What should Toki Tori Say?

We’re still in the process of decorating our office. Next up is the entrance, which will feature the Two Tribes shield and a large banner featuring Toki Tori. We’re a bit on the fence on what Toki Tori should say to our visitors, and that’s where you come in!

Got a good suggestion? Leave it in the comments section below! We’ll hand out a few Toki Tori’s for Steam for the ‘best’ suggestions!

Collin, Friday July 22 2011

I desperately tried to think of (Read: Google) an egg pun for it... The best I could get was

Keep your sunny side up... because I'm fried!

But that doesn't really work D:

Frazey Cowell, Friday July 22 2011, 16:00

"Let's get cracking!"

Beth Aston, Friday July 22 2011, 16:00

Ok, I think Beth has already got a TT code now ;)

Frazey Cowell, Friday July 22 2011, 16:04

The voices are telling me to set you/it on fire.

DemanRisu, Friday July 22 2011, 16:10

"Welcome to HFC!"

Samor Tales, Friday July 22 2011, 16:16

"hello if you don't behave i will cook all my children"

0nyxheart, Friday July 22 2011, 16:28

Hi, I'm Toki, and I'm your friend to the end. Hi-dee-ho. Ha ha ha

Julian Mesrits, Friday July 22 2011, 17:12

"There is no great genius without some touch of madness." (Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD))

Julian Mesrits, Friday July 22 2011, 17:22

Sweet lord! The creativity is overwhelming ;)

Collin, Friday July 22 2011, 18:26

Pluk de dag, tik een eitje!

Martijn Dams, Friday July 22 2011, 19:07

Front side:
Welcome! This is so egg-citing!

Back side (if there is one, that is):
Pooh! I'm eggs-hausted! See ya!

Cengizhan, Friday July 22 2011, 19:13

"Security. All eggs must be left with me before entering the offices."

Darien, Friday July 22 2011, 21:55

What kind of blasphemy is this? Toki Tori should remain silent!

SmashManiac, Saturday July 23 2011, 9:28

that looks awesome :) looking forward to see it in real next Wednesday! I agree with SmashManiac, Toki Tori should remain silent

Shan Chan, Saturday July 23 2011, 10:17

"No eggs, no glory!"

Eelco, Saturday July 23 2011, 21:37

I want rush cube here :D

Paradise, Monday July 25 2011, 14:32


Roel, Thursday July 28 2011, 15:39

"Bacon!!!... I mean... Eggs!!!"

Casey Scarborough, Monday August 1 2011, 0:28

Hello there ladies and gentlemen.

loleth, Monday August 1 2011, 7:43

It should say :
"What should I say?"

Gal, Tuesday August 2 2011, 20:19

"no more angry birds!!!"


"im not an angry bird!!!"

alejandro cruz, Wednesday August 3 2011, 2:04

help for ice age Dawn of Dinosaurs level 3-5!

Vinh, Friday August 5 2011, 8:11

"Eggciting things happen here everyday"

Duy Huynh, Monday August 8 2011, 20:01

"I'm so eggcited to welcome you here."

QuickNic, Tuesday August 9 2011, 21:46

Let's get famous together !

Mr. Blinky, Saturday September 10 2011, 17:36

I'm still just a sprite!

Kees de Boer, Monday September 12 2011, 20:39

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