An important component of EDGE's retro vibe is definitely the game's 8-bit influenced soundtrack. It features music from a series of composers and is as varied as it is retro.

Get The EDGE Soundtrack!

The soundtrack has been made available - free of charge - by Mobigame and we highly recommend a download. There’s a donate button at the top of the download page, feel free to use it if you like it as much as we do!

We’re wrapping up development of the Steam version of EDGE as I type this, as in less than a week EDGE will launch for PC and Mac! Mark August 11th on your calendars!

The Mac App Store version will following shortly afterwards, as Apple tends to need some more time to approve games!

Collin, Friday August 5 2011

Kakkoi is my favorite, and has been my ringtone for the duration of the development :P

What's yours?

Collin, Friday August 5 2011, 16:36

I second that; Kakkoi is my favorite as well. I love the light and bouncy feel of it.

Duy Huynh, Monday August 8 2011, 20:11

Hey nice soundtrack, but first, is not free, one must buy it from Ninomojo's site. Second, the soundtrack is good but doesn't have the extended tracks, who in my humble opinion are better than the original album.

JairJy, Saturday December 24 2011, 7:11

@JAIRJY: You can pay whatever you want, and without a minimum price, paying nothing is an option too, thus making it free.

mtomato, Saturday December 24 2011, 11:19

Excuse me, will the Extended sountrack of the game be available for download? I'd really love them.

Sebastian Correa, Sunday January 4 2015, 0:22

I don't think that's going to happen. But you can always ask Mobigame, the original creator if it's possible to get them.

Collin, Thursday January 15 2015, 9:58

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