Let's play a little game, shall we?

Below is a grab from our prototype level on a whiteboard. You tell us what new Toki Tori 2 info can be gleaned from it, and we’ll give you kudos for getting it right!

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Two Tribes, Friday October 28 2011

Multiple Exits look like fun, also there is a DOG on the key but I can't see the symbol in the level design there?

Daniel Beard, Thursday October 27 2011, 17:33

Just copying my Steam comment : "Niraj posted on October 27, 2011 @ 11:32am
Multiple exits...so is the level progression going to be non-linear, sort of like Super Mario World in the sense where exit A takes you to level Y and exit B takes you to level Z instead?"

As this is apparently correct, it makes me wonder whether all the eggs, or whatever the effective equivalent is in Toki Tori 2, are necessary to complete a level. Are the exits dependent on how many eggs/collectibles you obtain (Exit A requires 3, Exit B requires 6, so forth), or is it just a matter of reaching the exits?

Niraj, Thursday October 27 2011, 17:35

I wonder if the dog is anything or if it is randomness?

Daniel Beard, Thursday October 27 2011, 17:44

@Daniel: The dog is on the top left part of the level.

@Niraj: Exits are all that matters for progress in Toki Tori 2. Good catch!

Collin, Thursday October 27 2011, 17:46

Good question. I wonder if it's an acronym or is just in all caps to draw attention to it. Perhaps it's an enemy that can't be dealt with in traditional means? Like maybe it can't be scared away with the stomp move? Not sure.

Niraj, Thursday October 27 2011, 17:46

@Collin: Thanks for pointing that out. I'm guessing it's just a normal enemy then?

Niraj, Thursday October 27 2011, 17:48

I see the dog now :), two more things:
I saw collectibles in the key, what kinds of things will Toki e collection?
Another thing I saw is Idle Water, is this just normal water and will Toki be able to go in and out of it without any problems?

Daniel Beard, Thursday October 27 2011, 17:49

@naraj: we've let go of the term enemies. The dog hasn't been fully designed yet, but he's both annoying and helpful to Toki Tori. Only a few will be typical enemies, but they will still be useful in a secondary manner.

Collin, Thursday October 27 2011, 18:16

@Daniel: collectibles are sort of like currency, not quite sure yet ;)

As for the water, we have more than just idle water planned for te game, and Toki will be able to stay submerged for a little while if needed.

Collin, Thursday October 27 2011, 18:22

@Collin: that's fair, thanks for clarifying. I'm interested in seeing how these animals interact with Toki. I think that having multiple exits is a good idea, as it offers incentive to play a single level several times rather than just playing it and leaving it. Having collectibles that unlock more levels, concept art, etc, might also be a good idea for extending replay value.

Niraj, Thursday October 27 2011, 18:53

I see the level is divided into three sections (top left,center and bottom) with each section having a exit. Wondering if the exits are always open or they will open up after all collectibles or just the collectibles in a section are collected and whether they link to the same point or seperate points on the world map.

I assume the collectibles are what the eggs where in OTT(Original Toki Tori). Though with a different meaning. Hmm just read Collin's currency bit. That makes me think about Mario where you have to collect stars to unlock new sections in the game.

You get to the sections using the warp points. Working out warp points will be a key element in solving the puzzle.

I see a dog and something unknown at the left of the dog in the top left section. Thinking about dogs in real live makes me think think you can call the dog by using the wistle and maybe scare him away using the stomp. There's no bone or ball in the key so I guess you can't manipulate it by throwing such an item or maybe thats where the crabs comes in ?

Looking at the center section. I see a bird and a birds nest. Using the wistle will call the attention from the bird and it will pick you up thinking you're one of the babies and drop you in the nest from where the collectibles can be collected.

Seeing the crab in the center section and The two crabs at the bottom makes me think you can walk over crabs. With the Idle water and the dog and checkpoint in the center section also makes me think you can walk over dogs or even ride on them ?

