Our friend Wilbur got stuck in level 4-5, can you help him out?

Ice Age: Level 4-5

Sorry, but stuck again . . . This time right at the beginning of level 4 (gaseous cave) part 5. After going to acorn #1 and getting on that shelf, I have tried moving the larger rock one way, then the next . . . I see the need for the two stalactites which need to be lowered and then moved to be able to move the smaller rock which is on top of larger rock . . . Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of them. Yes, I am going around in circles! Help please.

Hessel, Tuesday September 7 2010


Now, those particular stalactites are obstacles. They're not part of the solution. Oh and, Scrat's position in that screenshot? He'll have to revisit it.

Hope that helps :)

Wouter, Tuesday September 7 2010, 16:11

Thank you ... When you gave those hints I understood it immediately. So, now, further into the gaseous cave we shall go! Wilbur

Wilbur, Wednesday September 8 2010, 1:08

I apologize, but I am stuck again, this time at level #1 of dinosaur dusk. . . I have two questions:
Question #1--> Is there a way to get that smaller boulder on top of the ice cube over on the left side of the screen to fall down the narrow shaft on the far left in order to get that acorn?
Question #2--> After Scrat cracks the huge block of ice and causes the largest boulder (on the right side) to fall, that boulder then catches on the edge of the cliff.  However, If you make Scrat fall past it he lands on two flatter (unmovable) rocks piled askew. He then must scramble upon the rock-cliff to his right that has three stalactites nearby, three large blocks of ice, BUT four holes! . . . How do you get a large block of the ice into hole #4 when you only have three blocks of ice?


Wilbur, Thursday September 9 2010, 1:48

Hi Wilbur,

First: please mail your support questions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We'd like to keep these support items as much on topic as possible so other players can easily find what they're looking for.

So, to answer your questions:

1) No :) You'll have to find another way to grab that golden acorn.

2) I've create a support item for your other issue here: http://twotribes.com/message/ice-age-level-5-1/

Hessel, Thursday September 9 2010, 10:22

Hi there,
Can anyone help me with level 4-3 plz??
I,m stuck I can't go up I tried every way I can think about and still stuck

Alyaa, Tuesday September 21 2010, 19:16

Exactly WHERE are you stuck? If at the beginning look for the tar pit just to your left ... If it is farther in, you need to be a bit more specific. Wilbur

Wilbur, Tuesday September 28 2010, 1:09

I redid the level to see whet you might be stuck, and I see where your problem might be ... Here is a hint ... Well, two hints ... At least once you need to use that other entrance ( on R) ... And you need to use all the stalactites and large rock ... Try various things, you'll get it. Good luck! Wilbur

Wilbur, Tuesday September 28 2010, 1:44

Hi toward the end of level three dinosaur dusk and I can do anything. I have killed the three t rex's and the two other raptors and climbed across the vine but all I can do is move the ice block below. Need help.


diesel0027, Thursday February 24 2011, 4:17

Brian, you can check out all the walkthroughs at:


Collin Ginkel, Monday February 28 2011, 22:23

hey guys i m so stuck in ice age stage 3... help!

nikky, Friday June 22 2012, 22:42

What's the problem Nikky?

Collin, Monday June 25 2012, 10:32

What's the problem Nikky?

Collin, Monday June 25 2012, 10:37

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