Unfortunately we decided to put the Wii U level editor of Toki Tori 2+ in the fridge... But... we have a surprise for you!
Update: Offer ends October 27th

Wii U Level Editor On Ice

Ok let me start off with an apology to everyone that is eagerly expecting the Toki Tori 2+ Wii U level editor: we’re breaking a promise as we decided to put the editor on hold and shift our attention to something new. There are a number of reasons why we chose to abandon the Wii U level editor for now and I’ll try to explain them in this blog.

Business perspective

I’ll start with the biggest reason: Toki Tori 2+ unfortunately didn’t sell as good as we hoped it would. We spent way more time than initially anticipated on developing the game and subsequently the major free “+” update.

Integrating a level editor and sharing is not something that we can easily do, as I will explain below. So we asked ourselves: is this big update really worth the additional investment? A level editor is a nice feature, but it won’t appeal to the general audience. Unless, like Little Big Planet, the game is centered around user level sharing, a level editor will only be used by a small percentage of the people. Knowing this, we also figured that if we release a level editor, it won’t do much extra to the sales.  If that is the case, should we really invest in it or should we shift our focus and let our team chew on something totally new? When we weighed all the options, we unfortunately decided that it was the best option to move on and focus on a new game. Let me explain what problems arise when you want to create a level editor for a console and why it costs so much time.

Technical problems

We obviously wanted to use Miiverse for level sharing as everybody has access to it. But when we took a good look at it, we unfortunately ran into a number of technical issues and missing features. For instance, it wasn’t possible to start the game from a level posted in Miiverse. Nintendo is constantly improving Miiverse, so something like this might be possible in the future, but obviously these features are not available to us now.

To overcome these technical issues, we also considered setting up our own custom server that hosts user generated levels. But there are a number of issues with this solution. For one, it isn’t a seamless experience. Miiverse is integrated in the system; our server clearly is not. Users need to create their own accounts and login to that. And meanwhile we will have to solve problems like security, privacy protection, objectionable content checking, server maintaining and whatnot. I can go on and on, but clearly a custom server is way out of scope, so we decided to abandon that idea.

We did come up with yet another solution: Steam integration on the Wii U. This would make it at least possible for Wii U gamers to play custom levels created by people on Steam. We are actually pretty excited about that idea! So we talked to Valve and Nintendo to see if it was at possible in any way. But after discussions and technical investigations, it turned out to be a dead end as well. At least for now.

Design problems

So even if we had an easy way to share levels, we still would face a big challenge to convert a PC oriented editor to the Wii U. Our editor makes heavily use of keyboard and mouse input and a windowed environment. All this isn’t available on the Wii U. We basically would have to start from scratch to create a completely new and different editor, which would be good enough for the highly critical console audience. We did some early tests on the Wii U with a highly simplified version of our internal editor. And even though it looked good, it still required a *lot* of work under the hood to be ready for the final game. A level editor, especially one on a console, requires a lot of tweaking and polishing, or we will end up in a self-inflicted support nightmare :)

I hope you understand why we chose to put the editor in the proverbial fridge for now. We’re not trying to be mean or evil in any way, promising you stuff only to take it away from you later. At this point in time it wouldn’t make sense from a design, technical and business point of view.

But…. we got a small surprise for you in (Steam) store.

Steam To The Rescue!

Since the Steam version has a level editor, we thought why not give that version away for free if you already own the Wii U version? So we’re taking a bold step here: if you really want to play around with the editor and share the levels with friends and family, we can provide you with a free Steam key*! Head over to these Miiverse posts (make sure you go to the correct region!)

[EU] https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAABAABnUYnXhC8t5w
[US] https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAABAAD4UgHrV7Erbw

and post a simple reply with NO personal information**. With this reply we can check if you own Toki Tori 2+ for Wii U. Since you cannot post e-mail addresses on Miiverse, make sure you follow up your reply by sending us an e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), with the following details:

Subject: “Wii U Steam Key”
Mail: a link to your Steam profile, a link to your Miiverse profile and your Wii U region (EU/US)

Please only send us an e-mail if you see a checkbox, indicating that you own the game, next to your name!

If all is good, we will send a free Steam version of Toki Tori 2+ to you. Again, don’t add any personal information in your reply to our post on Miiverse!

We hope this way we can make up a little bit for not releasing the editor on the Wii U. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

note: this offer ends October 27th

*) It might take a while for the Steam key to be sent to your address, since this is done manually and we’re not awake 24/7. Also, we will continue this service as long as we feel is necessary. If it is being abused somehow, we’ll probably pull it :)

**)The Miiverse administrators don’t seem to like posting Steam IDs on Miiverse. Make sure you don’t post any personal IDs in your comment, otherwise they’ll delete it! Just a simple comment about the weather or whatever, would be enough. Mail us all relevant information: Steam ID, link to Miiverse profile and region!

Martijn, Thursday October 10 2013

This is more than generous. You guys are amazing.

