As a developer we look forward to new hardware, the 3DS is certainly no exception, but what shall we make? Besides Toki Tori that is. ;)

What should we make for 3DS?

The 3DS has just been released in Japan and it seems to be off to a good start, selling 400.000 units on the first day of release. In a few months, a download service will be added for 3DS players to purchase new games from. Since we’ve gone download-only in recent years, that’s probably where our first 3DS games will end up.

When trying to launch a game early in a console’s lifespan, it’s difficult to predict what its audience will like. This was especially the case with DS and Wii, and we don’t expect it to be any easier when it comes to the 3DS. While this uncertainty troubles bigger developers/publishers, it also means there is a lot of room for experimentation. Early adopters will be looking for something great to justify the price of their shiny new hardware and are very open to new experiences. The only thing that’s sure at this point is that those early adopters will largely be made out of long-time Nintendo fans.

So my question to you is: “What should we make for 3DS?”

Collin, Tuesday March 1 2011

I like the Rubix games you guys put out, but I'd much rather see you guys team up with Team17 again and make some more Worms games like Open Warfare 2, but maybe I'm asking for too much.

Matthew Rodricks, Tuesday March 1 2011, 19:59

@ Matthew

I'm jotting down one vote for Worms: Open Warfare 3 ;)

Don't forget, you don't have to limit your ideas to what we've made in the past.

Collin, Tuesday March 1 2011, 20:06

Well, I'm not going to put everything online but I'd say Rubik and Rush are most definitely the most likely of candidates!
But maybe your "turn to 3D" could be expanded to another genre than puzzle? I'm pretty sure the rail-shooter genre will be be milked dry soon enough.. How about a Racing game? Or a platformer? Toki Tori is cute enough to expand Mario-style.

Mart Kok, Tuesday March 1 2011, 20:15

Toki Tori with the same pre-rendered graphics, with layered 3D depth.

Those graphics are going to look great on the 3DS smaller size. Also, use very high quality pre-rendered models, but use a lot of shaders effects for some things like the water, lava, smoke, grass.

Fernando Páramo Mares, Tuesday March 1 2011, 20:19

Remake that GBA game (Three Tribes) you guys never finished? (I'm just going by what Wikipedia says)

Dckhead TheCowboy, Tuesday March 1 2011, 20:24

I'd love just to see a game that experiments with Sprites and 3D. It could look really cool!

Oregano, Tuesday March 1 2011, 20:29

I think there should be games that use the 3D option not just for gimmick's sake. Although that would be very hard I think. Although there should be several possibilities, by utilizing the motion sensor in combination with the 3D output for example.

As a very simple example: a shoebox diorama where you control the camera with the motion sensor. Then you could make a find-the-object-game with it. Although the 3D is a gimmick with this now I think about it. :P

But I'm afraid that most games just will be using the 3D as a gimmick rather than a game mechanic. I'm not a game designer perse but I like to think about mechanics and technical possibilities.

I'm looking forward to what your findings will be.

Daan Boon, Tuesday March 1 2011, 20:30

Yipppeee just what the Nintendo 3DS needs Toki Tori (i'm being sarcastic, in case you missed it).

Come on guys you are a studio that has proven it has talent, so put your balls on the line and make something we haven't seen before.

anonymous, Tuesday March 1 2011, 20:43

Maybe an RPG in a modern setting, but not childish, please. Kinda like Mother. (yeah, I went there)

Linno, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:00

RPG sounds great Collin ;)

Shan , Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:07

I've always loved the Worms characters and the upgradeable weapons but wanted to run them around more akin to a Contra game. Could you imagine a co-op Worms game with giant (small to us) boss battles but allowing you to customize your weapon loadout with traditional Worms weapons? I can, and I can also imagine buying said game about 3 times.

TanookiTravis, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:18

Worms: Open Warfare 3 would be awesome, but I have an idea I don't think anyone's made into a game yet:

A first-person exploration game, with no actual challenge other than finding hidden items in a huge environment. Maybe the environment could be a randomly-generated castle, and the items could be the bones of a long-dead king?

