Update: new pricing details based on community feedback.

Toki Tori 2+ Steam Launch Details!

We’re close to finishing up Toki Tori 2+ for Steam. Here are the launch details!

11th of July!

In a time honored Two Tribes tradition, we’ve decided to launch the game a bit later on the 11th of July instead of the 2nd as previously announced.

Scheduling-wise it made more sense to go for the 11th, and we’re going to use the extra week to do some more play testing and bug fixing.

Launch Discount!

After much deliberation, we’ve decided not to go for a pre-order system, but will reward first day customers with a higher launch discount instead.

Loyalty Coupons!

Since we love people who love us, we’re handing out loyalty discounts in the form of coupons for players who own one or more of our previous games on Steam. It’s our way of saying THANKS for supporting us since we moved to Steam three years ago!





South / Eastern Europe



BR Real

Please note that this price is excluding the launch discount and potential loyalty coupon discount!

Big Picture Mode!

Toki Tori 2+ can be fully enjoyed in Big Picture Mode with the Xbox 360 gamepad from the comfort of your lazy couch.

Trading Cards!

Yup! We’re making use of one of the most recent additions to Steam. Toki Tori 2+ will drop trading cards during gameplay, which you can then collect and craft thingies with!

Mac and PC!

We support Steam Play, so the game can be played on your Mac and your PC with a single purchase. Linux support is being looked into, but will definitely not be available at launch.

Hardware Requirements!

Minimum Requirements

  • DX10 GPU with 512 MB dedicated VRAM
  • Windows 7 / Mac OS 10.7
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Harddisk Space 1 GB
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or comparable

Recommended Requirements

  • DX10 GPU with 1024 MB dedicated VRAM
  • Windows 7 / Mac OS 10.8
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Harddisk Space 1 GB
  • Intel i5 or comparable

New Screenshot!

Here’s a screenshot that shows off new artwork and the new 1920x1200 resolution rendering.

Did you know that there is a close relationship between birds and dinosaurs?

More info on Toki Tori 2+?

Do you want to know what we did for Toki Tori 2+? Check out this blog:


Two Tribes, Thursday June 20 2013

1€=$1 policy, fuuuuuuuuuu

pricing fail, Thursday June 20 2013, 16:10

any more info about the discount and the loyalty coupons?

how much discount are we talking about?

And how are loyalty coupons given out? I have purchased Toki tori for Android. Will I also get a coupon?

Mr X, Thursday June 20 2013, 16:14

Discount details cannot be disclosed at the moment. Sorry :) The loyalty discount will apply to all users that bought one or more of our games on Steam.

Martijn, Thursday June 20 2013, 16:16

Why does it say Windows 7 is the minimum when I've been playing the beta on Windows XP just fine?

No XP?, Thursday June 20 2013, 16:19

It can play fine on XP, in fact we playtested it on XP as well. However we cannot provide support for that OS anymore.

So if it plays fine, great! But if anything goes wrong, we most probably cannot help you out with it, since it is such an old OS.

Martijn, Thursday June 20 2013, 16:21

Any discount for those who provided bug reports?

Perry Huang, Thursday June 20 2013, 16:25

There will be a beta reward as well! More details on that will follow!

Martijn, Thursday June 20 2013, 16:30

What price will be in RU/CIS countries?

Ivan, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:01

So, Edge is $ 7.99/ € 6.99, Rush and Toki Tori are $ 4.99/ € 4.49, but Toki Tori 2+ is $ 14.99/€ 14.99?
I enjoyed your other games and liked what the beta of Toki Tori 2 promised so far and I love to support indies, but I won't do that when your regional pricing is done by just replacing the currency sign.

Sephix, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:02

I am really deeply disappointed by that launch... The whole beta all was looking great, you were trying to make us fall in love with the game and now BOOM give us all your money... Next time before choosing price make a research how much that will cost for eastern Europe. You make us feel so miserable, like we are nothing. And after the walls of feedback we gave you are not allowing us to keep the game? I really loved this company and supported it the best I could, but you really lost me as a customer...

Hristina, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:10

@ Pricing Commenters

Same pricing as Wii U release. Didn't feel like we should favor one system over the other.

@ Hrisitina

Some people have only emailed us and booted it up once, you have helped us a great deal. There is no technical way for us to distinguish between the two types.

I hope you enjoyed being part of the development of the game regardless of not getting it for free.