Can't figure out the black and red magnets. They're probably used by one of the designers explaining some mechanics to the crew :)

Finally I see a cool dude with black sunglasses sitting on a whiteboard cleaner. I guess he's the one that makes the designers keeps their cool ;)

Mr. Blinky, Thursday October 27 2011, 19:21

Nice analysis mister blinkey! ;)

Collin, Thursday October 27 2011, 19:54

I'm never good at looking at black lines on white, so all of this is going straight over my head. D:
What happened to the colours you used in the "Outdoor *cloud**sun*" title?
/me adds nothing of value to the discussion.

Frazey Cowell, Thursday October 27 2011, 20:01


DOG, Thursday October 27 2011, 20:28

So glad to see that you don't have to collect every egg anymore to go to the next level! It's going to be interesting to see how the multiple-exit thing works. I'm assuming that it'll be similar to Super Mario World, since you guys mentioned a world map rather than separate level selects.
That'd be so awesome!

Stephen Staver, Friday October 28 2011, 1:49

Mr. Blinky seems to have pointed out all that needs to be pointed out. That is, except for one thing. The spikes in those two pits look awfully sharp. If Toki Tori fell onto them, he'd probably hurt himself.

The checkpoint intrigues me though. Why would a checkpoint be needed in a puzzle game? Were people mistaking Toki Tori 1 for a platformer so you decided to meet them half way?

Luke D., Monday October 31 2011, 14:11

@Luke D: It's easier to think of the checkpoints as being a limited rewind option. The main design flaw in the original Toki Tori was - from my perspective - that you had to do everything again if you made a mistake near the end. The rewind fixed his, but also removed the fear of death for people.

Having checkpoints allows us to fix both.

Collin, Monday October 31 2011, 16:25

And yes, the spikes would kill Toki Tori instantly :)

Collin, Monday October 31 2011, 16:26

First, I wanted to say that I am still really, really looking forward
to this game coming out. The world map sounds like it will add a nice
dimension and I was skeptic about the loss of tools at first, but the
more I think about it the more I like it (especially if creatures have
multiple uses).

Second, and I think I may be in the minority, but I'm not sure I like
the idea of stage exits. I think the idea of multiple routes you can
end up taking is cool but I think giving the player one simple goal
for beating a level would weaken the game play. My least favorite
levels were ones with only one egg because they were a little
straightforward. Levels with a ton of eggs had an extra level of
strategy (example: "if I go down first I might not get back up" or "if
I take this egg, that ghost can roam free")

Also, another issue that probably bothers me more than any normal
person is that it seems less like Toki Tori if collecting stuff isn't
the primary goal. I understand you don't want to just make an
expansion pack but that objective seemed fundamental to the game. I
have played a number of puzzle platformers that have the hero go find
an exit. Toki Tori being focused on picking up everything was
uniquely his.

Greg Wullaert, Wednesday November 16 2011, 20:07

@ Greg: You raise some interesting points. We're still planning on having the possibilities in the example you mention, but with other means.

For example: we've got hermit crabs planned, that have a square block of rock as a home. These crabs block creature movement in much the same way as eggs did, and they are a valuable resource, since now Toki Tori can move them around. So in a way you've got moving Eggs now ;)

As for the collection aspect. We'll still have collectibles, that challenge you to be creative if you want to collect them all, but they are optional. And you'll be rewarded for collecting everything in a level.

Let me know what you think!

Collin, Thursday November 17 2011, 18:33

Well, I have high hopes you guys will make sure it still feels like a Toki Tori game. Collectibles will probably be a good replacement for the eggs. I don't really want to say anything else because I haven't seen the levels in action yet so my ideas are kind of unjustified. But thanks for trying to calm my fears!

Greg Wullaert, Friday November 18 2011, 2:42

@Greg: That's what we're here for :)

It will be a while until you will be able to play a full level, but let us know once you have!

Collin, Friday November 18 2011, 12:22

Nice idea go for it!

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Yerk, Tuesday February 7 2012, 22:35

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