The single-player could have a time limit for finding all the items, and the multiplayer could be a race to find all the items first. If the environment was randomly generated, it could have infinite replay value. Plus, exploring a huge environment in first-person in 3D would be so awesome!

I know I would download this game without hesitation.

UncleBibby, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:24

Make a multiplayer combat game akin to Smash Brothers or Powerstone. Both became cult classics and quite sucessful.

James, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:29

Magic the Gathering or similar game.

Richard Borgman, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:29

Make a tight fast paced platformer. Basically a Super Mario Bros spiritual sucessor.

Release this game (or the Smash Brothers/Powerstone type game) on multiple consoles and handhelds. It will sell millions if done well. An fast tight platformer like Mario or Megaman appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers.

God knows the NGP/360/PS3 all need a platformer that can compete with New Super Mario Bros, a racer that can compete with Mario Kart and a fighter that can take on Smash Bros.

James, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:35

You could also make a easy to control RTS taking advantage of the 3ds and Ngp's touchscreens. It could be something serious and complex like Starcraft or something simple and cute akin to Pikmin but featuring Toki Toris!

James, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:48

Remake Streets Of Rage 1 or Final Fight 1.
The system is gonna need a brawler, and i think you guys could do it.
If you're using 3d graphics, make the game 2.5d, that way it keep's the classic flavor the fans know and love.

Brandon Madrigal, Tuesday March 1 2011, 21:55

Awesome suggestions guys! I'm struggling to find a common ground, but in the worst case you'll have to give us a century or so to make it all ;)

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday March 1 2011, 22:00

Going thru the list of the very best DS games to get ideas, I feel like there is an oversaturation of quality Puzzle games, RPGs, turn based games, shooters, and action/adventure games on the DS and the 3rd already looks like it will follow suit. That's why I'm partial to the suggestions for quality games that are...

Party Fighters (Smash Bros, Jump!)
2D Platformers (New Super Mario Bros, 2D Mega Man)
Casual/Fun Racers (Mario Kart, Wave Race)

I feel these are very popular genres that few devs outside of Nintendo put the effort into doing and doing well. There is a lot of untapped potential in games that are both deep and fun at the same time, and only Nintendo really capitalizes on this.

Stephen, Tuesday March 1 2011, 22:15

Make a 2d shooter, R-type like. In 3D but also in 3D in the background so you can fly and shoot enemies in the forground and switch to background to avoid them or when enemies appear in the background to shoot them.

s1nsane, Tuesday March 1 2011, 22:17

Get the rights from Magic the Gathering and make it like the old PC game and not like the new - xbox360 / pc.

Or if you want something less expensive, make a new Toki Tori game with new levels with 3D depth in every stage with many levels and new items. But not lose the 2D side-scrolling style.

nkarafo, Tuesday March 1 2011, 22:47

My gut says do something using augmented reality.

Nintendo is doing some great stuff with AR, using the tech to morph the real world environment ....and I have a feeling it's going to take off in a big way. So perhaps a level based augmented reality game that starts very simply visually but adds more and more impressive characters,objects and morphing techniques as it goes along.

There's something very appealing about seeing video game characters walking along your desktop (augmented reality worms perhaps?)

Of course "creation" software seems very popular as well.

I'd certainly be interested in software which would allow you to create your own animated 3D models and creatures, especially if you could use the camera to take pictures and add faces and real world textures to the models. Perhaps a "make your own" virtual pet/monster title....

.... (unless you can get the rights to Doctor Who and make a "My Pet Dalek" game ..or the rights to Gremlins so you can make a "My Pet Gremlin" game..allowing us to tamper with their DNA in a genetics lab).

or...you could create a full gameplay template (be it for a puzzle game,strategy game, platformer, a shooter, even an FPS)..and then allow the user to augment it themselves with whatever photo's they choose.

You provide the game..we provide the graphics. You could make a whole series of games like that in a variety of genres.Tell us we need 20 enemies..we take 20 photo's of faces from people we know,people in magazines,our pets. Tell us we need 20 background textures..we take photo's of the our wallpaper,our carpets.. a pack of bacon....anything we want.

