Toki Tori for Steam Released!

We’re proud to announce that Toki Tori for Steam has been released today. You can download the game here:


To get an impression of the game, please watch the official Steam trailer.
The price is 4.99 USD, 4.49 EUR or 3.49 GBP.

Two Tribes, Thursday January 28 2010

Toki Tori is a cool chick!

Martijn Reuvers, Friday August 6 2010, 12:55

I especially like the Rewind feature in the latest Steam update!

Arie, Friday August 6 2010, 14:07

Choose your own controls on steam! Whether you want to attach a controller, use the pointers, point and click with the mouse or want to combine the keyboard and mouse: it’s all possible. Combine this with all the Toki Tori yellow-chick-puzzle-action-goodness and you got a game fit for a king.

Mart, Friday August 6 2010, 14:49

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