Who needs a holiday break!? Not us! We've been working feverishly to get you this new build of Toki Tori 2.

Update 12: Build Four!

The amount of blog updates suffered quite a bit, but we’re pretty sure this update will make up for that! You can now grab it from Steam, or you can enlist today!

As for the progress, we’ve finally reached a point where you can get a taste of the gameplay that we’re aiming for! There is so much new stuff in this build, but the most important aspect is that there is actually fun to be had playing Toki Tori 2!

A lot of things came together just in time to make this fourth build and we hope you’ll enjoy fooling around with it.

Here’s a list of new or improved things we added since the last build.

  • Brand new cave theme
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Fireflies
  • Birds
  • Bubblefrogs
  • Berrybugs
  • Copybugs
  • Controllable Telewarp
  • Collectibles! (can you catch ‘m all!)
  • More Post-Its than ever before!


Two Tribes, Wednesday January 11 2012

going to test right now :]

SPD, Wednesday January 11 2012, 18:58

Excellent features. Mostly working. A few bugs here and there. So the blue teleports cannot be moved and therefore the 4 fireflies cannot be collected and the other 3 on the right :)

Ares Starčić, Wednesday January 11 2012, 19:07

omg. I LOVE IT!
I believe that toki tori 2 is gonna be a critically acclaimed game. The whole concept is just insane even in an early build like this. The style is awesome, everything is so smooth. I'm so excited for this game and have some really high expectations, two tribes. Infact, i think it's gonna knock some more popular games with the same hd style such as New super mario bros, Rayman origins, Sonic 4, and the list goes on.
I love how the levels are actually big and how clever the puzzles are gettin'. All an all i'm gonna be definitely gettin' this game and if it's a really good game (which is something i don't doubt) i'm gonna get it for all my friends! like i did with toki tori 1.

Thanks for thrillin' us with this awesome update, it made my day!

Toki Tori Fan, Wednesday January 11 2012, 19:15

The teleporters are still a bit bugged, some of those glowy things didn't want to get it, when the teleporter got too close to the wall. Other than that it works good :) Can't wait for the next release!

Matevz, Wednesday January 11 2012, 20:39

Didn't notice any bugs with the teleports. You don't need the blue teleports for the 4 glowy things in between.

You also don't need any teleport for the 3 on the bottom right. Won't spoil it, but just don't be too hasty with the stomping ;)

Fatbubba Slim, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:19

Little addition and fix to my post above: You don't need to change the blue teleports for the 4 glowy things in between. You still need them, just don't be too hasty with chosing a direction when coming out of them.

Fatbubba Slim, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:21

Ah man, it is so exciting being apart of a game's life from the conception onward.
It really is awesome you guys are doing it this way and sharing with everyone.

If I may make a bold suggestion, and for the next update, include some sort of basic animation for Toki Tori? The static hand raise is kind of unnerving. XD

Stephen, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:47

That's one cool cave. It may have taken some time to design it, but it really looks good. The background blurring also looks much better than in that twitpic.
I Like the wobbly moving lights. Attracting those lights and keeping them close to/following you to the exit is a nice little puzzle. Will they get a function ?
Are we getting a peak at the new exit level scheme when exiting the cave into the forrest? If we do it works just fine for me. Looking forward to the multiple exits.

Forrest level, like you've promised us it's a real playable level. Need to stomp Bubblefrog so he spits out his bubble and he will move around, get him caught by bird,let him eat a berry bug so he spit out another bubble at you so you can reach the higher collectibles. Very nice puzzle elements.
Also allowing Toki Tori to move around one of the portals is a cool new feature too.

I already have a lot of fun playing Toki Tori 2 build #4 and I'm sure I will enjoy it more as I just have to collect all those collectibles and have to play around a bit with the editor :)

Awesome work TwoTribes !!

some remarks:

I made bubblefrog spit a bubble at me while a berrybug was close to me. He got catched into the bubble instead of me(sprite priority issue?), so he got blown away in the bubble and I got stuck because berry bug landed into unreachable position (Intended behaviour?)

Bird catching. I can cross the small bit on non stealth grass quite easely when the bird is not far away. He seems too slow to catch you. I think his diving speed could be a bit faster.

Stair/ladder climbing. It's kind of odd to be not able to climb into those parts of the stairs that stick out. Its a bit confusing since Toki Tori could climb stairs all the way to the top in part 1.

Bug report:

while I was standing at the platform with the birds nest on it and had bubblefrog eat a berry close to me and then blow a bubble at me, the bubble and Toki Tori got blown into the tile wall resulting in Toki Tori getting stuck in the wall.