Collin, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:22

Those seem like some hefty GPU and RAM requirements for this type of game. Also, I've been beta testing on Mac OS 10.6, and it's been working fine. I'd be disappointed if the game didn't run when it was finally released.

Alex, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:23

so $=€? please respond with reasons why is the price same in dollars and euros

s1938, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:27

Same problem here Alex, I reported performance as one of the biggest problems like 4 or 5 times, but it wasn't fixed and that forced me to stop playing it. 1-2 version before the current one I even get an error on launch that my CPU is not supported... Dual core AthlonX2 64bit@ 2GHz can't run a 2D game? I can run League of Legends at 70FPS and Toki Tori 2 at under 30, guess which one I will play.

Yordan, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:31

Last thing from me on pricing:

People who use Steam In Russia pay about a third of what the rest of the world pays. Regions vary, price perceptions among cultures vary and there's a lot more to consider.

I'd advise you all to see if it's worth the money in your part of the world instead of comparing apples with oranges.

Collin, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:53

Alex: It won't be disabled, but also not guaranteed.

Yordan: optimization is always done last, check out our last beta which should improve performance and compatibility for many.

Collin, Thursday June 20 2013, 17:56

Collin, in Bulgaria the minimal wage is 153 euro (300BGN), do you think 15 euro (10%) for a casual 2D game is acceptable or I am comparing apples with oranges? I know that optimization is done last, I just said it is unplayable for me with the current optimization. And of course I am using the latest beta version.

Yordan, Thursday June 20 2013, 18:07

A lot more to consider? That's why you didn't pull that $1 = €1 stuff with your other releases?
Yeah, you can price your game how you want, but you lost at least one customer that would have bought the game at release.

As much as I would like to play Toki Tori 2, but I'll just buy games from developers that doesn't charge nearly one third more in euros than in US dollars. That's a matter of principle.

Sephix, Thursday June 20 2013, 19:02

Yordan: You raise a good point. I've been in touch with Valve and we're looking into different pricing for the lower income countries in Europe, such as Bulgaria. No guarantees yet though!

Collin Ginkel, Thursday June 20 2013, 21:07

People that owns the beta, will they have to keep the game or do they have to purchase it?

Ville, Thursday June 20 2013, 21:59

VIlle: There will be a coupon for beta testers too!

Collin, Thursday June 20 2013, 22:00

The water stops randomly at the bottom left of the screenshot. And nice of you to give away special coupons to us beta testers. :)

Minor thing, Friday June 21 2013, 22:01

Wait, so does that mean you're implying that there would be both a first day discount as-well as coupons, so can we use the coupons to our advantage and lower the discount day price?

Laythen G, Tuesday June 25 2013, 13:56

Laythen G: Yup, but only one coupon per purchase / gift.

Collin, Tuesday June 25 2013, 17:22

If I get the game by gift card will be dropped too or I must buy game and then cards drop will be enabled.

Alex, Tuesday June 25 2013, 18:02

Alex: It's our understanding that Steam trading cards are dropped for everyone who owns the game on Steam.

Collin, Wednesday June 26 2013, 9:37

A quick note: We'll announce more info on the pricing soon, including a slightly lower European price and discounts for eastern european countries.

We'll adjust the Wii U pricing accordingly.

Collin Ginkel, Monday July 1 2013, 19:19

299 Рублей окей D: Но все равно я эту игру куплю.

299 Rubles okay D: Buy im anyway buy this game.

Toki Tori Fan, Tuesday July 9 2013, 17:20

New pricing details! Check above.

Collin, Tuesday July 9 2013, 17:21

For those complaining about the prices, keep in mind that VAT is included in the Euro price and not included in the US price. I'm impressed with Collin adjusting the price like that, day 1 purchase for me.

Irishbum, Tuesday July 9 2013, 18:28

congrats for adjusting the price so we can have we have the same price as in USA (after VAT deduction)

rms, Tuesday July 9 2013, 23:30

Collin, thanks for the new EU prices! :)

Tom, Thursday July 11 2013, 14:10

Message to Yordan in Bulgarian: Йордане, ти също имаш заслуги за това, за което и на теб благодаря! От теб цената - от мен превода.

Tom, Thursday July 11 2013, 14:13

fatal error
your gpu is no directx10+...................................

Hamza, Monday July 22 2013, 10:30

@Hamza please send a report to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll take it from there

Martijn, Tuesday July 23 2013, 17:14

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