RIVE: Ultimate Edition is off to a great start since it launched in the Nintendo Switch™ eShop last Friday, as many reviewers awarded the game a 9/10. At Two Tribes, we couldn’t be happier with the game's reception and want to share some highlights with you.

Review highlights

“RIVE stands as an amazing twin-stick shooter. Incredible presentation, tight gameplay, high difficulty, and lots of replayability combine for an unforgettable experience.”
- Nintendo Life, 9/10

“The ending leaves the player hoping that, just maybe, there might somehow end up being a RIVE 2 after all.”
- Hardcore Gamer, 4/5

“Overcoming obstacles gracefully truly feels amazing. Two Tribes’ final hurrah is a testament to the development team’s talent for making highly polished experiences.”
- Cubed 3, 9/10

“The action is fluid, the platforming is tight, and the graphics are crisp and clean.”
- Nintendo Insider, 9/10

9 Languages…

RIVE: Ultimate Edition got super favorable press in all of 9 languages, including Italian (“The amount of content for the price is ridiculous”) , French (“It’s a good game, clearly”), German (“Sehr gut”), Turkish (“One of the most beautiful shooters in recent years”), Russian (“Everything is fine, without exception”) and Brazilian Portuguese (“I’ll call Roughshot ‘Bobby Singer’, after the Supernatural series”).

…But No Hungarian!

We haven’t seen any Hungarian reviews yet, however. That’s relevant because we added a Magyar translation to this version of the game, adding up to a ludicrous 14 supported languages. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you’re a Hungarian games critic who’s into awesome action games!

Spot-on Spoilery Credits Analysis

Finally, check out this spot-on Spanish analysis of the credits sequence (spoiler!): “It’s a conversation between two characters (explorer and robot, player and designer) who have nothing to lose because they are already lost. A seemingly silly dialogue with a sincere core, giving RIVE the tone of a farewell conversation that, I imagine, the developers were looking for. It’s an action videogame but also a chat between Two Tribes and its followers, something like the after dinner of the Last Supper.”


RIVE: Ultimate Edition info

Niels 't Hooft , Friday November 24 2017