Mr. Blinky, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:53

I managed to get all the collectibles, but I noticed that waiting for the slow berrybugs might become a bit tedious.

Not getting squished by falling crabs -> Toki Tori gets stuck

mtomato, Wednesday January 11 2012, 21:53

Thanks for all the feedback guys! (now where's that dude with his editor shortcut issues ;))

Some info:

- Next build will have animations, not final but definitely better than the waving Toki Tori :)
- Bubble bugs, yeah those happen. As you can probably tell, that was a late addition to the build.
- Squashing object with the crabs is going to be a puzzle element, unlike how it was in the old Toki Tori
- Stairs, look at them as grab-able surfaces. They are purely for Toki Tori, and can also become wide vines where he climbs sideways.

Collin Ginkel, Wednesday January 11 2012, 22:22

It's looking pretty good so far. I gotta say, I was very excited to find out what stealth grass does. I like the echo bugs, too. If they are bugs, that is. And I can't wait to see what else you're adding in.

The only problems I can think of is that the orange portal instantly teleports whatever collectibles or creatures it passes over, when you're just moving it around and haven't set it yet. Another thing is getting stuck if you stand half over the deathpit and whistle for the crabbox. I falls half on you and you can't move.

Keep it up!

Charlie, Wednesday January 11 2012, 23:44

No I'm not going to talk about the editor shortcuts again! :p Guess it's just a matter of getting used to, and it's less annoying now that it doesn't get stuck in view mode when you pan with the middle mouse button... :)

Fantastic build! The cave looks very nice and the gameplay of the forest level is looking very good and promising. I definitely won't be missing most of the items from the old Toki Tori since they're already implemented in the maps somehow, but you really may want to consider bringing back the freeze-o-matic in some levels. I think it was one of Toki Tori's trademarks, even more remarkable than the fact that he's fat and he can't fly IMO... and now that I see the creatures in action, I think it has even lots of more potential than it had in the previous game:
The freeze-o-matic could be implemented as a way to change the usual behaviour of creatures... For example, if monster A usually eats monster B, you could freeze monster B in some moment to avoid it from being eaten by A... maybe it should also come with an alt-fire to unfreeze blocks, or the ice blocks could be unfreezed by a specific monster.
There could be another creature (the dog, perhaps?) who is afraid of ice and will run away from an ice block as soon as it's inside its field of vision... Leaving ice blocks around the map to influence the behaviour of creatures could be an interesting layer of complexity for the most difficult levels... I'm not too keen on the fact that you currently can only affect the creatures you're close enough to.
It could also be awesome with flying creatures, to create a falling block that would destroy a bridge or something on the floor, and then you could make a crab carry the frozen bird to unfreeze it near a different bird nest... :D

The telewarp looks interesting too, although I think Toki Tori should only teleport when you want him to (by whistle or stomp), rather than telewarping him as soon as you touch the entrance/exit point. I also think that telewarp-creatures (in pairs) could have some potential.

Didn't notice any issue in the current build other than the moving lights getting stuck at corners and minor whistle/stomp issues that I'm confident they will be fixed in the future... Keep up the awesome work!

G.Lecter, Thursday January 12 2012, 0:40

Wondering if the level editor will be a feature of the released game... and if that is the case. will user generated content be a possibility? (Something I would love to see in Rush also BTW)

Juan Pablo Sousa, Thursday January 12 2012, 6:58

Gameplay idea looks very good. I have only a less action an more puzzle feeling than TokiTori1 (but this have a good site too). Some levels can be more concentrated about puzzles but don't forget to add speed levels :)

mxtomek ana mxT3, Thursday January 12 2012, 9:49

@Juan Pablo Sousa Yeah, the editor will be part of the final game (that's why we're showing and building it now) and we're still investigating how we are going to facilitate that. One of the options we are looking at is sharing levels using the Steam Workshop.

Hessel, Thursday January 12 2012, 10:05


We haven't made it official yet, but there is a definite possibility that we'll have the level editor for you at or near launch. We're looking into using Steam Workshop for level sharing in that case.

Collin, Thursday January 12 2012, 10:36

The new creatures are very nice, I really like the build. :)
I found a few annoying things with the editor though.
One is that when you remove a creature for example, it won't be gone, until you die with toki tori and the level restarts.
And when I used the stompechobugs(forgot their name) the hermitcrabs won't respond to them.
Anyway, already made the first part of my own level after I earned my eternal fame :P
Good job on the build and thanks for sharing it with us.

