In celebration of the EDGE trademark victory, we decided to give a 50% discount on all EDGE games!

EDGE Trademark Victory

Today marks an important day for the trademark EDGE as the trademark held by Tim Langdell has been “Cancelled by Court Order”!

In case you missed it, the original creator of EDGE, Mobigame, has been in a long legal battle with a guy named Tim Langdell regarding the usage of the name “EDGE”. Long story short Tim couldn’t trademark the name EDGE, since he basically didn’t do anything with it. Want to know more?

This is what David of Mobigame has to say about it:

“It took us 2 years to create EDGE from scratch, then we waited 4 additional years for this day to happen. This story represent 6 years of our lives but now the road is totally clear for EDGE. We are so happy for all the victims of this trademark troll, truth and justice finally won! We feel that we have to celebrate this major event in some ways, and we hope all the good people we met along the road will celebrate with us.”

So, let’s celebrate by having a discount of 50% on all versions of EDGE!
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The EDGE Trademark Victory sale ends on Monday (April 22th)

Martijn, Thursday April 18 2013

*le me le playing this game
*le me enjoying it very much


anonymous187xD, Thursday April 18 2013, 23:51

Just heard the news on Kotaku, came over immediately to congratulate you! Kudos on your victory.

Oğuzhan Selçuk, Saturday April 20 2013, 22:35

just saw it on le reddit xD (its secret site where only intelligent ppl go) and i bought game its so epic and i feel like trollface while avoiding enemies, me gusta xDD

le reddit, Tuesday May 7 2013, 13:45

I think my favorite part (reading the denial of appeal) was when the court's record noted that Edge's appeal was denied with the note that their conduct was inappropriate and any further attempts to mislead the Board would be met with civil penalty.

That was definitely my favorite.

MrWindblade, Wednesday January 8 2014, 2:54

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