Today, almost 11 years after its initial release on the Game Boy Color, our very first game Toki Tori is re-released on the 3DS eShop! Time to reveal some facts you probably didn't know...

Remember Toki Tori GBC?

Did you know that Toki Tori had a name change back in 2001? Our little feathered chick used to go by the name “Eggbert”. By the end of 2001, our publisher Capcom informed us that we couldn’t use the name Eggbert. Apparently it was conflicting with another game named “Speedy Eggbert”. So we needed to change the name and Capcom kindly provided us with the following alternatives:

Fineggle, Eggling, Boondeggle, Elbert Egg, Eggy

When we received those alternatives, our first reaction was: “Are they serious? Boondeggle… really?! Should we call our protagonist Elbert Egg? We got to do better than that!” So we too came up with a bunch of alternatives. And one of those was Toki Tori, which was created during a brainstorm session in a local shawarma restaurant. Some of the other alternatives proposed by us included: EggHunt, Kiroi Tori (which means Yellow Bird in Japanese) and Jegg. But Capcom decided that they liked Toki Tori the most, which finally made an end to the long lasting discussion about the name of our yellow egg-loving friend.

Toki Tori Logos
Original menu screen displaying "Eggbert". Later this was changed to "Toki Tori".

Even though Toki Tori sounds Japanese, it really doesn't mean much in Japanese. It could be translated to "time bird", which doesn't make sense for this game. I have also heard that it is an old Finnish word for "marketplace", which makes even less sense. Whatever it is, it doesn't mean anything, it just sounds cool.

Digital Chippiness

Our current logo, the one with the shield, wasn’t always like this, as can be seen in the original version of Toki Tori which displays our chip logo. Before we came up with our first logo, featuring the smiling chip, we had a number of alternative designs. One of them, which almost made it, featured spermatozoids. You have read it correctly: spermatozoids! So we have this kids friendly looking game featuring an overly-cute chicken, all nice and happy... but it boots up with a splash screen containing two spermatozoids trying to invade an eggcell?! And not to mention the fact that we were trying to release the game in the US, where everything that is even slightly related to human reproduction is not-done. What were we thinking?

Two Tribes Logo SpermatozoidFirst Official Two Tribes Logo
An early Two Tribes logo design
Two Tribes logo (until 2005)

So in the end we came up with another design, which was definitely more kids friendly, US friendly, happy and cute. We used this logo until it was replaced with our current logo in 2005.

Toki Tori Boxart

We had to create the boxart of Toki Tori as well and this is one of the first sketches we had for it.

Toki Tori Boxart - Draft

Which finally resulted in the following boxart designs:

Box Test 1European Boxart MockupFInal (US) Boxart
Boxart mockup
Euro boxart mockup
Final (US) boxart

Toki Tori Re-Released
Toki Tori was our first game, and it enabled us to get to where we are right now. The birth of Toki Tori was also the birth of our company. So needless to say the re-release of our first game is definitely special for us, even after almost 11 years. Interested in the original version of Toki Tori, feel free to check it out at the Nintendo eShop:


I hope you like this small blast-from-the-past about Toki Tori, as I'm planning to write a number of short articles about the history of Two Tribes and our games. How did development on Toki Tori start? How did we get Capcom to publish this game? What ever happened to Three Tribes? What mistakes did we make? I'd like to cover subjects like that. But if you have a question or comment of your own, feel free to ask away!

Martijn, Thursday August 2 2012

Congratz on the re-release :)
Are you guys going to be on this year's Gamescom?

Tomires, Thursday August 2 2012, 21:22

Unfortunately not, but we'll most definitely be at PAX!

Martijn, Thursday August 2 2012, 21:29

Boondeggie? That is hilarious. Why not a slight variation on that: Bondiggity! XD

The earlier (see: risky) logo design you guys had is also a surprising point of interest. Thanks for sharing these interesting factoids!

KnucklesSonic8, Thursday August 2 2012, 21:30

Capcom weren't too good at coming up with alternative names, were they?
And that earlier Two Tribes logo... Beautiful, even if you could tell you were young men. ;)

Finally, I love the eyes on the ice cube! :P

FrazerJC, Thursday August 2 2012, 21:35

If only there was some hidden remake of the original in Toki Tori 2, or some retro like stuff inspired by this.

soad667, Thursday August 2 2012, 21:57

@soad667 sounds like a good idea :D

Martijn, Thursday August 2 2012, 21:58

I do like the ring of "Elbert Egg" ! :)

Rune Braathen, Friday August 3 2012, 10:27

:D RUNE! How is life?