Robert V, Tuesday March 1 2011, 22:49

I'd love to see a fast-paced, well-done 2D platformer from you guys. Something with absolutely no puzzle elements whatsoever. We can always use another fantastic, replayable 2D platformer with a fantastic world and enemies. :)

Clayton Moquet, Tuesday March 1 2011, 23:25

Someone said Three Tribes, I'd say that as well- but I've forgotten what it was about. Could you possibly team up with Team17 for something like Lemmings?

Trent Petronaitis, Tuesday March 1 2011, 23:29

@ trent petronaitis

Unfortunately I believe Sony owns the Lemmings license. So that's a no-go, but we'd love to work with them again. Perhaps in the future!

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday March 1 2011, 23:59

Just make a downloadable multi player fps shooter. Like Protocol on WiiWare. With loads of modes and maybe microphone support?

Paul Olak, Wednesday March 2 2011, 1:58

Honestly, I'm open for almost anything if it's an actual quality title with some meat and has all the features it needs. If it's anything that isn't a strictly singleplayer offering, give it proper online multiplayer. Also if you have a puzzle game in mind, better make it damn appealing and different, because otherwise I'm probably not going to take notice. Kind of an oversaturation there.
Right now there's not a whole lot coming out soon on the 3DS that I care about, but I wonder how the situation is once your game is done and the competition has their stuff out as well. There might be more handhelds out there as well, but it's going to be harder to sell anything that's not top quality. Don't want to be rude, but another Toki Tori is not what I'll be lining up for.

Anyonymous, Wednesday March 2 2011, 2:56

Make a game similar to Starfox, and port that game to the NGP/PS3 and 360 as well. Those games are rare but awesome. Make sure it's a walled shooter just like Star Fox 64 was rather than a full 360 degree shooter.

Cynthia, Wednesday March 2 2011, 2:57

I was just playing a mechanical puzzle game called Interlocked:


Something similar to it (maybe expand the concept to stuff like disentanglement puzzles and puzzle boxes) would be perfect on the 3DS.

Kyven, Wednesday March 2 2011, 9:53

I'd also like to see your take on the Escape the Room genre.

Kyven, Wednesday March 2 2011, 9:56

Worms Open Warfare 3

Mick, Thursday March 3 2011, 14:27

2D platformers are my favorite so I would always love to see new idea's with those.

But Worms Open Warfare 3 also seems like it could be fun.

Brandon, Thursday March 3 2011, 16:41

An oldschool Jump and Run with crazy Charakters, intensive and fuckin sick story telling, 3DNes-Cutscenes and Chiptune-Soundtrack.
For example call it "Spacepoems and bloody Mutants" ;-)

Hauser85, Thursday March 3 2011, 17:04

Awesome :)

Collin Ginkel, Thursday March 3 2011, 17:35

you should make a open world game where you play as a dragon. You can choose gender, color, and other customization options. You can become a cities protector, or you can be a ruthless tyrant. You can choose a mate, or you can go it alone.

The ideas are endless, expand your horde of gold, become a feared beast, or befriend humans.

Austin Borton, Thursday March 3 2011, 18:48

Worms would be cool. I haven't checked out much of your work, other than Toki Tori, but I'm sure you can make some great titles for the 3DS! Some one will likely make this at some point, but what I would really like to see is a game that totally uses the 3D as a core mechanism. Tilting to see the same 3D object from another angle and so on. I know that's not exactly helpful in the way of gameplay, but it is what I would like to see! Good luck with development!

Sebastian Ljungman, Thursday March 3 2011, 19:27

You should make a Japanese-style RPG. The download industry is in desperate need of one, since they only have ports and dungeon crawlers at best.

Another suggestion is an FPS that uses the gyroscope, not touch screen. I find the control pad/touch setup extremely cumbersome. With the gyroscope you can make aiming easier, and also use the touch screen for selecting weapons.

Sean, Thursday March 3 2011, 19:28

Honestly, DSi has an over-saturation of Tower Defense games and puzzles, but it really lacks other kinds of turn-based strategy games. Games similar to Shining Force or Final Fantasy Tactics seem to have become an endangered species. There's one I can recall on DSiWare, but I honestly think it's an untapped market.

