Steam is down... Toki Tori 2+ is too popular. ;)

Jeffrey, Thursday July 11 2013, 19:42

How do I get my beta tester and/or loyalty discount? I thought coupons were supposed to show up in my Steam inventory, but I have no coupons of any sort. (I bought both Toki Tori & RUSH on Steam.)

And can I combine the beta tester & loyalty discounts?

No discount?, Thursday July 11 2013, 19:54

I'm also wondering about how to get the beta tester and loyalty discounts. :(

Meep, Thursday July 11 2013, 20:26

Yeah, no discounts here either; email sent to tokitori2 at this site, so I'm eagerly awaiting a reply =\

Ezra, Thursday July 11 2013, 22:05

I got a reply back suggesting that I wait for the Steam servers to catch up, so I'll give it a few hours. Don't wanna miss out on the launch day sale though.

Ezra, Thursday July 11 2013, 22:13

The 34% off sale will last another day, hopefully everyone will have had their coupons by then.

Sorry about this, it appears Valve's servers are still processing them all.

Collin, Friday July 12 2013, 13:11

I bought the TT humble weekly bundle and still no coupons. Are we supposed to have them by now?

Nelson, Friday July 12 2013, 18:01

Hopefully, we will get our coupons before the sale is over. Fingers crossed.

Sudip Kumar Das, Friday July 12 2013, 18:15

Coupons coming in SLOWLY, so we made sure you have the time to make the most out of them when they reach your inventory.

For the duration of the summer sale, Toki Tori 2+ will now be 34% off!

Collin Ginkel, Friday July 12 2013, 23:39

You know, if you decide to make your keyboard controls non-rebindable (yet put them into the "options" for some reason), you might want to consider choosing keys that don't change their freaking position on international keyboards.

Just a suggestion to make your future efforts look a little more like they were done with care and not resemble far too many half-hearted, last-minute console ports out there.

I liked the first game, and so far I'm liking this one, but come on, guys! In this day and age, decent, rebindable key controls are a basic requirement for the PC version of a game, not an optional extra that you may or may not decide to tack on, if you feel like it.

Sebastian Weinberg, Saturday July 13 2013, 23:55

Thanks for the suggestion Sebastian, we're making lists of what people want and this is definitely high up on it.

Collin Ginkel, Sunday July 14 2013, 12:47

Another major missing feature is a provision for multiple players. I was visiting my mom and wanted her to try the game, but it started up with my saved position. I worked around it by turning off Steam Cloud sync and then deleting the save data, but that's not a real solution.

If my brother got the game, and his kids wanted to play, they couldn't have separate games.

Chris, Sunday July 14 2013, 17:18

j'ai un problème avec tokitori 2+:
a chaque foie que je voudrais jouer, le jeux commence a zéro, et ma progression de jeux n'existe pas.
comment régler ce problème de sauvgarde de la parti?

cokoch, Monday January 13 2014, 19:44

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