Bigger is Better! Toki Tori for iPad

Toki Tori HD for iPad is available starting today! Let’s take a look and see what’s new and improved.

The most important changes can be attributed to the increased resolution of the iPad, which has several big advantages when playing the game. Toki Tori is displayed bigger on iPad and therefore touching the screen to make Toki Tori walk around also feels much nicer.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite Forest Falls levels from the iPhone and iPad versions and compare them to see just how much of a difference this makes.

look! more pixels.

As you can see we managed to improve the quality of the graphics and at the same time made sure there is a lot more to see of the level. This way, it’s easier to get a good view of your surroundings and there is less need to scroll around, allowing you to focus on solving the puzzles.

Another change we made is the location of the items, which have moved from a side bar to the bottom part of the screen. An iPhone uses a 16:9 wide screen format, while the iPad uses a more traditional 4:3 format. Combine this with the different way someone would hold an iPhone versus an iPad, and it makes more sense to move it to the bottom part.

New style menu.

The menu also benefits greatly from the increased resolution, allowing players to easily see which levels have been completed, on which the wildcard has been used and to easily swap between normal, bonus and hard levels.

iTunes: Toki Tori HD for iPad.

Collin, Tuesday February 1 2011