The EDGE contest is now closed for entries! Check out the winning entry below.

The jury was impressed with the high production values, the original edging moves and the total shamelessness exhibited by the edgers of this video.  It is well deserved!

These guys have won the full digital portfolio from Two Tribes and Mobigame and will get their names into a future update of EDGE. Congratulations!

The original contest video can be seen below:

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Two Tribes, Monday August 22 2011

good idea :)

mxtomek, Monday August 8 2011, 20:04

This is almost as retarded as planking.

Alison Hayes, Tuesday August 9 2011, 21:22

@ Alison

We had hoped to out-retard planking. Sorry to hear we did not succeed ;)

Collin Ginkel, Tuesday August 9 2011, 21:24

My comment :)

Tonka, Tuesday August 9 2011, 21:34

Just hope it'll be good as the previous games.

Doranakaar Ezylryb Drakestorm, Tuesday August 9 2011, 21:51

Full of win..

Harold Rodolfo Icaza Ruiz, Tuesday August 9 2011, 22:57


Giza Triton, Wednesday August 10 2011, 0:07

Looks like a fun game!

Ashka, Wednesday August 10 2011, 6:32

Funny video! :)
Why is it "definitely wrong" for two men to be hugging a big phallos symbol, though?
As an LGBT person, I take offense to that.

Skafsgaard, Wednesday August 10 2011, 9:44

Oh Skafsgaard, maybe you're only seeing what you want to see. ;)

Draagsfaks, Wednesday August 10 2011, 11:27


SarS, Wednesday August 10 2011, 12:45

promises to be nice game.

Nikolay Ganin, Wednesday August 10 2011, 19:18

Wow something new, looks like really relaxing game.

Domas Gre, Wednesday August 10 2011, 19:45

MistressS42, Thursday August 11 2011, 1:42

Seems cool. Hope for another good game! :)

Nathan Stonehouse, Thursday August 11 2011, 2:57

@MISTRESSS42 That's not really edging, is it? And it was taken three years ago! Go outside, be creative and go hang with your face against a wall! That's true edging! :)

Collin Ginkel, Thursday August 11 2011, 9:33

Entry from youtube (Fuzzyfail)


Shan , Thursday August 11 2011, 11:18

Mowicz, Thursday August 11 2011, 11:20

Haha Good Contest ..We need to see how Stupid are people...haha

Lino Laddr, Thursday August 11 2011, 21:41

0:35 killed me. That was funny. This game looks pretty amazing. Good luck with this game.

Marc Edward Dalmacio, Friday August 12 2011, 17:23

Can you guys extend the contest a week or so? I'd hate to see any of the submitted videos win anything, they're awful. My significant other returns next week from travel, we'll try to EDGE everyone out of this competition ;)

Rafael, Saturday August 13 2011, 11:53

Usually we get entries just before the deadline. But we may be extending it anyway :)

Collin, Saturday August 13 2011, 17:22

Normally a half-pipe is used to skateborad but not in this video :D

Don't blame me for not keeping still! a friend recoreded this because we had no tripod...

Chris, Saturday August 13 2011, 18:26

mxTOMEK, Saturday August 13 2011, 18:35

@MXTOMEK: that's so cute :)

Shan Chan, Saturday August 13 2011, 19:26

Stefan van den Berg, Sunday August 14 2011, 11:48

AndreasGan, Tuesday August 16 2011, 15:56

Cool! that's enough time for me to make an entry!
Thanks two tribes.

loleth, Wednesday August 17 2011, 19:36

Young EDGEr is back, but this time .... :(


mxtomek, Wednesday August 17 2011, 21:55

This is my entry. I had so much fun making it !


thank you two tribes.

ronny, Saturday August 20 2011, 23:55

@RAFAEL You've got one day left man ;)

Collin, Monday August 22 2011, 17:02

congrats @RONNY

mxtomek, Tuesday August 23 2011, 20:28

Your entry wasn't bad either MXTOMEK. But there can be only one winner :)

Collin, Tuesday August 23 2011, 21:11

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