Pssst… Toki Tori 2 just got a little upgrade…

Update 20: GDC Build!

With the help of all those who sent feedback to us, we managed to create a great looking build that doesn’t look anything like the previous development build we released two weeks ago. So to all a big warm thanks from Two Tribes for your feedback, videos, suggestions and bug reports!

The build that we released today, is the one that we are showing to the press on the Game Developers Conference (GDC) that is currently being held in San Francisco. Last Sunday we attended the Indie/Press Mixer, held at IGN’s offices and demonstrated Toki Tori 2 to the press and we definitely got some positive feedback there! More Toki Tori 2 press encounters will follow this week…

So what did we change? Apart from the most obvious changes, the visuals, we fixed a boatload of bugs, added animations, tweaked movement, added dynamic lighting and shadows, added flowing water, more sound effects and… well… do I need to say more? The best way to experience the changes, is by updating Toki Tori 2 and enjoy it yourself!

If you are not already part of the Toki Tori 2 beta, simply join now!

As always, your feedback, video walkthroughs, bug reports and dirty laundry are more than welcome. You can send them to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

SPOILER ALERT! Video of the latest build below. Please do not click on it if you have yet to play through it!

Two Tribes, Tuesday March 6 2012

Wow, i love the new build. I'm still enjoying it, but i want to take something out of my head first. The little "guide" on the beginning has the actions/keys wrong. It says Z for stomp and X for whistle, should be the opposite. I hope that little bug will forgive me, it wasn't my intention to stomp it. :P

soad667, Tuesday March 6 2012, 23:13

Excellent build. Really enjoyed playing through it... And no longer can we be trapped in the cemetery!
The new sound effects are nice, as are the changed visuals. Toki ladder speed feels a lot better now, too.
I found one minor bug (that doesn't impact on gameplay, but looks odd) but I'll send that along to the Twitter account [Unless you'd rather I e-mailed that one?].

Other than that, it looks and feels great. I must admit, I chuckled at the ending! :P
Only problem I have is that while the water looks great, the hidden berrybug area looks a bit weird, but I suppose that's because it's all still a work in progress :)

Good job, though. I hope everything is going well at the GDC!

FrazerJC, Tuesday March 6 2012, 23:18

The build looks great :o what a huge difference from build 5!
The gameplay is good now too, could do all the puzzles without having to restart :) (Partly because I knew most puzzles already, and partly because the one mistake I made with a berrybug didn't matter, it had a respawn spot in the cave)
I can't think of anything that annoyed me in this build.

Hope that you get lots of attention with TT2 at your "holiday" in San Francisco :P

Daniel, Tuesday March 6 2012, 23:36

A very beautiful build. Nothing to complain. I miss the sulking Toki Tori, it was so cute :D

Kevin, Tuesday March 6 2012, 23:37

The new build is great!
You can sell it as stable minigame (maybe on facebook). :D
Some things don't look final, but it's a beta we all know.
You guys are on the right way. Go on!

MAPtheMOP, Wednesday March 7 2012, 0:03

It's awesome indeed! Love all the new animations and sounds...

I really appreciated how everything flowed better in this one... The previous build had too long waiting times for everything and, despite there were a bunch of awesome ideas in action, I didn't feel like having as much fun as one could have done...

Some tweaks that could be done IMO:
- Toki Tori's ladder speed feels better now but I'd still make all its movements faster: the path from the starting point to the first ladder feels a bit eternal to me, and that's on the first walkthrough... revisiting the zones to collect the missing pieces might be a bit tedious if there isn't a way to travel faster to the desired place... I still think a running feature could be interesting, whether it can affect the creatures or not.
- The bubbles and birds could also move a bit faster, and the birds could take a little less time to drop you in the nest... It's a lot better than the previous build though, and not having to hear the annoying bird sound from the previous build also helps... :P
- Foliage could also grow much faster so you aren't caught the first time you're watering the floor. You shouldn't be forced to do the same path several times if you know what you're doing...
- Also noticed some collectables aren't deployed at totems if you don't stop for enough time at them... yeah, another waiting time that could be shortened... O_o
- In the cave map, the fireflies could auto follow you by whistling them once, just like the krab does...

The only disappointment I had with this build was when the frog ate the yellow berrybug and produced just a normal bubble! :( I was expecting it not to produce a bubble at all, and become a massive lightsource instead... Other types of berrybugs could be implemented then, each one producing a unique effect on creatures (because berrybugs won't be a bubblefrog-only thing, right?)... Wouldn't a blue berrybug turning a frog into a 'freeze-o-frog' be awesome enough? ;)

G.Lecter, Wednesday March 7 2012, 1:10

wow, I like it!
It now starts looking like a game, and we see how the actions and craetures fall into place to solve the puzzles.
I think that something could be done when you have to drag a creature a long distnace so it doesn't involve: walk 5 steps ,stomp, walk 5 steps, stomp...
also maybe make the background less blurry,

Pablo Sousa, Wednesday March 7 2012, 2:26

Amazing jump from the last build, this one is smooth and is feeling like a real game!

