When the fourth development build went live, we secretly added a shortcut to this (then) hidden page.

Update 15: Eternal Fame!

Players who got all the collectibles in the level were automatically redirected to this page and asked to leave their comment. So without further ado, the people below deserve eternal fame for fully completing the first Toki Tori 2 level ever!

Two Tribes, Saturday January 28 2012

Eternal fame?! :)

Charlie, Wednesday January 11 2012, 19:10

*strikes a pose*

Fatbubba Slim, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:14

Jeah, ich bin der Beste!!!

MAPtheMOP, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:18

The Cake was a lie... The Return of the Chicken wasn't!

CONAN Fabrice, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:22

easy :)

mat, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:39

this will be a nice game :)

mxtomek (aka mxT3), Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:56

Ha Ha, Nice reward :) Awesome Two Tribes !

Mr.Blinky, Thursday January 12 2012, 0:03

This game is really looking promising! Keep up the good work!

Jens, Thursday January 12 2012, 0:54

I just finished toki tori 2 build 4 and all I got was eternal fame..... :)
Very nice build, you guys added a lot of cool new stuff!

Daan, Thursday January 12 2012, 15:34

cheers :D

Razor-X, Friday January 13 2012, 16:15

Yay~ it's in alpha so can't really tell the quallity, maybe when the beta will hit ^^

(hey mom I'm on the eternal wall :D!)

Phillip "Dispy" Olsen, Friday January 13 2012, 20:44

Eternal fame? *-*

Gregori Rodrigues, Saturday January 14 2012, 23:55

There's a way to complete the level?
There's no exit and getting all collectibles only dropped the counter to zero.
I'm confused...

mtomato, Sunday January 15 2012, 0:07

Oh, I did it again, and NOW it sent me here.
Maybe I got the collectibles in a wrong order last time?
(got the 3 after the porcupine last by using the bubble frog instead of the easy way)

mtomato, Sunday January 15 2012, 0:21

Interesting. By :PKome

PKome, Thursday January 19 2012, 14:57

hard to get but promising

Eluia, Tuesday January 24 2012, 18:27

It was pretty easy with the editor lol.

Tock, Friday January 27 2012, 16:57


Congratulations to the people above this line are in order :)

Collin, Saturday January 28 2012, 11:50

Sup guys. Sad I couldn't get the collectables in time, but I was wondering, what if I've made a really cool level in the editor? Can I show it you guys or what? It would be cool if I could share it or such and so. Thanks TTTeam!

Ruben, Saturday January 28 2012, 14:14

Hi, I just finish first juicy level of Toki Tori 2... With editor it's really easy but the level have a lot of cool new stuff inside. Keep up the good work!
btw. Steam ID: XXXX
One more time good work.

Petr Bartusek, Saturday January 28 2012, 15:16

oh, thanks for that
Steam ID: XXXX

can't wait for the next update

Gregori Rodrigues, Saturday January 28 2012, 20:08

Looking forward to the next update also.
Steam ID: XXXX

mtomato, Saturday January 28 2012, 20:28


Phillip "DIspy" Olsen, Saturday January 28 2012, 23:36

@Crazy Frog That's a nice offer. Mine's XXXX :)

Mr. Blinky, Sunday January 29 2012, 1:27

@Crazy Frog, thanks for that if it's real ^^
Mine's "XXXX" (without " of course) ^^

CONAN Fabrice, Sunday January 29 2012, 2:36

Hey, was fun trying. Can't wait to see more mechanisms as they get implemented in future builds.
Steam_Id : XXXX

Eluia, Sunday January 29 2012, 23:28

oh, you're so awesome :D

Razor-X, Sunday January 29 2012, 23:44

@Crazy Frog: Wow! That's really cool! Here's my ID: XXXX

Jens, Monday January 30 2012, 0:14

Oh, also here is my Steam ID: XXXX

Ruben, Monday January 30 2012, 19:38

As usual, some things are to good to be true, and in this case of a random guy called 'crazy frog' handing out 17 copies of a non-released game is no different.

I checked out the supplied email address and the previous owner says it's a troll using his address. In any case, the offer is not real so I've removed the post.

Sorry about this!

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday January 31 2012, 22:11


The only way to do it now is to go search for the 'output' folder where our editor saves the levels. Overwrite the sprint-3 level and send it over. We'll work on a better method for future builds.

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday January 31 2012, 22:15

I had a feeling it might be a troll since that kind of random act of generousness seemed a bit out of place.

mtomato, Tuesday January 31 2012, 22:36

I wish i could get this game without internet...

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Jake, Tuesday February 7 2012, 20:45

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Jake, Tuesday February 7 2012, 20:47

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