Daan, Thursday January 12 2012, 16:20


CTRL + E reloads the entities. No need to die :)

Collin, Thursday January 12 2012, 18:06

Thanks, thats a lot better than letting the chicken die over and over again.
And I found a bug, a bubblefrog can shoot you and a bubble half in the solid wall, then you are stuck in the wall.

Daan, Thursday January 12 2012, 23:11

Well I like that this one is playable, and I see alot of possiblities for some great puzzels with the wisteling.

Right now I just feel like it is not very clear what I need to do as a gamer to continue with the stage.

The controls are very stable andI had no problems navigating the level.

Kyle, Friday January 13 2012, 2:56


The level you are playing through now is more a showcase of the different creatures than a proper level. Actual Toki Tori 2 levels will have Multiple exits and the collectibles will be optional.

Collin, Friday January 13 2012, 17:42

Yay first playable build. I can see whistling adding some gameplay variety. I didn't understand very well what to do with the bubbles at first, as it seemed they don't move wuite the same every time. Having hard to reach collectibles seem to be a cool idea for those who can figure out the levels very quickly tho. I'm liking it =)

inky, Sunday January 15 2012, 23:10

just saw your tweet about what we would like to see more of toki tori 2, and I don't have twitter, so that's why I'm posting it just here.
what I would like to see is more of what the puzzles will be like now that the concept of limited items is gone, it's still a little unclear to me. (and will the collectibles stay and will they look the same in the end as now?)
I would also like to see/get an impression of what the world map will be like and the multiple exits idea :)
euhm, can't think of more right now.

Daan, Monday January 16 2012, 21:45

What kind of function can we expect to see the collectibles to have?

It already seems obvious that they are to provide harder, optional challenges for the more hardcore puzzle fans, and I really like that design choice, but there's got to be something to motivate the player to collect them other than just achievements and the feeling of satisfaction of completing the level 100%.

mtomato, Wednesday January 18 2012, 13:47

@mtomato: The collectibles can be used to unlock what we're currently referring to as "challenge levels", so they're not just to 100% the levels (though we'll keep track of that too)

Hessel, Wednesday January 18 2012, 15:51

I think the stealth grass should hide toki tori as long as the top 2 tiles are covering him, assuming that the bird is looking from above.

Hoshikudaki, Wednesday February 1 2012, 8:21

Found a bug: if you hold an arrow while exiting from a warp-control thing, the connected warp won't stop.

Saturn500, Monday February 6 2012, 0:26

@saturn500: Thanks for reporting that :) I've changed the way the teleporter works in our current dev build and that should fix that issue too.

Hessel, Tuesday February 7 2012, 13:13

Great new update thanks!

Termite Treatment Costs

Trent, Tuesday February 7 2012, 20:57

Pretty stable build so far, can't think of any bugs that haven't been pointed out already.

Bob the Gigglemaestro, Tuesday February 14 2012, 2:30

I think I may have found a bug. When you enter a teleporter while in a bubble your direction changes, such that the bubble now is lifting you upwards, instead of upwards and sidewards.
Of couse it may be a feature, but it seems to make more sense that you should keep your speed and direction when you teleport.

Jens, Tuesday February 14 2012, 19:55

@Jens thanks for reporting that, we've noticed that too and it looks like it is fixed in the current dev build (we've fixed a *lot* of teleporter related issues)

Hessel, Wednesday February 15 2012, 10:31

Gameplay will be great I can tell!
I ran into a little problem though:
while controlling a warp in the whistle control thingy, a bubble came and took me away from it while still controlling the warp and I couldnt get back to controlling toki. I guess bubbles shouldn't be able to get you while you are controlling the warp.

XenoLair, Wednesday February 15 2012, 17:01

another teleporter issue: you essentially "gain a step" by going through a teleporter. So for example if you put the entrance and the exit on top of each other, you should go in and come out at the same place - but instead you jump forward a step. This could cause all sorts of strange behavior when things get more complicated and could be a source of bugs/glitches.
One example is that if you step in the left blue teleporter and stay standing on the right blue teleporter, the hedgehog doesn't kill you. But if you go in the right one and stay put on the left one (or even half on), he does kill you. I think this will be very hard to justify visually when the animations are in place.
It would make more sense to have the teleporter work without this extra one-step jump. ie. if you stand next to the left mouth, you take one step and are half overlapping with it - then another step forward leaves you standing on the right mouth. The hedghog kill behavior would still be asymmetric but it would be less strange.

laphunga, Wednesday February 15 2012, 21:51

This is what happens when a berrybug is caught by both a bird and a bubblefrog at the same time (in the build 4): http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/470861971428826077/A468BCC19979EFD16BD7B3CB2EEDF458F67712FD/

mtomato, Monday February 20 2012, 19:11

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