Note: We are not currently accepting applications, but feel free to send over your résumé for future reference.


Two Tribes is looking for skilled C/C++ game programmers. Experience on multiple game systems (such as Nintendo Wii / DS, XBox360 and PS3) is a definite plus.

The Programmer should have the ability to thoroughly understand the hardware of (low level) devices and is able to pinpoint the exact capabilities and limitations of these devices. Based on the found capabilities and limitations, the Programmer is able to advise and aid the Game Designer in making design choices. The Programmer also actively participates in the creative process by attending brainstorm sessions with the Game Designers.

The ideal candidate would have

  • A Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science (or related study)
  • Experience in games or related industry
  • A good understanding of the Dutch language
  • Programming experience on the DS and/or Wii and/or XBox360 and/or PS3
  • 4+ years C/C++ experience
  • Write effective C++
  • Familiar with design patterns
  • Strong Computer Science background: data-driven systems, algorithms etc.
  • Strong 3D mathematics skills, including proficiency with trigonometry and linear algebra
  • Experience with low-level programming
  • Enthusiasm for games, good communication skills and good presentation skills
  • A portfolio including game demos and/or technical demonstrations

Interested? Please fill out the form below!

*) Supported filetypes are: zip, jpg, png, gif, doc(x), psd, txt, mp3, pdf. Max combined file size should be less than 10 MB.
Two Tribes, Saturday January 3 2009