I am sorry, it is true, we have deceived you!

Update 5: We Deceived You!

Don’t worry, you are being deceived by game companies all the time. It’s all part of the trick to make you want the game at an early stage of development.

In our case we decided to open with an interactive version of our concept art. Looked pretty good right? Well, that’s not what our programmers are looking at from day to day. The ugly truth can be seen on the right.

That is what Toki Tori 2 looks like underneath the shiny new graphics. It is a grab from Eelke’s screen as he is coding the game. The little squares in the picture are evolutionary ancestors of what will become a fully working and controllable Toki Tori.  It is an ugly sight to behold but it is a necessary step for if we want to create Toki Tori 2 as we’ve envisioned.

As you may have noticed, we are changing quite a lot of things as we move from Toki Tori to Toki Tori 2. We’ve got a lot of hot-swappable technology - hence our ability to show you the interactive concept art straight away - but the core codebase for Toki Tori was, shall we say… ready for retirement. Let’s explain by using a diagram.

From Game Boy to… everything else.

Basically every version we’ve released of Toki Tori runs on core code originally made for the PocketPC, which is what some people used years ago before proper smartphones became available. It was time for a change, and that means going back to basics and building a proper foundation to create the game with.

This is also why it will be some time before we can let you play an actual level of Toki Tori 2. So please be be patient for a while longer!

Collin, Tuesday November 1 2011

Don't worry, we (or at least I) understand that this will be a painful re-code :P
Sorry if I seemed pushy at all on Twitter. I'm just eager :)

Frazey Cowell, Tuesday November 1 2011, 18:28

Man, you scared me for a bit...I wasn't sure what you were going to say I was deceived about...;) Don't worry, a brand new game certainly warrants a brand new code base! :D

Zach Durtschi, Tuesday November 1 2011, 18:48

I love reading about this stuff. I wish more devs posted information like this detailing the early stages of development like this. It's good to know that you guys aren't taking the easy way out with your product, either, like many other devs would when making a sequel.

Alex Farris, Tuesday November 1 2011, 18:54

with 99% new code I can imagine the programmers will have more fun programming and make an even better Toki Tori 2 :) and about that deceiving bit, I'm sure you wil make up for it 10 fold :)

Curious about that DSi bit in that fllow chart. What ever happened there ?

Mr. Blinky, Tuesday November 1 2011, 19:55

Did that Toki Tori 2 that was announced years ago for DS ever materialize as anything new or did it not get any further than porting some of the code from Toki Tori over?

Eric, Tuesday November 1 2011, 21:30

@ Mr Blinky & Eric: The DS version was playable at one point, but we did not pursue it further. Not sure what happened there, I think DSiWare was deemed too risky for us at that time.

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday November 1 2011, 22:54

Woah, loving the flow chart!!!
Really interesting to see how everything has evolved from the original Gameboy version!
Also cool to see how the Ice Age game fits into the whole equation. I loved that game!

And yeah, I can imagine how porting code from system to system to system can leave a lot of... extra garbage bits, that end up only dragging down the rest of the game.

Starting fresh allows you to get a better picture of what's needed, and also allows you to more easily port to other systems in the future. (Toki Tori 2 is going to rock on the iPad, if you decide to do that!)

I am super excited for Toki Tori 2. And being able to follow the development, and be a part of the games evolution from concept to finished product makes me so happy and excited! :)

Stephen Staver, Wednesday November 2 2011, 7:42

Hi, I'm glad you decided to let us know about the major code base changes from (Toki Tori) as in that game you are quite limited in what the player could do.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in (Toki Tori 2), Please take your time and get it right, I don't mind waiting a bit longer for a game to come out, if it means we get a better game in the end.

Looking very forward to the next build when you have it ready for us to look at and possibly play.

Thanks :)

Wayne Padget, Wednesday November 2 2011, 15:33

@Wayne: What limitations did you have in mind when you typed that?

Collin, Wednesday November 2 2011, 19:28

Hi Sorry, forgot to take into account that you had to limit what Toki Tori could do due to the limits of the "Pocket PC" you built the game for in the first place, Doh!

Anyway thanks for the reply, still looking forward to seeing the next preview build on steam when it's ready.


Wayne Padget, Thursday November 3 2011, 9:04

lot to work, but worth to wait - and this is not a problem -> first I must finish all levels (and achievements) of TTK1, RUSH and EDGE :]


mxTOMEK (aka mxT3)

mxtomek, Thursday November 3 2011, 14:30

0Never give up!

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Nancy, Tuesday February 7 2012, 22:25

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