All over the internet people have started speculating about what might be happening at Two Tribes and what sort of game we are currently working on. As development at Two Tribes got severely disrupted, we kind of lost track of what we were doing ourselves. Please help us figure it out!

Contest Time! Winners!

The swapping addiction has spread throughout the entire office, causing all sorts of chaos. Designers started programming and vice versa… One of the programmers came up with this image asking me what it was for. Not being immune to the addiction myself, I haven’t got the slightest clue!

Please help us figure out what kind of game we were making in the first place. Take another look at the video footage and this image, then please take your wildest guess at exactly what type of game we are making. Use the comments section to enter, Shan will be the judge as she is least affected by the addiction at the moment.

Among the most helpful entries we will pick winners who will be rewarded an exclusive goodie-bag as well as a free copy of the game when it hits the iTunes store! The deadline for emailing your thoughts is Wednesday August 18th.

Please stay tuned for more information. If I manage to create some clarity on the new game we’ll share it with you guys right here!


It is a lot more fun to have your ideas in the comments section, so go ahead and post them there. Even if you’ve already mailed them to shan!

We must admit that the one below is very close ;)

“The game is obviously going to be a ninja-type game - the video footage
is of some woman’s brain exploding from actual ninja footage, and the
pic was pixelly because the ninja threw a shruiken at the lens, messing
it up, before throwing another at the photographer.”


Winners addiction contest!

After a lot of swapping between the different entries, I’ve finally managed to pick the winners of
the contest! We from Two Tribes would like to thank everyone for their entries!

Winners with the most original entries are:

  • Will R. aka kaboom132
  • Rodney aka Finandar

Winners with the best guesses are:

  • Jena Sung
  • David Gonzales

To receive your exclusive goody bag and a copy of the upcoming iPhone game when it will be
released, please send an email with your postal address to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Joost, Friday September 3 2010

It's called Honey try shrink the Ninja! It has mean martial arts moves and music one could break dance to with cool accents.

Abhishek Duggal, Thursday August 12 2010, 11:40

My guess on what the game is about is that it is a type of platformer where you control some type of animal, maybe an alien dog or something related to that. Thanks!

Mudkipz223, Thursday August 12 2010, 16:09

She’s looking at a hybrid of Bejeweled and Espgaluda II!

Kevin Agot , Friday August 13 2010, 10:42

- We already know the game has to to do with swapping, and from reading and viewing the video its obvious that this is going to be a fast paced, and addictive game.

- Now I may be wrong, but the image shows a lot of dark colors (blue, dark green, purple) So what instantly came to mind was that this is probably something underwater, especially with the layout in which the colors coexist.

- In fact this could possible be a Platform, just by looking at the picture I am instantly reminded of a Platform-based game

- I would go with this game is has some elements of Swapping and adventure. It most likely falls into the category of your other games, as brilliantly addictive.

Matthew J. Ruiz , Friday August 13 2010, 10:45

My guess it is a match 3 game similar to bejeweled as the picture and video footage shows people swapping things around.
The picture does looks like a match 3 game.

Daren Han, Friday August 13 2010, 10:46

It sort of looks like you guys are making some sort of underwater-themed game. Possibly with pixel-like art. Thank you.

David Gonzalez, Sunday August 15 2010, 10:36

It is obvious that the image is of a man lying on his back with his arms and legs splayed out and a purplish something representing blood flowing around his body, especially near his head on the left side. (At least if you squint at it hard enough).

Given the images in the movie, the game must be about a secretary that goes insane, kills her boss, and then packs up everything on her desk and runs for the exit while being chased by security. The player, of course, is trying to get the secretary to safety. :-)

Finandir, Sunday August 15 2010, 10:36

Well, since someone already mentioned Ninjas, I'll have to go with an epic treasure swapping Pirate game! Arrrr!
The image is obviously the treasure map from the first level.

Mart, Sunday August 15 2010, 22:17

Pic looks platformish. I'm thinking a little in the vein of a certain gaiden series maybe. We are talking wall jumping, shuriken throwing, flash bombing, poison dart tickling, nunchuku flailing, pit falling action. Its the return of the Black Manta!

Henry Bernritter, Monday August 16 2010, 14:41

It can also be a jigsaw puzzle game that has a time limit which makes you go crazy sorting out the pieces.

Daren Han, Monday August 16 2010, 17:31

The entries are all genius! It will be hard for me to deceide! Just one more day to add your entry and help us out! :)

Shan Chan, Tuesday August 17 2010, 10:44

Oh noes :( Well, gratz everybody!

Now show us the goooooods!

Mart, Friday September 3 2010, 20:13

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