Two Tribes keeps its promise to Nintendo fans and launches RIVE: Ultimate Edition in the eShop on Nintendo Switch™ this Friday, November 17th, with a 15% Nindies@Home launch discount!

Way back in 2015, tens of thousands of Nintendo fans played the ‘Nindies@Home’ demo of RIVE on the Wii U in their living rooms, just as the E3 was happening in Los Angeles. At Two Tribes, we were then planning to release the game at the end of the year. And we promised that everyone who downloaded the demo would get a 15% discount at launch.

Fast forward to November 17th 2017 and we’re launching RIVE this week on Nintendo Switch instead. It’s been a long wait for fans of RIVE, but we didn’t forget about our promise. Of course, it’s hard to keep track of who downloaded the demo back then, so we chose something even better: everyone gets a 15% Nindies@Home launch discount, as long as they purchase the game within 2 weeks after launch!

To recap:

This Friday, November 17th, RIVE: Ultimate Edition will finally arrive in the Nintendo Switch eShop for € 14,99 / $ 14,99, with a 15% Nindies launch discount that will last for 2 weeks.

More info, as well as screenshots and artwork, can be found in the RIVE presskit().

Niels 't Hooft , Wednesday November 15 2017