Our new office space in Amersfoort hasn't been used before. So we're going to make the most out of this opportunity and make it into a great place to work.

New Office Plans

The office in Harderwijk sort of evolved into what it is today, but for the new place we’ve got the chance to style it completely to our liking. We’ve gathered feedback from the people that work here and tonight we’re going to put it all together to come up with a plan of action.

The best idea so far comes from Hessel, he proposed a slide all the way down to the supermarket, five stories down. Not sure if that’s going to make it, but perhaps someone reading this has a great idea?

We’ll keep you up to date.

Collin, Thursday August 26 2010

Ok, so I can't have my slide. Fine. So what about a paintball arena? :)

Hessel, Thursday August 26 2010, 12:20

some cool arcade cabinets ? Street Figther 3 Alpha took alot of minutes from my lunch-breaks :)

some cool wall paintings maybe ? the old office really looked like an office rather than a game studio!
Maybe a big toki tori can change that ?

Hugo Smits, Thursday August 26 2010, 12:24

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to finally install our holodeck somewhere.

Michiel, Thursday August 26 2010, 12:26

Get some Blik: http://goo.gl/VM20

Or better, contact Blik and get some Toki Tori style Blik. ;)

Vincent Leeuw, Thursday August 26 2010, 12:34

How about that skateramp I suggested?! Got some other ideas as well... Cal me if you need me...

Julian Jieled, Thursday August 26 2010, 12:46

Why not share them here Julian? People may be inspired by your ideas!

Collin Ginkel, Thursday August 26 2010, 12:47

I'd say some desks, chairs, computers, a fridge and a microwave!

Stephan, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:09

How about a nine-feet Toki Tori statue with a fully functional vacuĆ¼m cleaner (maybe even with a cats' tail sticking out? Or maybe just a cat (gotta have a cat ya know).. Or how about an old Eggbert MSX set-up? Or an integrated pizza-hut? And eggs! NEVER forget about TEH EGGS! O_o. *twitches*

Mart, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:10

Just paint things yellow. You won't regret it.

Laurens, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:15

Put white suncreens outside the windows (you know, the kind that is sorta transparant and blocks the sun) and project movies on them with a beamer. Is nice for people on the street.

Stephan, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:29

A cat + msx!!! Great idea! Can I rent a place there???

Stephan, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:31

Retro computer area! amiga's c64, msx, vectrex, nintendo 8bit etc :P oh and a Mame cabinet, also cool :)

Whizzkid, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:32

Forget about the things I said this morning Collin!
I want a Toki Tori style blik and a retro computer area :D!!

Shan Chan, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:41

Did you think about an indoor swimming pool, Turkish bath and fitnessarea??

Baukje, Thursday August 26 2010, 13:58

@ Baukje

I think travelling to Amersfoort each day is all the fitness we need ;)

Collin Ginkel, Thursday August 26 2010, 15:20

A place for interns to live during their stay....

Benoit Roosens, Thursday August 26 2010, 20:22

One more beer(maybe more ^_^), I come with the train to Amersfoort then :)
But like Vincent Leeuw said: an awsome Toki Tori Blik would be nice.

Wesley Floor, Friday August 27 2010, 17:46

Here's another one, Ideapaint: http://goo.gl/aLIL

Turn any wall into a whiteboard!

Vincent Leeuw, Tuesday August 31 2010, 13:44

@Vincent... nice one! We'll definitely take that into consideration!

Martijn Reuvers, Monday September 6 2010, 11:18

you guys should build a recording studio :D

wink wink ;-)

Wouter De Jong, Tuesday September 21 2010, 16:58

Whaha :D

Martijn Reuvers, Wednesday September 22 2010, 9:47

I agree with Wouter on this one.

Michiel, Wednesday November 3 2010, 1:56

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