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Ice Age: Level 1-3

I am so stuck at level 1-3, got half way (got 7of12) but I cannot make it across to the stairs. Tried from acorn #7—even from the area of acorn #6 . . . Hours!—or so it seems! Help? Glitch in program? Even went looking for a cheat- help Internet program . . . Please . . . .

Two Tribes, Sunday August 8 2010

Hi Wilbur,

I'm afraid I can't figure out which stairs you are referring to. Could you try to describe the location some more?


hessel, Monday August 16 2010, 12:46

Hi ... First of all, thanks! ... To answer you, stairs #2 has the bottom rock you must pull to free the top rock. (And next to acorn #6) then stairs #3 is above there, and it is "T" shaped with acorn #7 ... it is from there over to acorn #8 (at the bottom of the next stairs) which I cannot get to! ... I have tried to jump-float from the tar pit that is on the right of the "T" stairs ... I have tried from the tar pit that is lower down, namely the one that had been cleared by moving that big (top) rock ... I have tried traveling as fast as possible, or as high as possible, as low as possible, but I cannot make that jump. Please (!!!) help. Thanks again.

Wilbur, Wednesday August 18 2010, 17:15

Hi Wilbur,

My guess is that you haven't tried to float trough the stairs? Start from the tar pit on the right of the "T" stairs and float straight to the left.

hessel, Tuesday August 24 2010, 12:06

Hi again . . . No, I did not even think about attempting to float in front of the stairs . . . I tried it, and It worked the first time . . . Of course !!! . . . Thanks again for your help, Hessell, it was very appreciated. Wilbur.

Wilbur, Sunday August 29 2010, 1:08

Hello, could you please help me? I am also stuck at Cold Cave, 2-5 at the very end. After falling down with the dinosaur, I cannot pass the spikes to the finish. I can go collect the last acorn, push the ice cube toward the spike, but it gets stuck at the wood thing and cannot go far enough to covr the spikes. What am I supposed to do? Thank you for your time.

di, Wednesday February 2 2011, 9:44

I'm on 2-2 n at a beginning there's a #2acorn on the right above where monster is strolling around. I just can't get the acorn. I'm stuck for 4days n desperately need help!! Please release me with stress!!

Meg, Sunday June 17 2012, 6:59

Hi Meg, can you mail us at our support email address? Thanks!

Collin, Tuesday June 19 2012, 16:42

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