We've been at it for ten years!

10 Years of Two Tribes!

We are celebrating tonight. There will be drinks. There will be nostalgia and there will be things like this.

Thanks for supporting us this past decade! It’s been fun! Feel free to share your favorite Two Tribes moment in the comments below!


P.S. All our games are on sale on Steam, App Store and the Mac App Store for the weekend!

Two Tribes, Friday October 21 2011

You lot enjoy yourselves! Don't get too hungover ;)

Frazey Cowell, Friday October 21 2011, 19:03

good luck in future :) (U make HQ peojects)

mxtomek(mxT3), Friday October 21 2011, 19:09

Congratulations guys! Have an awesome time tonight, and if you make some themed toki tori/rush drinks, make sure you post the recipe ;)

T.J. Cummings, Friday October 21 2011, 19:11

Congrats! Sadly I can't make it to the party because of working overtime to meet the deadline of a project :(. Enjoy yourselves and keep it up :D

Kevin Coenen, Friday October 21 2011, 19:12

Congratulation Guys for 10 Years straight of great Gaming.

Touchgameplay Channel, Friday October 21 2011, 20:54

Hmm...my favorite moment was probably when I got Toki Tori on Steam. I loved the way things worked together and the way that it was puzzle, yet it had some action elements to it too. Thanks for the great games, and congrats on the 10 years!

Zach Durtschi, Friday October 21 2011, 23:43

My favorite TT moment? That's gotta be this one:


Although meeting you guys -inside- the building, a few days before flying to Valve to meet (some of) you again and launch Portal 2, and then playtesting Swords and Soldiers for iPad (and ending up in the credits) some time later were all great moments as well. Never would've had all that happen without you being around. Hope to see you guys again sometime soon =)

Jake, Friday October 21 2011, 23:53

Good luck in the future! I really enjoyed your games over the past few years.

mcwizardry, Saturday October 22 2011, 0:36

only got toki tori...

LinHongJun, Saturday October 22 2011, 5:02

Proficiat, op naar de 20

Linksquest, Wednesday November 30 2011, 23:30

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