Here you go: a Christmas card from Two Tribes! The year 2010 has been great for Two Tribes: bringing Toki Tori and our new game RUSH to Steam and publishing indie classic Frenzic on DSiWare.

A Big “Ho Ho Ho” From Two Tribes

We’ve got a number of great games lined up for next year: *project unknown* (iPhone), EDGE (Steam), Swords & Soldiers (iPhone/iPad), Toki Tori (iPad, Mac App Store)! Feel free to check out the attached Christmas card to see if you can discover any hidden secrets :)

We are looking forward to another great year and hereby wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year on behalf of all the natives at Two Tribes!

Martijn, Friday December 24 2010

Loved the picture. xD

Gabriel Araújo, Friday December 24 2010, 23:03

The entire NiSuTe team wishes you all a merry Christmas and a fabulous new year!

Maikel De Bakker, Saturday December 25 2010, 12:10

Unless the dinosaur or the viking are the secrets I really don't see anything hidden. Anyone else?

Sybuur, Saturday December 25 2010, 23:27

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