EDGE is now even more available than before. You can get it from the Mac App Store as well!

EDGE On Mac App Store!

We got a surprisingly large amount of requests for the Mac App Store version of EDGE. Because we had to go through Apple submission process we could not launch it together with the Steam version. But now it’s ready and you can go grab EDGE on the Mac App Store!

Let us know what you think!

Two Tribes, Friday August 19 2011

This game is awesome on the Mac - well done.

J, Saturday August 20 2011, 18:21

What game controllers are compatible? My Xbox 360 controller is not recognized...

JD, Sunday August 21 2011, 20:40

@JD There is no support currently for gamepads on OSX, sorry.

Collin Ginkel, Sunday August 21 2011, 23:49

Edge crashes before starting up properly. It only worked once when I first downloaded it, it was in a frame, I set the option to full screen and it just keeps crashing ever since, cannot find a ini file to reset.

Mac OS X Version 10.7.2


Susan, Sunday November 6 2011, 9:06

@Susan: Please send your problem to our support address and we'll help you from there!

Collin Ginkel, Sunday November 6 2011, 20:38

Hi Collin Ginkel,
Tried your suggestion and sent the fault to support.
Guess what.. no-one responded.
Still waiting.

Susan, Sunday November 13 2011, 1:43

Love the game, but is there a reason gamepads aren't supported? I've used my Wireless 360 Controller on several Steam Play games on my Mac. Seems like there certainly would be no particular technical reason they can't be used.

Brad, Monday February 13 2012, 22:50

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