I also think that the RPG idea is nice, but I know that there are file limits and I suspect those might be the reason for the limited number of RPG titles on DSiWare.

As for Worms, I tried playing the Dreamcast version once, but I could never really understand the controls. If you do end up with a Worms Lite for DSiWare, please consider including a small tutorial.

Suzanne Ferree, Thursday March 3 2011, 20:32

They should make a remake of GTA San Andreas

Jude Kodua, Thursday March 3 2011, 22:27

I would love to see a bright and colorful active-gameplay tactics RPG that doesn't involve luck, leveling up or grinding for money, just pure tactics, variety and discovery.

I don't know if you're up to it or if there's a market for such games. There's also no particular reason I'm suggesting this to YOU. It's just something I would like very much that doesn't really exist today. The closest official Nintendo game I've played would be the first Paper Mario, which, aside the money system, is exactly what I want.

It's kind of rare to get to ask for something from actual capable video game developers, so there. Thank you for reading. Looking forward to whatever you are going to make.

Weirdo, Thursday March 3 2011, 23:50

How About Toki Tori On Xbox 360?

Anthony, Thursday March 3 2011, 23:54

Toki Tori On Xbox 360! Please make Toki Tori For XBLA. It Will Be 1200 points. Please Release The Trailer On Youtube on May 16, And It Will Be Available June 21, 2011.

Anthony, Friday March 4 2011, 0:00

Toki Tori On XBLA Will Have HD Graphics. Select Ability with the control pad and press X to do the ability. Move with The Analog Stick. Coming This June.

Anthony, Friday March 4 2011, 0:03

The "Pumpkin Adventure triology" needs to come from the MSX to be in 3d. I wanna see games that let me use the 3DS's 3d camera function and post that pictures on a social network site.

AND AR games i need a Toki Tori AR card :)

Berend Jan van Bruggen, Friday March 4 2011, 0:19

I'm sure there will be a lot of puzzle games of all kinds on 3DS, but you proved with Toki Tori that you can compete with almost any other developer when it comes to combining just a handful of gameplay elements into a lot of different and really clever and completely logical puzzles. I would love to see you apply that talent to a new game - or, if you prefer, a Toki Tori sequel with new abilities. Preferably both :) But please don't just give us the same levels again...

Something I would really like are additional download levels, made available in regular intervals. It would have been great for the WiiWare version of Toki Tori, and it would be great for 3DS(Ware)!

Daniel, Friday March 4 2011, 0:20

A Nascar game or a angry birds game

J, Friday March 4 2011, 1:06

If you played Game Dev Story on the iPhone, I would like something similar to this but pushed a little bit further and with better graphic. Maybe something more with the future of console now that I experienced it with the past. A longer game also, because Game Dev Story was more arcade, because you needed to beat your old score that could be done really fast. Toki Tori was really well made by the way on the Wii. It reminded me of my best game ever a little bit which is Donkey Kong '94 on the Game Boy.
You have a great dev team. Continue the great work.

JB, Friday March 4 2011, 1:40

I would like to see a mountain climbing game maybe kind of like survivor meets oregon trail...a group of bodybuilding inner city dudes try something different and go climb mountains....there's risk and danger in climbing mountains and with hd graphics you could really show off some beautiful scenery...

Jason Wandel, Friday March 4 2011, 1:48

Maybe a game that uses sprites that can go between different layers of 3D? That'd be pretty cool.
Or a game that involves clever use of the gyroscope and touch screen. But I'd be good with anything, as long as its polished. :)

QwikBass, Friday March 4 2011, 3:56

I would love to see a worms augmented reality board game.
Bring worms in to 3d with a battle landscape that is created out of your desk (or whatever)
Game play much like Dawn of war but with worms

I would love to see the ability to draw or print off a top down landscape and the game could interpret it into a 3d battle field. with textures used from the print

-Coop campaign
-coop & 1v1 vs PC Single card DL
-vs/coop single console play

But i do think what ever you chose to make AR needs to be used.

Chris Kroeger, Friday March 4 2011, 6:14

I challenge you, Two Tribes, to make the first full-fledged quality AR-focused game. Everyone loves the AR feature. It blows casual gamers away, and the more elite salivate at it's potential. Break down the 4th wall and think outside the box. Think of an idea, and find a way to make it work. Whether it's Worms, or whatever. Use Nintendo's prepacked cards or create your own collectable cards.

