One day left until the launch of Toki Tori 2+... Time to spoil you with a final batch of in-game screenshots! All in full HD of course :)

After almost 21 months after its announcement, we will finally release Toki Tori 2+ on Steam tomorrow! Lately we have been working on various design improvement, detailed in one of our previous blogs. But of course we have changed a lot in the graphical department as well! Time to show you a final batch of screenshots!

Pro tip of the day: click to enlarge to full HD, or download them all together in a handy zip file!


It’s a bit crowded here!

Arggg… dragon! Argggggg… lava!

Bird grabbing bird!

Stay away from the dark!

Roasted chicken coming up!

Cave Johnson would be so proud!


Martijn, Wednesday July 10 2013

Вау. Я 100% Куплю Эту игру! За 299 рублей.

Wow. i 100% Buy this game! For 299 Rubles.

Toki Tori Fan, Wednesday July 10 2013, 17:55

Love the Cave Johnson comment!

C Johnson, Thursday July 11 2013, 17:08

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