I have to second some of the other opinions.
-Have the fireflies follow you for awhile each whistle isntead of having to whistle..step..whistle..step..etc
-Foliage should keep you from being caught as you grow it.
-The x/z instructions are backwards

Overall a huge step forward, really enjoying it!

Shawn, Wednesday March 7 2012, 2:52

I really love the way it's going. I specially love portal stuff.
I play this through, got all but one shinies, the first one... well, I ended up going into editor mode and build a ladder to get that one too :P
I like the looks of the editor, but save for adding / removing blocks, i havent been able to do anything. I haven't tried much, to be honest.

Keep going!

sudol, Wednesday March 7 2012, 3:59

Hi, good build, but I think I found a problem with the top most right nest (the one with the bobble frog just top right of it, if you stomp before you chirp the bobble frog releases his bobble before you can use it to escape that nest, as the bobble frog is in the wrong place and you can not ride his bobble to escape that section of map. Thanks,

Wayne Padget, Wednesday March 7 2012, 12:51

That's a puzzle too Wayne ;)

Martijn, Wednesday March 7 2012, 17:17

Just did another playthrough, not for the collectibles but just to do random stuff this time.
I found some minor things like it seems a bit weird to me that after you use stomp on a bridge, you can still walk one step before the bridge collapses.
And when a bird took me to the nest, and I walked just one step out of the nest another bird took me again to the same nest.
More I couldn't find :) And I showed the game to someone else and he was really impressed by the visuals, just like me. (he just walked through the levels lol, too young to understand the puzzles I think)

I also tried the level editor and I wondered, is there a way to delete and place the ground visuals on the place I want? (the shoebox it was called I thought)
If I can't, I will just make some levels with blocks, because I do have a few nice idea's :)

Daniel, Wednesday March 7 2012, 22:06

I posted this on the Steam group, but I'll repost it here in case no one sees it:

It's looking nicer now, but I still have a lot of trouble understanding how the creatures' behaviours are supposed to fit together. It seems like it should be obvious, but I just feel stupid instead. I know it's a puzzle game, so maybe I'm just not good at it. The other thing is that oh man does TT's movement still have to be locked to 'tile at a time'? It makes sense in TT1 because it was a GB game, but now it just feels clumsy, because there's no obvious reason why (in TT1 the buildable bridges and blocks made it make sense).

Josee, Thursday March 8 2012, 1:57

Really, really good build -> TT should be proud from it on the GDC :)

mxtomek aka mxT3, Thursday March 8 2012, 12:25

Finished the build and I must say it is really good. Everything works together for me pretty well and I think all in all it will be an awesome game.

I don't know if you remember, but my one worry was if it was still going to feel like Toki Tori and, personally, I didn't think it did. It kind of felt like you could put anyone in Toki's spot and the game would work just as well (which in a way is a good thing: broader appeal). Personally, one of the reasons Toki Tori is my favorite game is because there is a uniqueness to its puzzle element that I, at least, haven't seen repeated.

But I like the idea of manipulating the elements, I like the idea of not changing the amount of tools each level, and I like the multiple exits idea. Now, I've been out of loop for a few weeks unfortunately, so maybe you are already doing this. I was thinking you could have the collectibles be collected in a high score (a la Banjo Kazooie's notes) and that they all reset if you re-enter a level. Now, I hated this in Banjo-Kazooie, but in Toki Tori it makes sense. You can have puzzles that make it so if you collect one item, another gets blocked. Or you could have it so collecting one collectible makes it impossible to continue unless done right. This I think would bring back the Toki Tori flavor I'm worried about losing.

Like I said, awesome build so far and if you guys already are doing this then it just proves how much I should trust you guys. If not (i.e. collect a collectible and then never need to again) I won't stop you. It's still a good game but I think this "high score" style would really work for the best.

As a side note, again not in the loop, but Toki Tori on the Gameboy had a story that kind of petered out and didn't go anywhere. Any chance of that getting added to in this game?

Greg Wullaert, Sunday March 11 2012, 20:51

Thanks for the feedback! the fate of the collectibles is still up in the air. we will definitely have a backstory for koi 2 but it will not be related at all to earlier pathetic attempts made by us ;)

Collin, Sunday March 11 2012, 22:15

Like others, I got confused by the incorrect letter assignment. I'd also like to know how to call up the editor, as I don't know how to do it. I've tried every letter and every key I can think of, nothing aside from Backspace, Left, Right, Up, Down, Z and X (and F) seems to work.


Great animations, just wish I could figure out how to get to that very first segment. It's not clear what to do with the bugs, though working out what to do with the frogs is easy if they're all fat.
So yes, how to get through the game could be a winner, something like a tutorial level... and God help me if this is the tutorial.

brickviking, Tuesday March 13 2012, 2:57

The TAB key opens up the editor.
Just a note, though... To see (and play) your level changes you MUST first save your changes, then press Tab to leave the editor and finally press Backspace to restart the level. :)

FrazerJC, Tuesday March 13 2012, 3:35

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