations. The sad part is that I'm the technical director for a big company and I'm disgusted of what my (once loved) job has become. For one part game development has become an industry (the part in which I work) and for the other it is a chaotic mess of (more or less talented) indies that to emerge need to follow rules imposed by the current fad (kickstarter, early access, nonsense games about goats and surgeons (but that sell millions of copies) etc.). The world has changed a lot since I've started this job and I don't like it anymore. But I've came to your same conclusion: it's not them, it's me. By the way I've loved your games to bits, in particular Toki Tori 2. While playing it I was constantly telling to myself "this is the kind of game I would like to make, it has the same mistery and charm of the games I used to play when I was young. These developers are amazing". I wish you the best of luck in your life.

Gas, Thursday March 10 2016, 23:25

Not a gamer myself (hm, how did I end up here?) but I love the honesty of your post. You don't have any obligations to do what you have always done of what people expect, just find new cool stuff to do if what you used to do doesn't excite you anymore. Good luck!

sredlums, Thursday March 10 2016, 23:27

I'm sorry to heard that from you. I've been developing games since 2004 and I sometimes felt the same way. In any case, I think that your problem is not developing games, is that you feel out of touch with what can be popular nowadays. But let me remind you that this is like the 99% of us who does games nowadays.

My recommendation would be, offer yourselves to any producer who wants to put money for a good and experienced developer like you. You get the money for a living and maybe you find the inspiration again. I only can add, that I enjoy your games, at least the ones that I've had time to play a bit and I think that Toki Tori on the 3DS is awesome.

Good luck whatever you do in the future!

Tanasten, Thursday March 10 2016, 23:52

All of all... It was and it is a pleasure to work with TwoTribes and be a part of betatests (for Toki Tori 2 and for Rive). Your biggest advantages are opened minds and listening ideas from testers. This is also a little bit hard during development, because sometimes it's lead to changes in software and that extends development time. But time which I spent on that betatests is really time spent with good products and in nice company.

And a word to one of other posters: Elwood! You are also here? This World is really so small.

Mandi, Friday March 11 2016, 0:04

Sorry to see you go. Wish I was a dino too.

tramsgar, Friday March 11 2016, 1:14

Erg jammer. Ik ga jullie missen!

Ben al fan sinds de eerste Toki Tori en jullie waren de afgelopen jaren de enige digital-only ontwikkelaars waarbij ik de games op release haalde, i.p.v. een prijsdaling af te wachten.

Vooral Toki Tori 2 verdiende het om een stuk beter te doen. Geweldige puzzels, qua controls een zekere 'joy of discovery' die ik niet sinds de SNES dagen heb gevoeld en een charme en grafische stijl die Nintendo zelfs evenaart.

Voor deze site wordt opgeheven; laat ons weten waar je in de toekomst gaat werken!
Dan weet ik welke games direct aangeschaft moeten worden!

Samael_blackwing, Friday March 11 2016, 9:38

Really surprising to hear about this. But I understand.

Toki Tori 2 has remained in my memory as one of the best games I ever played. It's so full of charm.

I wish you all the best and that you'll find the fire that you lost some day again.

Rade, Friday March 11 2016, 9:43

You're my favorites Grandpas!

Sorry to hear that; But in a way I feel exactly the same as you do regarding what you said (even if we started in 2009, I still feel like a grandpa).

Anyway, thanks a lot for all your games. Toki Tori was a real inspiration for us on Blocks That Matter.

We won't be at GDC this year, but have fun for your final round!



Guillaume Swing Swing, Friday March 11 2016, 9:45

Thank you so much for Sword & Soldiers 2! I love that game!

Alex, Friday March 11 2016, 12:31

Sorry to hear this.
I always loved your games.
Does this mean the company will shrink again in employee numbers?
I hope you all find new jobs soon.

joep admiraal, Friday March 11 2016, 16:37

Two Tribes is just three people now. Martijn and myself are the owners and Meinte is looking for a bigger challenge as a 3D Artist.

Collin, Friday March 11 2016, 17:50

So sorry to see you guys go... You guys always were, and still are awesome.
Godspeed. Im looking forward to playing Rive.

Dinomite, Saturday March 12 2016, 15:12

Zo jammer om jullie te zien verdwijnen, maar wat een geweldig staaltje reflectie tonen jullie in dit blog. Of jullie gelijk hebben met jullie analyse weet ik als buitenstaander natuurlijk niet, maar het zegt wel wat over jullie dat uberhaupt in staat zijn tot een dergelijke conclusie te komen.

Voor mij blijft Two Tribes de developer waar ik altijd enige nationale trots bij ervaar. Ik weet nog dat ik destijds helemaal verslaafd was aan Toki Tori, en echt blown away was toen ik erachter kwam dat de developers achter mijn favoriete game 'gewone' Nederlanders bleken te zijn.

Ik heb al jullie games gespeeld, en heb jullie in het puzzelgenre altijd als de absolute wereldtop beschouwd. Misschien heeft het dan niet het financiële succes gebracht dat het heeft verdiend (want dat heeft het), jullie kunnen met opgeheven hoofd en rechte ruggen het strijdtoneel verlaten.

Respect voor jullie allemaal, en ik hoop dat de toekomst een mooie zal zijn voor jullie.

Joris, Sunday March 13 2016, 18:51

Two Tribes could be a great 2nd party studio for Nintendo.. Just saying:)

Anyway, I really hope this is just momentary madness and you'll find the passion to develop more titles sometime in the future, but if not, you've definitely earned your early retirement and place in videogame hall of fame for all your great games & hard work. Thanks and all the best for your future endeavors!

Troger, Tuesday March 15 2016, 0:30

What a shame that you guys have decided to stop :-(

ONE LAST REQUEST: Please, please, please release RUSH drm-free on Humble Store, GOG or perhaps Indiegamestand!

I'm sure that lots of people would like to play an awesome puzzle game like that without having to use Steam.

You've done the same with Toki Tori 1+2 and EDGE so I guess it probably shouldn't be that much of a problem, right?

Bedankt jongens, het ga jullie goed!

Nielzie, Monday May 16 2016, 18:25

We hebben het op de agenda staan, maar of we er aan toekomen voordat we de boel afsluiten valt nog te bezien.

Thanks voor je support!!

Collin, Thursday May 19 2016, 18:25

Ben erg benieuwd naar Rive. Trailer zag ik voorbij komen op Tweakers. Is de release nog steeds september?

Gr. Maarten Foppen

Maarten Foppen, Tuesday June 14 2016, 20:47

Dat is het plan ja!

Collin, Tuesday July 5 2016, 11:31

very sad news.why?

James Raccen, Saturday August 13 2016, 4:32

I'm sorry to hear that this is your final game. Thank you very much for all the countless hours of joy and entertainment that you brought to us and for the Linux support!

LinuxGamer1920, Tuesday September 13 2016, 22:35

All you dudes at Two Tribes have shown a lot of people how to put design first and foremost. You should be proud of what you've accomplished, and know that you've made game design better with your passion and effort. I hope you all realize this. Good luck in the future.

treat, Sunday September 18 2016, 7:21

* KISS *

Collin, Thursday September 29 2016, 17:13

still remember toki tori supporting steam/linux in the early days, no dinosaur to me, but avant-garde! and i was very happy to see your other games followed suit. i remember also buying extra copies through humble bundle to give to my nephews/nieces, they really enjoyed it, the artwork also made for a nice birthday card ;)

thank you for your awesome work

mx1up, Monday October 3 2016, 23:23

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