HJB is one nut short of collecting all the nuts in the game but couldn't grab that last, pesky nut in level 5-4.

Ice Age: Level 5-4

Well, the solution is simple: just grab as many blocks as you can and stack them. But seriously, this is one tough nut to crack, you need to bring those blocks a long way…

Two Tribes, Tuesday August 24 2010

(picture is not 100% ok)
The small blok should get 1 step more to the right

HJB, Tuesday August 24 2010, 21:04

You are absolutely right! I updated the image to the actual solution.

Thanks for pointing out the mistake

Hessel, Wednesday August 25 2010, 9:30

Sorry can you give a bit more details? I am hanging upside down at this checkpoint and can't get back to grab the second big rock..need to go back anyway?

michiel, Thursday September 9 2010, 10:17

Hi Michiel,

To solve this you need to bring a block from before the checkpoint where you are. Like I said, it's a really difficult nut to get your paws on...

Hessel, Monday September 13 2010, 17:03

I.m stuck like michiel, how can I grab the stone before the check point??

Alyaa, Saturday September 25 2010, 13:03

Anybody help me in Level 5-6 :((((((((((((

Thu Hương Trần Viết, Wednesday September 29 2010, 5:48

Hi Thu Hương Trần Viết,
Could I get a little more details about where you got stuck?

Wesley, Wednesday September 29 2010, 10:37

How can u grab the last stone before the checkpoint? I keep falling every time.
Exectly the opposite of the picture on this page

Alya, Thursday September 30 2010, 15:18

Hi Alya,

I updated the image. I think when you look at the left side of the image, that you know what to do.

Wesley, Friday October 1 2010, 11:10

Thank you got it:)

Alya, Friday October 1 2010, 12:53

I am stuck for weeks on level 5.5 the second part.
I got al the nuts; all the dinosaurs are dead, but I can't get the ice crushed..... don't know where to go...stuck!!
Thanks, Chahat

chahat, Thursday October 7 2010, 16:34

I'm with Chahat, stuck on level 5-5 for weeks, no where to go, ice is stomped but won't crack, dinosaurs taken care of and all the nuts I can get but no where to go..... HELP!!!

Bonnie Bartosh Pugh, Thursday October 7 2010, 21:29

Hi Chahat and Bonnie,

I created a support item for your issue here: http://twotribes.com/message/ice-age-level-5-5/

Wesley, Friday October 8 2010, 10:05

How do you get the second stalactite from the right to drop there? I can either drop it right next to the first one or right close to the two left ones...

Nathalie Martin, Friday June 17 2011, 21:57

Hi Nathalie, you have to bring the blue stalactite over from the far right. But you have to catch it with one of the wider blocks so it doesn't fall down.

hessel, Friday June 24 2011, 9:07

I am stuck for two weeks on level 5.3.I can't go to the last flat.and I can't watch youtube in China.so please help me!!!!!!thank you very much!!!!


Jing, Monday July 4 2011, 17:59

I'm hopelessly stuck in the Expert Level, just after the second acorn. How do I get those blocks stocked so that I can get the 3rd acorn? Is there a specific order in which to do this? Help!!! ;-((

Ingrid, Wednesday March 14 2012, 15:48

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