Through our games, we gather a lot of statistics about the usage and breakdown of the different iOS versions and devices. We're in a good mood, so we'd like to share this information with you!

iOS / iDevices Breakdown [+iPad]

Our numbers are based on people playing our games on their iOS devices. Given the amount of devices we’ve traced, the following should give you quite a good picture of the current state of affairs on iOS.

Below are two figures: iDevices breakdown and iOS breakdown. Each figure shows a breakdown of the past three months (inner circle) and the last month (outer circle). You can use that information to see how trends are evolving. For instance the iPhone 4 has a market share of 30.46% for the past three months, but a share of 34.47% for the last month. So clearly it is on the rise.

What’s also interesting to see is that iOS 4 dominates the market with a market share of more than 85%. For developers it is worth noting that pre iOS 3.1 has a market share of less than 0.4%. When we learned about this, we decided not to bother with pre 3.1 support anymore.

We will automatically update these figures the first day of every month. Feel free to let us know if you’d like us to add more information!


[update] iPad figures added to the charts

Martijn, Friday March 18 2011


Fred, Monday February 21 2011, 14:37


Martijn Reuvers, Monday February 21 2011, 15:08

Not a single iPad! What is your sampling error?

Sceptic, Monday March 7 2011, 17:02

thank you for compiling this! we were looking for these numbers to start our next game dev, so this is a great sample to have@

two questions however!:

could we get an ipad/iphone/ipod breakdown (on a seperate chart), and are these numbers dynamic?

Michael Kingery, Monday March 7 2011, 18:45

@ Michael Kingery

I'll let Martijn handle the tech stuff, just wanted to let you know I really dig your artwork. Are you looking for freelance jobs?

Collin Ginkel, Monday March 7 2011, 21:48

@ Michael Kingery

Yes these numbers are dynamic and updated automatically the first of every month. I'll try to make a separate chart for iPad, iPod, iPhone.

Martijn Reuvers, Friday March 18 2011, 13:06

Hello, any info on iOS 5.1.1? It seems the numbers are updated but the 5.1.1 category is missing (or is it included in the 5.1 numbers?)
Thank you

Jeremie, Friday June 8 2012, 10:51

Any updated version of this after the release of iPad mini and the latest iPhone 5? Can you also include a competing mobile devices like those offered by Sammy? I am just curious hoe each flagship works on their own and how they compete to each other.

Kate Knight, of ipad smart cover distribution center.

kateknight, Wednesday July 3 2013, 18:37

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