Toki Tori 2 has been released for almost three weeks now, time for a small patch!

Toki Tori 2: First Update

We all know that no game is perfect, especially not at launch. But fortunately Nintendo made it possible to update Wii U eShop titles. So let’s make use of that!

During the past weeks we read a lot of reviews, checked out our Miiverse communities and read various forums. Yes, we were eavesdropping on you guys! :) Anyway, based on that info we compiled a list of low-risk issues that were relatively easy to address in a quick first patch. A second patch/update is also planned, but that will take a lot more time, as it will be more involving.


So… what did we change? Apart from some obvious bugs, there was one issue that has been raised quite frequently:

“Okay, I finished the room with that ‘thing’ ... now what? Where do I need to go? How do I get to that strange creature?!”

Even though we feel that we added enough hints for people to figure out what they need to do, we noticed that a number of people completely missed those hints and got stuck. Of course, they can always ask for a solution on Miiverse, but giving you a solution on a silver platter obviously doesn’t feel as rewarding as it is to solve one by yourself. So more hints were added in this patch.

Apart from addressing that issue, we also improved the game and fixed a number of other issues. So without further ado: the full release notes:

  • Improved the flow of the game after reaching the room with the ‘thing’
  • Added another super-secret area
  • Fixed a bug where Toki Tori was invisible after returning to the game
  • Fades between levels now fade the audio too
  • Simplified the puzzle in the underwater passage
  • Fixed an issue when the TokiDex was completed in the photo room
  • Some back- and foreground elements got a fresh coat of paint
  • When all the collectibles in a level (or the entire game) are collected a melody will play to notify the player
  • Fixed a rare bug where the player completed the game, but the end scene wouldn’t trigger
  • Various level tweaks, based on Miiverse feedback

The patch is currently at Nintendo’s rigorous testing facility, so it will hopefully be available within a couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted on that! Meanwhile, as always, feel free to let us know your thoughts on this!

Great, an update… but what is Toki Tori 2?

Just in case you completely missed the news about Toki Tori 2, here is a trailer that shows you what this game is all about!

Today, May 8th 2013, the update is released in Europe and the US! Enjoy!

After updating, Toki Tori will be positioned at the beginning of the last level you played.

Martijn, Monday April 22 2013