Swords & Soldiers Up And Running

A quick post to let you all see Swords & Soldiers is up and running. Not sure if you can make it out from the picture, but it’s running on all iPhone / iPod models as well as the iPad. On iPad you can even see the work-in-progress multiplayer mode running.

Expect more updates as we move closer to its release!

Collin, Tuesday March 8 2011

Looks like you guys are doing a great job, can't wait to play!!!

kippieknaus, Tuesday March 8 2011, 21:19

Do you need any beta testers?

Davis8282, Wednesday March 9 2011, 1:44

That splitscreen multiplayer mode is so incredibly cool, with that rotated screen for the other player. That is one red hot peppered Awesomesauce!

Joost, Wednesday March 9 2011, 10:20


We may, feel free to mail it to ou support mail address!

Collin Ginkel, Thursday March 10 2011, 1:13

I Hope it is plus+ compatible with both devices Requires iOS 3.0.

Anthony, Sunday March 27 2011, 17:09

It will support Crystal Anthony, perhaps also game center, but no promises yet ;)

Collin Ginkel, Monday March 28 2011, 18:06

Crystal? I Mean Plus! Plus Means Compatible With Both devices (iPhone\Ipod touch and iPad) The Price should be 1.99

Anthony, Tuesday March 29 2011, 22:41

I Mean It Is Universal. Universal apps are compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad. +$2.99 +€2.79 +£1.59 and +¥400

Anthony, Saturday May 7 2011, 2:37

Yeah Crystal. It Uses Crystal. Toki Tori Should Be Updated (iPhone 4 Retina Display). Two Tribes should make the sequel of Toki Tori (Toki Tori and the Golden Eggs) With Bosses and new weapons and abilities.

Anthony, Saturday May 7 2011, 2:39

i want to be a beta testers...what can i do?

Khaidir76, Friday June 24 2011, 10:08

when this game release? could you tell us?

reec0X, Monday July 4 2011, 8:40

Very soon! We'll announce something shortly!

Collin, Monday July 4 2011, 10:27

Thanks Collin, seem like too long for this...

reec0X, Monday July 4 2011, 11:05

I hope it will release this july...very hope so.

reec0X, Monday July 4 2011, 11:07

We'll announce the release date tomorrow!

Collin Ginkel, Monday July 4 2011, 21:00

Can they play a game at once controlled by several Apple devices?

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