How about a god game or pet sim using AR? The cards can be items or creatures that all interact and can grow and/or be manipulated together. Maybe 'food' cards, 'toy' cards, 'game' cards, 'bathtub' cards, 'bed' cards, 'toilet' cards, etc. for a creature or creatures to interact with?

Maybe have the creature generated by showing any of the 6 cards in any order, or number of cards between 1 and 6. Like showing cards 4, 3, 6, 1, 2, 5 creates a two-headed girafe with a grumpy attitude, or cards 6, 7, 8 creates a blue gorilla with wings that has ADD.

Sean McDonald, Friday March 4 2011, 9:36

You should make a Massive Multiplayer First Person Shooter in which you can destroy everything! Basically it gives you a very large city with a lot of buildings.

All the buildings are accesable, and you can hide in the rooms from other players.

And you can destroy the buildings and make them collapse according to real physics.

I would definitly buy that!

In fact, if you want to use my idea that's cool. I can be a producer for Two Tribes.

I have lots of other really cool game ideas too!

Hugo Smits, Friday March 4 2011, 12:22

Toki Tori On Xbox 360 Will Have 32 Achievements. Available June 21st. Free Version Available June 28th.

Anthony, Sunday March 6 2011, 2:27

Two Tribes! I changed my mind, THIS is the game I want...

Ok, so here's my story. I've been in a phase where I have been playing alot of 'forge' mode in Halo Reach, and I happened to be downloading random maps by other player. I encountered one map called 'Team Donkey Kong' (the name is deceiving, it has little to do with Donkey Kong). This level creates this rush of weaving and dodging through objects coming at you at an incredible rate, and it's a BLAST and very addicting to jut try to get to the top of this level. I would catch myself weaving my body and head as I dodged close calls, which I never do, and I thought "MAN, this would be even MORE intense on the 3DS." But how would you turn something like the rush you get from dodging and weaving objects flying at you into a full game? Then I was like, "Duh, dodgeball!"

I want you guys to make a first-person dodgeball game on the 3DS.

Sean McDonald, Sunday March 6 2011, 6:23

@Sean McDonald


Collin Ginkel, Sunday March 6 2011, 11:49

worms: Open warfare & a remake of Toki Tori.

Damitrious Tucker, Sunday March 6 2011, 21:52

@Damitrious Tucker

Another Toki Tori remake? What would you expect of that?

Collin Ginkel, Monday March 7 2011, 12:36

Toki Tori On XBLA Will Also Have Rewind When you die or press select. press A to fast forward and press B to rewind. to exit or stop press Y Or X.

Anthony, Tuesday March 8 2011, 4:01

How About Toki Tori And The Golden Eggs? It should have bosses in it. (6 Bosses!) The Sequel To Toki Tori. Now With Boss Battles and new weapons!

Anthony, Wednesday March 23 2011, 3:12

IT'S FINALLY OUT! Now Make Toki Tori And The Golden Eggs On The 3DS Shop, App Store And Xbox Live! Toki Tori And The Golden Eggs will have new abilities and boss battles. 6 New worlds! 15 levels, 10 Hard And 3 Bonus! Level 15 will be a boss battle. New Abilities like Fire gun (kills enemy, melts ice.) Jump, You can press B to jump and B To Double Jump. (Can Be Unlocked At 1-2) There should be 6 Bosses and new enemies. More abilities Ingame.

Anthony, Sunday March 27 2011, 17:07

make an fps arena game, where the characters are very low poly,
has great controls and a simple but awesome level creator with wich you can place blocks and those make your level, and elevators, like hammer. there should be themes, like
an forest theme and
a snow theme and a
hell theme.

game modes like capture the flag and deathmatch and more.


