Our latest Toki Tori 2 trailer makes it official: Toki Tori 2 is coming to Wii U too!

Toki Tori 2 Trailer for Wii U & Steam!

As you may remember, the original Toki Tori’s modern remake was first released on WiiWare, so it makes a lot of sense to launch Toki Tori 2 on a new Nintendo machine.

Previously our game was running on the PC and Mac, but we’ve now reached a point where almost everything we’ve got in the game is running beautifully on Wii U as well.The only big feature we need to add is the audio, which should be done in a week or two.

Check out the brand new trailer below to see the game in action.

With that out of the way, the time comes to start looking at the unique aspects of the new controller. To be honest, there are so many options, it’s quite overwhelming! Toki Tori 2 is a platform game, so it makes total sense to use the stick and button controls. But we’ll be using the gamepad for a feature that we super-recently added to the game: the Tokidex!

I need to push Hessel to write a blog about it,  but in the mean time here’s a short explanation: The Tokidex feature allows you to scan the area around Toki Tori for creatures and objects by using the Wii U Gamepad as a virtual camera with a viewfinder. Any creatures photographed will be added to the Tokidex. It’s quite fun to do, especially with creatures that move quite a bit!

The PC version of Toki Tori 2 will be playable on Gamescom on the Steam Booth and PAX Seattle as well. We’ve got a nice little demo prepared for people who’d like to try it out, and if you want you can help us make that demo even better by enlisting for the Toki Tori 2 development builds.

Questions? Ask below!

Two Tribes, Thursday August 9 2012

Have you considered including the original WiiWare game in HD? Or perhaps as a voucher/code when buying the sequel on Wii U?

Just curious, I think that'd be neat if you were willing.

Also I LOVE the obvious Pokemon reference. :P

And will you be able to play on the controller screen?

Best of luck! :D

Hero of Legend, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:01

Any plans to support Off-TV Play (playing the whole game on the controller)?


DeF, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:05

The remixed Toki Tori remake theme got me thinking: it would be a nice nod to fans if some of the music from the GBC version made a cameo in TT2. :)

The Tokidex sounds interesting, but will there be any incentives to buy the game on Steam (especially since all of your beta testers are on Steam)? A TF2 hat perhaps?

Alex, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:11

Can you tell us if the Wii U version will be 720p or 1080 native? Also any plans for NFC usage? Like what Rayman Legends trailer showed with toys being able to effect the game?

Thanks and I'm looking forward to the game!

kevin, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:17

Gamepad play is fully supported! No need for a TV, should you hate big screens ;)

Collin, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:19

@Kevin the game is running at full 1080p and looks super delicious!

Collin, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:21


kevin, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:23

Will it have achievements?

Felipe, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:32

Yeah, I also want to know if you guys will implement achievements on the WiiU version. 1080p is sweet and I can't wait to play it!

Hisiru, Thursday August 9 2012, 19:38

We're not sure. The Steam version will definitely have them, but on Wii U it's uncertain.

Collin, Thursday August 9 2012, 20:25

The game is looking awesome.
Are we not going to see any weapons at all in Toki Tori 2?

Vee, Friday August 10 2012, 5:49


The creatures themselves become your weapons. Example: We've got a porcupine which can kill anything in it's path if you enrage.

Collin, Friday August 10 2012, 10:05

Hey TT, nice trailer, looks great graphic wise :) Gameplay wise it looks good in the trailer, but no complicated things there. The whistle seems to have changed a lot though, not just visually. For example I didn't get how the big crab came down after the whistle, while you couldn't even see him before. (hidden copybug?)

So I just had some idea's, and I will dump them here. :)
My first one was a new environmental puzzle mechanic, it's like a geyser. It's just a hole, a bit smaller then a 1 by 1 crab in the ground. No creature can fall into it. Water spouts out of the hole, going up about 8 tiles high. (could also be an airstream) Any of the smaller creatures like berrybugs and copybugs that walk over it, gets transported to the 8 tiles high point. But creatures like the crab, or toki himself, can stop the airstream/water, just by walking on it. (so this could be a great way to place those creatures on crabs for example) If there would be a platform near the top of airstream/water, and you stomp there, the copybug would act like normal, flying a bit away.

Another one I had was that I think the bridge disappearing seems a little weird. I thought, why not let it fall down and let the bridge just stay how it is, but on the lower level/levels it falls to? So now you just move the bridge to lower levels. And if it falls in water, let it float. :)
You could eventually add something like, after the first stomp effect, it happens the way I just wrote, but with the 2nd stomp effect (could also be from a crab) the bridge does break.
I see some nice possibilities with this, for example when part of the bridge falls on a crab, making the crab 1 tile higher.

