We've been getting requests for hints from players that got stuck in level 5-3.

Ice Age: Level 5-3

The puzzle itself isn’t that hard, but it requires an action that is easily overlooked or discarded. The image shows the result of the first correct move of the solution. Can you figure out how to make that happen? Good luck!

Two Tribes, Wednesday August 18 2010


MartinJan Gaasbeek, Thursday August 19 2010, 2:49

Works thx !

MartinJan Gaasbeek, Thursday August 19 2010, 3:10

You are most welcome :)

Collin van Ginkel, Monday August 23 2010, 16:16

Help !
Need the last acorn in level 5.4 almost at the end wenn you fall down can't reach the last one one the left.
Please help this is the last one 1 need....
Just a hint is enough , thank you

HJB, Monday August 23 2010, 22:17


I've created a support page for your problem here: http://twotribes.com/message/ice-age-level-5-4/

Hessel, Tuesday August 24 2010, 15:19

'The image shows the result of the first correct move of the solution'

....i got as far as that. But what to do after?

after getting the dino to slide over safely from that point and then when you walk up the stairs, go completely to the left side, there's another stair with two stalactites on each side...how to go further from there? I've tried and tried to figure how...I'm really STUCK. Do I need to move the brown block someplace? If so to where? I don't get it :(


Mariska Martens, Thursday October 7 2010, 0:23

Hi Mariska,

Try to move the brown block one spot to the left.
I hope this hint is enough for you to solve the puzzle.

Wesley, Thursday October 7 2010, 10:28

And I am stuck at level green fog, at 4-3. I don;t know how the get to the grass on the ceiling. I have placed a great flat block, and the two pilars on top of block, but still I cannot reach the grass on the ceiling. and the bubble will to take me to the top. can someone help me out?

Lianne Hakkers, Sunday December 19 2010, 22:28

@Lianne, please check the support page. We have created a walkthrough on YouTube :)

Martijn Reuvers, Tuesday December 21 2010, 13:01

how do you get to a position where you can move the brown block?

briggl, Friday March 18 2011, 15:31

I knew two tribes made this game because i can sense there style all over this game. I saw a game play video on youtube.

Aaron Burton, Thursday April 5 2012, 4:14

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