During the development of a brand new, as of yet unannounced game, employees at Two Tribes have started to exhibit symptoms of what appears to be a new type of addiction.

Development Disrupted!

Designers, programmers, game testers and even producers have been caught frantically switching items around. Office supplies, i-devices and even Toki Tori’s eggs have been lost and subsequently found at the most unusual places.

At the time of writing it is unknown what the long term effects of this addiction are. Apart from having office redecorating effects and being highly time consuming, the addiction does not seem to have any damaging side effects. All subjects seem to derive a healthy dose of pleasure from this ‘compulsive swapping disorder’ resulting in the addiction spreading at a fast pace!

Office cameras managed to capture footage of an employee suffering from addiction:

Two Tribes, Thursday August 5 2010

This looks intriguing! Care to tell us what it is about?

Joey1987, Friday August 6 2010, 13:52

Unfortunately not yet. But more will be revealed in the coming weeks....

Martijn Reuvers, Friday August 6 2010, 14:26

Dat ziet er spannend uit jongens. Ik ben benieuwd!

Die symptonen doen me denken aan de tijd dat Toki Tori voor de Game Boy Color net uit was: bruggetjes leggen over de dakgoot, ijsblokjes gooien naar voorbijgangers, de kat opzuigen met de stofzuiger..
Good times :)

Mart, Friday August 6 2010, 14:40

Er zat geen kat in Toki Tori Mart, dat was een slak :D

Martijn Reuvers, Friday August 6 2010, 14:41

Snails, cats, small children.. When they are in the way of an egg: you know what must be done! ;)

Mart, Friday August 6 2010, 15:12

@ jain

No board involved!

Collin Ginkel, Friday August 6 2010, 21:52

Maybe something Panel de Pon-like? That sure has a lot of swapping action!

Mart, Monday August 9 2010, 17:54

Never played that game Mart. My favorite was Puyo Puyo back in the day.

Collin van Ginkel, Tuesday August 10 2010, 10:01

It's a Nintendo IP.. I believe it was called Tetris Attack in the States/Europe.
Oh and btw: IT WAS AWESOME. ;)

Mart, Sunday August 15 2010, 22:12

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