Nathan Holtman, Tuesday March 29 2011, 21:44

How About the sequel Toki Tori? Called Toki Tori and the golden eggs. Available for 3ds for 400pts, Available on the app store for 0.99 (iPhone) Toki Tori and the golden eggs HD for 2.99 (iPad). There will be new abilities, 6 levels and 6 bosses. Here are the ratings: (3DS Everyone) iOS (4+). Announce Date: May 6, 2011 Release Date: June 21, 2011 (3DS) (Same date as Toki Tori on XBLA.) July 5, 2011 (iPhone And iPad.) also a PC\Mac Version. The PC\Mac Version Will Be Available In September On Steam For $3.99. also a PSN version of Toki Tori In September On PS3 And PSP. Use Crystal Or Game Center To Get Achievements. Published By Chillingo.

Anthony, Tuesday March 29 2011, 22:53

New Abilities On Toki Tori Such as Ice pusher Where you can push a frozen enemy at another enemy or wall. Ultra Slug Sucker: sucks up faster and gets more slugs than one. Fire Gun: to melt an frozen enemy or kill the enemy. and many many more abilities ingame. It Will have all the abilities from the original toki tori. every weapon. New abilities and Bosses In Toki Tori and the Golden Eggs.

Anthony, Friday April 1 2011, 16:09

Either Open Warfare 3 (As long as Team 17 want it), Rush 3D or A new Toki Tori game. Porting the Wii version of Toki Tori would be okay, but as long as it's it's priced similarly to the iPhone and PC versions.

Rush in 3D could be good fun. It's a good puzzle game and it'd be perfect to play on the go.

Open Warfare 3 would work well, because with the slider pad, there's much better controls. Open Warfare 2 is much better with it.

Declan, Sunday April 10 2011, 20:02

I really would love to see Toki Tori on 3DS.
Would be great if the game could even be purchased with a Toki Tori iShop card.

Mr. Blinky, Tuesday May 31 2011, 13:18

I would like to see an adventure game that could be worth a lot more on eshop
Or another game similar to toki tori :)

rob, Sunday June 26 2011, 0:56

Worms: Open Warfare 3 would be awesome. Other than that, I would go for a cool 3D exploration/adventure game. Similar to The Sims 3, Animal Crossing, or Grand Theft Auto. So we can explore a world with no challenge too. (I swear someone wrote this before.)

Bryan Guerrero, Monday June 27 2011, 6:45

So when can we expect Toki Tori to arrive on the 3DS ? Can't wait for it to pop up in Ninendo's eShop :D

Mr. Blinky, Friday July 8 2011, 11:08

The game boy color version you mean? ;)

Collin, Friday July 8 2011, 15:31

Toki Tori GBC in Virtual Console. A great idea. Not can we only play the original with crisp bright colors. But the virtual consoles save option. Make's it more fun to play at any time.
Would be a great addition to the virtual Console and makes waiting for the true 3DS version more bearable :)
Since there is just only one gameboy color game there at the moment. I'd say the faster you release it the better the sales ;)

Mr. Blinky, Friday July 8 2011, 17:26

I'd rather get a portable, 3D version of Toki Tori, as I don't plan on getting a Steam account, and despise Apple. I'm on the fence about the Wiiware version. Releasing a port of the game makes business sense, either online or retail, as there is a software drought for the handheld. Adding levels through updates would be icing on the cake, considering they're free like on Steam. Please release this. Day 1 purchase for me. And if you go retail, having that blue and gold logo on the box wouldn't hurt ;D

Bobby, Monday August 1 2011, 10:04

A bit late, but i would like to see EDGE on my 3DS

Mailo Světel, Friday December 9 2011, 22:42

Oh, and it would be nice to have it full wide screen ;)

Mailo Světel, Friday December 9 2011, 22:43

We are looking into it Mailo. But our first priority is Toki Tori 2 at the moment.

Collin, Saturday December 10 2011, 10:02

COLLIN: Thank you for reaction. Do you have a qartal, when you plan to release EDGE for 3DS?

Mailo Světel, Saturday December 10 2011, 23:50


If it's coming, it will be relatively soon. But it is really all speculation at this point.

Collin Ginkel, Sunday December 11 2011, 10:38

I'm a bit late to this post, but I would definitely grab EDGE on 3DS. I have it and Toki Tori on steam, though playing them in portable form would be awesome.

HateTheDrake, Saturday January 14 2012, 21:31

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