RUSH Week Kicks Off!

It’s RUSH week at Two Tribes! The release of our new Steam game, RUSH, is set for Friday December 3rd. As we move closer to the release, we’ll be updating the site with interesting news and tidbits regularly. So keep an eye out on this space.

First up is the new trailer, which gives you an idea of what to expect when the game hits Steam. Feel free to let us know what you think, our comments section is always open!


Martijn, Monday November 29 2010

3rd of december huh? Just in time for Saint Nicolas.
I'm looking forward to the changes and improvements made to bring this game to steam.

Mart Kok, Tuesday November 30 2010, 14:41

I want this so badly. BUT YOU PEOPLE. Level Editor?

Felix Mossberg, Wednesday December 1 2010, 11:59

@ Felix

Just two more days! :)

Collin Ginkel, Wednesday December 1 2010, 14:34

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