Now this one isn't really important, just would be nice to have it. But I just found all the backgrounds in the current build (like the wasteland) and they look good :) And from what I remember all things like trees and grass in the background are like separate objects, that you place where you want right? What if there was a way we could do that do in the level editor, and maybe give us every background object to use? That way there are many different possibilities to create our own backgrounds for levels, which I just think is really cool, seeing how nice they look already and thinking of the possibilities :)

Hope these were useful.

focusnoot, Monday August 13 2012, 8:53

Hey Focusnoot! Thanks for the biggest comment ever here at tt.com :)

Trailer whistle: We faked it :)

Geyser: Sounds fun, would perhaps fit in the lava caves?

Bridge: I actually made a floating bridge a few weeks ago and you wouldn't believe the glitches it produced :( So that's unfortunately not going to be added anytime soon.

Graphics for user levels: We've got auto-dressing of the level collision now and we're still debating how to allow level designers to further influence the look and feel of the game.

"Hope these were useful."

As usual: Yes!

Collin Ginkel, Monday August 13 2012, 21:20

Ok good :) Hopefully more people post their idea's here then.

Too bad to hear about the floating bridge, I also had an idea for a fish that swims horizontally back and forth, and when you are on the floating bridge and stomp while in the fish range, it will make a flow that moves the floating bridge. Downside is that the bridge parts you stomp on will break within a few seconds. (otherwise it's no puzzle element of course)

And do you still need recordings from people who never played the game? (you released the build on the day I went on holiday)

focusnoot, Saturday August 25 2012, 0:01

Ok, next idea dump :) Including an interesting creature in my opinion.

I came on the idea after thinking of those fireflies that are caged in the latest build. I thought, how are they caged? Are there creatures in the world that can make cages? And then I thought of a cage creature that works this way:

It just walks around, doing nothing. When you stomp near it, it will stop at it's place, setting up himself as a trap of 2 wide. Whistle to get him back to his old form. Whenever a small creature or a bubblefrog walks on it, it will get trapped. The cage creature transforms into a living cage of 2 wide and 2.5 high. He can be picked up by the big bird. (in combination with stealth grass that isn't 3 high, the bird will spot the cage and pick it up to his nest) For example with a caged bubblefrog the big advantage here is that he won't walk away from the nest and possibly jump down to lower platforms. The cage is also like a hermit crab, it blocks things like the electroslugs and protects the creatures inside it. When you stomp near it, the cage creature will go back to it's first form, letting his trapped creature free and starts walking around again.

Next idea was a mode that you can turn on and off with one key. When it's on, you can see your whistle and stomp range, and things like the birds line of sight.

And last idea, maybe not the best idea, since I have no idea of the story, was to let the player make it's own kind of cutscenes. You guys make a story where you are always in control of toki right? So I thought, why not give toki emotion moves, that the player can use only in the certain "cutscene places". For example that the player can choose to use a cry move or an angry move at a certain point in the story. The creatures around it then react to tori in a whole different way, for example light copy bugs who will help toki after he cries, and show him the way to a secret path. But if he uses the angry moves, the hedgehogs get angry too and run into the wall, which then collapses and opens up the way to another part of the world.

focusnoot, Tuesday August 28 2012, 14:08

Great trailer Two tribes!. I really enjoyed it. I like the Two Tribes jingle in the beginning too.
The graphics of the Libra Plant are awesome and nice catchy tunes, already looking forward to the sound track :) Great work!

I like the "Toki plays the WiiU gamepad" screen. It would make a nice wallpaper :)

On the ideas front. The first time I saw a caged butterfly in TT2 I thought I had to free it, by stomping close to the cage.

Mr.Blinky, Tuesday August 28 2012, 15:13

congrats on appearing on the wii-u launch lineup video

Juan Pablo Sousa, Thursday September 13 2012, 21:59

Will the Wii U version have some form of trophies or achievements?

Guitarded77, Friday September 14 2012, 5:47

Never mind, I just read the comments and reply about trophies/achievements. How about a price for Wii U?

Guitarded77, Friday September 14 2012, 5:50

We don't know the exact price yet, it should be close to to 10 to 15 Euros.

Collin, Friday September 14 2012, 11:32

Pretty decent price. Hope it's available to download to Wii U day 1. I could just get it on Steam, but I want some games for my Wii U. Is there any update to the trophy/achievements question. Nintendo said it's up to the developers about achievements and since the PC version will have achievements, I'm guessing the Wii U will have the same ones? Oh, and thank's for the reply to my other question.

Guitarded77, Wednesday October 10 2012, 3:57

Steam Workshop! Steam Workshop! Steam Workshop!

Josee, Wednesday February 13 2013, 10:52

Game does't launch on my HTC one X, it says "В приложении произошла ошибка", that means "Error happend in application", it happens directly after touching app icon. Please inform me, if it will be fixed, or how can i help you to fix it.

Denis Golovkin, Wednesday March 27 2013, 5:10

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