Only three giant ice blocks but four gaseous holes to fill?

Ice Age: Level 5-1

It seems to puzzle some players but it is possible to get our furry prehistoric friend safely to the other side. Maybe you have to fill one hole with something else?

How do you solve this particular puzzle?

Hessel, Thursday September 9 2010

Hi, thanks for the [visual] hint for that problem . . . I figured it out . . . On another topic, I sent you all an email about a bug that I am running into . . Never certain if you get those things. The bug is in 5-1 and, it is NOT just me. Thanks, Wilbur

Wilbur, Wednesday September 15 2010, 1:37

Subject: Glitch in level five (part one)


After Scrat goes past that "three blocks & four holes" place, he has to drop a stalactite into a precisely fit hole whereupon a rock drops on the bird. Scrat then goes along the "growth" above his head and over to another stalactite which, in order to pass, he had to drop by jumping on top of a small rock outlet right below him.

Here is where the problem is. I did my usual round of a fair number of attempts wherein I could get him to knock down that stalactite. However, now despite my best (and very careful) efforts, Scrat will only just leap to the left and onto the spikes below. Please advise.


Wilbur, Saturday September 18 2010, 2:27

Hi Wilbur,

I can't really reproduce your problem. Maybe you're simply tapping next to the small rock?

Did you know that you can tap and hold (your finger on the screen) to preview your move? When there's a green glow around your finger Scrat can safely go to that location, a red glow means he can't and a whitish red glow means he'll die when you try to move him there. So, if you place your finger on the small rock and only let it go when there's a green glow around it.

You can also try to stomp from a bit farther away, where you can stand safely.

Does that help?

Hessel, Tuesday September 21 2010, 12:47

Hi ... No, it did not help. Doing the finger touch thing, even rolling the edge of my finger SLOWLY when Scrat is on the rock, the colors still just go from red to white ... There is absolutely no green in- between ... In the beginning of my playing, it was fine. (I was doing a lot of repeats because I was/am stuck right above that area) ... Under these repeating circumstances, at first Scrat would be the odd side-jump ... (Mind you, I always just wrote it off as to being my fault) ... Then Scrat started doing it two times in a row ... Then three ... Now that is ALL he can and will do.

(Hessel, you need to realize that 99.99% of your players are younger than I am ... And therefore, both more agile and computer game savvy ... Accordingly they may only have to do a certain kind of move or a set of moves maybe 2-3-4 times and then they've got it. Unfortunately, I have to work much harder then that.)

I tell you all this, because the glitch is obviously alive and well for the old folk! Thanks. Wilbur.

Wilbur , Wednesday September 22 2010, 2:05

Hi Hessel, I finally figured out you did not have to jump on the small outcropping, you could do it on the flat rock. Needless to say, I felt particularly dumb that I had not tried that immediately. Thanks for the patience. Wilbur

Wilbur, Friday October 1 2010, 9:38

Good work!

Let us know when you finish the game :)

Hessel, Friday October 1 2010, 11:09

I still haven't the slightest idea how to past level 5-1. Can someone help pls? Thx.

Kris Tan, Thursday March 31 2011, 4:53

Oh, I meant the "Only three giant ice blocks but four gaseous holes to fill" part. Thx.

Kris Tan, Thursday March 31 2011, 4:56

Hi, how do you get the golden acorn on the left after he breaks the ice at the beginning and falls down? basically what i need to know is how to get the rectangular rock to fall all the way down and not to land on the ledge. thks Nat

Nathalie Martin, Wednesday June 15 2011, 20:54

Hi Nat,

At the very beginning push the ice block into the hole and then drag the normal block onto the ice. If you then continue normally and break the ice, you'll end up at the bottom of the pit with the normal block which you can use as stairs to walk to the golden nut.

hessel, Friday June 17 2011, 13:47

Hi, and there I was focusing on that and missing the whole picture! Thank you so much for the hint, will try it now...

Nathalie Martin, Friday June 17 2011, 20:34

Pls help) I can't understand how to pass 5-1 (like on picture)

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