Exile20, Thursday October 10 2013, 20:58

I'm trying to leave a comment (through the US link) but Miiverse administrators keep deleting my posts even if they are just my Steam ID.

xcinder360, Thursday October 10 2013, 21:34

posting steam IDs is against the miiverse code of conduct. You're getting your customers an awful lot of penalties. o.0

Linada, Thursday October 10 2013, 21:50

Sniff Sniff ;_;

Mr.Blinky, Thursday October 10 2013, 22:38


Cosntantinos, Friday October 11 2013, 0:15

What if your miiverse username and steam account name are the same? I could just say "my username is the same" and you can find me easily?

jomarcenter, Friday October 11 2013, 0:46

I think that working on new project is more important. Good job two tribes! I believe new project will be more successful. I'll waiting for your new title!

Catmario, Friday October 11 2013, 2:43

This is plenty awesome! Bought Toki Tori 2 as soon as it was released on the Wii U and am very pleased about this move. Great to see that you almost got Valve and Nintendo working together and may have set some wheels in motion.

Johnathan Sia, Friday October 11 2013, 9:44

I can understand Toki Tori 2 didn't sell that well on Wii U, I can also see level editing/sharing is easier to handle on PC, Steam Workshop is really easy to use.

But please do not stop supporting the Wii U as many developers probably already have.

MonkeyCrossing, Friday October 11 2013, 10:36

@MonkeyCrossing we won't. We're about to release three games on it (see: http://twotribes.com/message/two-tribes-classics-for-wii-u ) and also our upcoming game will run on the Wii U!

Martijn, Friday October 11 2013, 11:00

@Martijn Oh that's awesome! Nice to see it even includes the Portal 2 ARG content.
I personally won't buy them since I already own all 3 of those games, but it's still nice for the people that don't own them yet ;)

MonkeyCrossing, Friday October 11 2013, 11:03

Two Tribes, you guys are great! So honest and upfront. Warms my heart. ^_^

Mitch, Friday October 11 2013, 12:06

I own all 3 and if they're good enough I'll buy them again, I especially loved EDGE.

If I buy toki tokri 2 in a few weeks/days can I get the steam key too or is it just for people who already own the game up to a certain day ?
I've been holding off as I wasn't sure which version I wanted, steam or wii u.
This little bit of info solves my dilemma.

flox, Friday October 11 2013, 15:04

Maybe you can shift your attention to a ps4 or ps vita release? Indie devs have said they make the highest income from selling on playstation.

Bobby Hill, Friday October 11 2013, 18:56

So I buy the game for the Wii U with the promise of a level editor. You cancel that, give away steam keys which has an editor, however none of those levels I make I can play on my Wii U. Why would I ever support your company in the future when you screw over fans like this? I didn't buy this on my Wii U to play it on the PC.

Bob Cobb, Friday October 11 2013, 19:25

You bought the game for the level editor? And you got the level editor for free.
I don't see how you can blame the devs on this. Especially indie devs.

MonkeyCrossing, Friday October 11 2013, 19:38

I must say the reason I didn't buy Toki Tori 2 was because the trailer only halfway sold me on the title. If you had released a demo so I could try the game out that more then likely would've pushed me over. It's something to think about for future releases.

Joshua, Friday October 11 2013, 21:32

@Bobby Hill: PS4 is firmly in our sights. Working on Toki 2 and our next game for it.

@Flox: The offer is valid until this blogpost tells you it's not anymore, so go ahead and buy it and send in your info for now.

Collin Ginkel, Monday October 14 2013, 20:59

Thanks for such a nice initiative :) Really appreciated - I already own the Steam version and i love it - will probably buy the Wii U version if I get the console.

Check my recommendation - http://steamcommunity.com/id/shashpant/recommended/201420

As for the sale - why don't you guys go for a weekly sale (50% off) that's a really nice way to get some traction and people attention - that way you can sell a lot more copies of the game - just my 2 cents

Other than that why soundtrack is not available in steam? A lot of people (like me ) prefer gaming goodness on steam so that's another option for monetization.

P.S - Keep up the good work :) I hope sales will pick up - will motivate more of my friends to grab TT2+

Shashwat, Sunday October 27 2013, 7:32

Bobby Hill, I can understand that you might be a little disappointed about the lack of a Wii U level editor, but you have to understand the reasons for the change in decision. Two Tribes are going above and beyond in offering free Steam keys, something they had no obligation to do. Above all, the lack of a level editor doesn't diminish the fun experience.

And no I don't work for them, I'm just a fan. :)

Hoju, Saturday January 25 2014, 20:02

I received something in E-mail:
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

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Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain twotribes.com by mail.twotribes.com. [].

The error that the other server returned was:
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Message-ID: <CAJHps+Rzw1yNPys2Qsa-QCz9N7EhH-PVCvWVZu7JG=f7qzvH0Q@mail.gmail.com>
Subject: Wii U Steam Key
To: tokitori2 <tokitori2@twotribes.com>
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=001a11348490e87ad80505e104cd

Someone please help in it... I really want the editor.

Belics.Eva, Monday October 20 2014, 23:05

Please try office @ twotribes dot com instead, that should work.

Collin, Thursday November 6 2014, 13:15

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