Martijn, Friday August 3 2012, 10:28

Just bought the 3DS version, was wandering about the content in the Wiiware version (2008)... It's the same, only remade graphically, or a entirely new game?

Guido Savio, Friday August 3 2012, 11:15

Hi Guido,

Thanks for the purchase! :D Apart from the graphics, we changed a number of game play elements as well. For instance, we removed the timer, added automatic jumping, path finding, level tweaks etc. But the core game play remained the same, it just received lots and lots of polish.

But Steam has the best Toki Tori experience. That version includes features such as rewinding (if you made a mistake) a new theme, achievements and dozens of extra levels.

Should you be interested: http://store.steampowered.com/app/38700



Martijn, Friday August 3 2012, 11:38

@Tomirez Sudden change of plans. We will be at the Gamescom as well!

Martijn, Friday August 3 2012, 11:54

I play toki tori on my PC it owrkd but slowly. Why?

joey cummens, Friday August 3 2012, 15:29

By "play on your PC", do you mean the Steam version or the version from a Humble Indie Bundle?
If so, have you turned down the graphics settings in the options - they might be turned up to high and causing your computer to struggle.

Either way, you should contact Two Tribes support if it's not as simple as toggling options if you believe your computer is good enough to handle Toki Tori PC: http://twotribes.com/message/need-support/

FrazerJC, Friday August 3 2012, 15:33

@FrazerJC... are you applying for a job at our tech department? :) Thanks!

Martijn, Friday August 3 2012, 16:15

If you offered me a job as a tech support guy I'd take it :P

FrazerJC, Friday August 3 2012, 16:20

Can't get in now. Weird

Joey Cummens, Saturday August 4 2012, 15:28

What do you mean by "Can't get in now"? Can't get in where?
What version of Toki Tori are you trying to play... The Steam version?

FrazerJC, Saturday August 4 2012, 16:03

Yea it worked before but now

Joey Cummens, Saturday August 4 2012, 19:24

Do you get an error message when trying to launch Toki Tori through Steam? And have you tried Verifying the Integrity of your game cache files? (If you don't know how to do this, see this Steam Support page: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 )

FrazerJC, Saturday August 4 2012, 19:26

no error message. How to attach my DxDIAG?

Joey cummens, Sunday August 5 2012, 2:43

Have you at least verified the game cache files yet before we talk about dxdiag?

You can't attach a dxdiag here; this is a blog and not an official support channel. If you feel the need to send a dxdiag please do so through email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

FrazerJC , Sunday August 5 2012, 8:58

yes I verified them

Joey Cummens, Sunday August 5 2012, 14:28

Then I'm afraid you'll have to contact Two Tribes using the email address I linked to earlier as without any more info I can't help you any further.

Make sure you give them as much detail and information as you possibly can - along with the dxdiag you have. Bugs and problems don't get squashed if you're vague!

FrazerJC, Sunday August 5 2012, 14:33

I would love to see more differences in the Eggbert/Toki Tori proto(s), And maybe have permission to have a ROM copy (just for Gameplay/Education purposes under a semi-free license)?

I heard you went by the name Fony back then, Eggbert was also on MSX in europe, but it was different from Toki Tori,,,

But Unlike Toki Tori, the MSX version of Eggbert was Freeware by some of you since 1998.

I still respect your work, This is meant for people who do/will have or had the GBC game (I plan to buy and download the 3DS(GBC) VC version in case). This way, It shouldn't be illegal!

hamtaro126, Monday August 6 2012, 8:40

I'm really interested in hearing how you guys managed to stay together for a decade after the original Toki Tori. From what I understand, most of your games were movie tie-ins or ports. I felt like the re-release of Toki Tori came out of nowhere!

Archagon, Tuesday August 7 2012, 20:03

Only for Europe? Why not for America?

superstarxalien169, Wednesday August 8 2012, 0:27

the MSX was only popular in Japan and Europe, Outside of them, MSX was never really popular. That is why most games are only in these countries!

hamtaro126, Wednesday August 8 2012, 3:49

@archagon interesting topic indeed; how did we manage to stay afloat for over a decade? Noted and I can definitely write something about that

Martijn, Wednesday August 8 2012, 20:49

@superstarxalien169 the US will follow later, it has something to do with paperwork, we're on the case!

Martijn, Wednesday August 8 2012, 20:51

Nice! This is the most in-depth info I've been able to find online about the original Toki Tori. I picked the GBC version up a few months ago after buying the Steam version last summer, and I am enjoying both. I prefer the graphics and music from the GBC version, but the rewind feature and lack of a timer in the Steam version are nice changes. Maybe Toki Tori 2 could include some kind of "History of Toki Tori" extra. :)

Alex, Sunday August 19 2012, 3:49

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