We… have… lost…

Starting April 1st, thousands of gamers from all over the world have joined forces to help us out with amazing determination. For this we are eternally grateful, but alas… as of today we must admit defeat at the hands of GLaDOS.

We advise gamers to be extremely careful when playing Toki Tori or RUSH on Steam this week, since GLaDOS is watching your every move.

You have been warned!

Two Tribes, Wednesday April 13 2011

good luck guys you beet here in portal (were bound to outsmart her in portal 2)


Iain Lewis, Wednesday April 13 2011, 14:09

Thanks for all the extra stuff in both Toki Tori and Rush. It's always nice to see some games made by fellow Dutchies get some extra coverage with a campaign like this one.

So how was working with Valve on the ARG?

Fatbubba, Sunday April 17 2011, 13:58

Valve is awesome, more on that later :)

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday April 19 2011, 1:02

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